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April 24, 2019

 From Sri Lanka To Paris, Christianity Is Under All-Out Attack While The 'Religion Of Peace' Creates Panic And Sows Chaos 

- Horrific Massacre Will Reverberate Around The World  

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this April 8th story at the Baltimore Sun that reported on a local story that received very little attention from the national mainstream media because it went completely against their agenda, they reported upon a 28-year-old Maryland man who, inspired by ISIS, had stolen a U-Haul van and planned to use it to mow down as many pedestrians as he could at a popular tourist attraction in Maryland. Thankfully, he was caught after law enforcement discovered the stolen truck and arrested him.

After being arrested, he told law enforcement officials 
I was just going to keep driving and driving and driving. I wasn’t going to stop”, telling authorities he wanted to create "panic and chaos" like the deadly ISIS-inspired truck attack that killed 84 people in Nice, France, in 2016. Yet 'the kicker' to the Baltimore Sun story came in the last few sentences when reporters interviewed an acquaintance.: 

Acquaintances of Henry expressed surprise at the allegations.

Osman Alaalla, 61, came to pray Monday evening at a 5 p.m. service at the Islamic Society of Germantown. He said Henry typically led that service.

Alaalla described Henry as a quiet, nice man but said he didn’t know anything about his personal life. He said he would come to pray and leave.

He’s very peaceful,” he said.

Fast forward a few weeks to this Daily Mail story which reports that prior to blowing himself and countless others up in one of the Resurrection Sunday church bombings in Sri Lanka, one of the bombers was captured on video casually walking up to the church, 'peacefully' patting a young child upon the head before he entered the church and caused total destruction. 

If those two stories illustrate the 'religion of peace' that Muslims say Islam is, then the entire world is in huge trouble because the very last thing we're going to get is 'peace' from a political philosophy that has been at war with the rest of the world for over 1,000 years. 

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As Susan Duclos had reported on ANP on April 22nd, soon after the cowardly bombings that took the lives of 100's, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media quickly colluded around a narrative of the bombings that didn't include 'Christians', and never touching upon Islam. 

Yet while Christians and the entire world were outraged by the cowardly Christ Church, New Zealand mosque shootings allegedly carried out by one man, who the mainstream media quickly labeled a 'white supremacist', why was the msm so eager to placate Muslims by leaving the words 'Islamic terror attack' out of most of their stories on the Sri Lanka bombings?

As Susan had also reported within her story, rather than expressing compassion and sorrow following the brutal Sri Lanka church attacks, liberals actually had the nerve to attack Christians. Yes, the same left which screamed out 'en masse' for guns to be banned following the 'New Zealand event' talked nothing about banning bombs nor banning radical Islamists from Western nations. 

Now that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, actually claiming they were revenge for what happened in New Zealand, where does the world go from here? As the Daily Beast had asked just days ago, was the Sri Lanka massacre an Islamic bid to revive their 'global holy war' against infidels? As their story warned, the attacks in Sri Lanka will be sure to reverberate all around the world as Christian churches aren't the only targets of these radicals with Jewish synagogues, Buddhist shrines, and Shiite Muslim mosques prime targets for violent jihadists as well. 

So why have Europe and Democrats gone so far to placate Islam when Islam would never do the same for other religions? 


In the outstanding graphic seen above from Ben Garrison of GRRGraphics, we see in an illustration what words alone cannot possibly adequately describe and a picture that speaks much louder than words. Does anybody really think that most Muslims will welcome most Christians and other religions into their lands with open arms, to build churches and other places of worship? 

Yet as we've reported time and again on ANP, the 'West' is doing just that for those who'd rather lop off our heads. 

But as we see in this interesting story over at The Intercept, not all Muslims hate Christians with the author of their story, a Muslim man, calling out other Muslims and liberals in America for their diminishing of the ongoing war against Christianity that we're seeing while calling on leftists and other Muslims to defend Christians under persecution. 

In his story titled "When Christians Are Under Attack, Muslims and the Left Need to Defend Them", Mehdi Hasan argues FROM CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND, to Xinjiang, China, there is a war on Muslims. Many of us have spent years writing about it and condemning it. But let’s be clear: From the Middle East to parts of Asia and Africa, there is a war on Christians too. His story came with some blunt and refreshing words of truth.:

I am a Muslim, and I consider myself to be on the left, but I’m embarrassed to admit that in both Muslim and left circles, the issue of Christian persecution has been downplayed and even ignored for far too long.

Yet another Muslim man, Mohamad Tawhidi, who calls himself the 'Imam of Peace' but who the mainstream media calls a 'fake Imam' because he regularly criticizes Islam, has warned that Islam must be reformed in order for it to survive and that numerous Islamic texts should be banned because they encourage terrorism against 'infidels'. 

And while Tawhidi's actions have proven that he is a 'peaceful Muslim' man, for calling for peace, radical Muslims have put a fatwa upon his head, calling for his death for his calling out of radical Islam. Some 'religion of peace', huh?

In the 2nd video below from Infowars, Paul Joseph Watson talks with us about the mainstream media now expecting 'right wing violence' against Muslims to pick up following the Sri Lanka massacres while the 3rd and final video below is one that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website days ago titled "THE UNHOLY BOOK OF ISLAM: A GUIDE TO THE DARK SIDE", a video which explores the Notre Dame Cathedral fire and the massacre in Sri Lanka and their ties to Islam. 

With the horrific Sri Lanka massacres following by just weeks the torching of the Notre Dame Cathedral in France and countless attacks upon Christian churches by Muslims all across the planet, we should all be prepared for anything in the days and weeks ahead. 

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