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April 22, 2019

Liberals Attack Christians After Churches Bombed: 'Don't Send Your Prayers' - MSM Shows Their True Colors & Downplays 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' In Sri Lanka


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Nearly 300 people were brutally murdered and another 500 injured on Ressurection Day/Easter in Sri Lanka when radical Islamic extremist suicide bombers attacked churches and luxury hotels. WSJ reports that Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne spoke to reporters and told them all the bombers identified so far were Sri Lankan citizens. 

Sri Lankan officials believe a group of "Islamic militants," National Thowheed Jamath, was behind the attack, though no group has publicly claimed credit. 

Authorities took 24 people into custody in connection with the bombings, making arrests in several locations in and near the capital, Colombo, where the bombings were focused. Police said they discovered 87 detonators, apparently abandoned, at a private bus stand in the capital. The government has ordered round-the-clock security at all churches.

There were at least eight explosions, most blamed on suicide bombers. Six of the attacks were coordinated and were carried out by seven suicide bombers, according to a preliminary examination of scattered body parts by the country’s official experts. Two men appear to have blown themselves up at the Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo, said Ariyananda Welianga, a government investigator who studied the bodies, while single bombers attacked two other high-profile hotels and three churches.

The AFP reports the U.S. has issued an update travel advisory urging "increased caution," and stating "Terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in Sri Lanka," and detailing the types of targets, including "tourist locations, transportation hubs, markets/shopping malls" and other public locations like hotels, clubs, restaurants, and places of worship."

The investigations are ongoing and reporting is limited due to Sri Lanka blocking access to social media in their lock down and attempt to control information.

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Media: While some media outlets that lean further to the right than liberal media outlets like CNN, NYT and Wapo, are accurately describing the National Thowheed Jamath as a "radical Muslim terror group," CNN managed to provide 67 updates in a 24 hour period, and according to those that have been observing those updates, only once in their lives updates did they use the term "Islamic extremists."

I scanned the entire series of live updates they’ve been doing since the news broke. It’s all within one long story, making it easy to search for individual words, so I did. The results were depressing but expected. Even at this late hour, they still have not acknowledged the possibility that the act was committed by Islamic terrorists.

The closest they came to blaming radical Islamic terrorists in their primary coverage story was a mention in a quote by Diplomatic editor Nic Robertson in which he notes the obvious – that it has the “hallmarks” of Islamic terrorism – but then quickly notes that there are no known radical Islamic terrorist groups in the area.

The writer also searched for how many times CNN mentioned the word Muslim and found four mentions: Two in breaking down the percentage of Muslim population in Sri Lanka; Once to warned against reprisals against Muslims, and; Once to state there have been attacks against Muslims by Buddhist groups.

Following up on CNN's live updates page this morning, I did find one reference to "Radical Islamic terrorism," but only as a direct quote from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said "Radical Islamic terrorism remains a threat. The president has been very clear about that, I think I have been very clear about that. We are continuing to do real work against these evil human beings that went into places of worship on Easter Sunday."

Compare that type of coverage to how CNN described the shooter of the Christchurch mosque attacks, which CNN called a "hate-filled attack," saying his manifesto was "filled with anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim ideas."

Throughout Resurrection Day aka Easter Sunday, searches for the tragic news of Sri Lanka brought about the now familiar theme of Independent and conservative Media including the details of who has been blamed for the multiple bombings in their articles, while liberal media avoided using the factually correct terminology for as long as possible, before finally being forced to.


After the mosque attacks in New Zealand, Christians and conservatives took to social media to offer condolences and prayers for the victims and the families and friends, the Muslim community and for New Zealand after such horrendous attacks, while liberal screamed about gun control, but after the multiple suicide bombings in Sri Lanka on Sunday, rather than offering prayers and condolences for the Christians massacred while celebrating holy day, liberals instead spewed hatred and vitriol against Christians with one man actually telling people "Don't send your prayers," after attacking Christians.

Andy West, who has a verified Twitter account, who self-describes as a journalist, shared a story from Daily Mail about the Si Lanka bombings, along with his own message of hate, stating "There is no excuse for terror attacks against innocent people but as a journalist I saw Western Christian missionaries unscrupulpusly converting Buddhist orphans for food and shelter after the Asian tsunami. Don't send your prayers."

As can be seen in the screen shot below, 859 people "liked" his comment.


Needless to say that was not his only disgusting comment and other social media users took him to task, as documented by Twitchy.

The next example of utterly despicable hatred geared towards Christians, came amidst another discussion as social media users were noting that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton referred to the Christians murdered in the Sri Lanka bombings on Easter as "Easter worshippers," rather than Christians. Also, in stark contrast to both their statements in regards to the Christchurch mosque attacks where they offered condolences to the "Muslim community," they did not offer the same type of statement for the Christian community after the Sri Lanka bombings.


Hillary Clinton's examples of her two vastly different types of statements was captured by journalist Andy Ngo, who notes "One names the specific victim group targeted & the ideology that inspired attack. The other does not."


In response to Clinton's Sri Lanka statement, the lead editor over at Twitchy, who uses the handle 'The Foo' on Twitter, responded by stating "Easter worshippers ... you mean Christians. Repeat after me, Hillary. Christians"

Another blue-checked verified Twitter account decided to chime in...... by attacking Christians: User Jared Kotler, responded with "Repeat after me:
Christians = bigots. Christians = morons. Christians = fake. Christianity = thin disguise for racism. Christianity = hateful and false superiority." Subsequent tweets from Kotler includes "Christians = most dangerous extremists of all," and "She should have said zombi resurrection day.," and "Because Christianity is fake. It’s all fake. Your fake superiority is nauseating."

As someone that frequently spends time observing liberals, on social media, on liberal forums and websites, the types of attacks against Christians and Christianity, are constant, as is the refusal to name the perpetrators ideology unless they can use it to attack "right-wingers" or conservatives, or Trump supporters, while also refusing to name the group that was victimized unless it is a liberal or a Islamic group.


Some are noting that while services such as Google search often changes their image for holidays or special occasions, like today, they have an image representing "Earth Day," on Resurrection Sunday, aka Easter, Google did not memorialize the day. Matt Couch over at The DC Patriot shows images of other holidays being acknowledged by Google, yet the image on Sunday was the standard regular Google image.

Jack Posobiec from One America News Network also highlighted Google's lack of acknowledgement, and in response another users pointed out that after the Christchurch mosque attacks, Google darkened their logo and placed a blackened peace symbol below the search bar as a tribute to the victims of the terror attack by a crazed gunman.



We wouldn't know it from the liberal media, but Christians and Christianity are under attack and have been for years as global attacks against Christian continue to increase as highlighted recently by Michael Snyder over at End of the America Dream website, where we find out that "average of 105 churches and/or Christian buildings are burned or attacked every month," using data from Open Doors USA.

We hear the term Christian persecution, but it isn't until we see or hear the shocking numbers and factual data that one comes to realize how prevalent the problem is on a global basis.

Below we hear that data. in a video titled "Christian Persecution rises sharply in 2019 across the Globe."

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