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November 14, 2015

It Is Too Late To Save America, Now You Better Prepare To Save Yourselves


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We have extensively covered the "zombification" of Americans, many of which have been drugged and dumbed down to the point where they are numb to the reality surrounding them. In the last article on the topic, a gem was added to the comment section, taking us back to an interview with a former KGB agent from 1985, who detailed the programming and brainwashing psychological warfare planned and implemented by Russia against America, where he stated the plan had been "over-fulfilled because demoralization reaches such areas where previously, not even Comrade Andropov [1911-1984] and all his experts would even dream of such a tremendous success."

While the interview and a link to the transcript will be provided at the end of the article, I am posting two quotes from it, then using examples from just the past few months, which will show you why it is now too late to save America and why we must now focus on preparing to save ourselves, our families, our homes and our cities.

The person interviewed was Mr. Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, the son of a high ranking Soviet Army officer, he had an outstanding career with Novesti, which was  the Press arm or the press agency of the Soviet Union, which happened to be a a front for the KGB. He was one of the world’s experts on the subject of Soviet propaganda and disinformation and active measures.


It takes from fifteen to twenty years to demoralize a nation. Why that many years? Because this is the minimum number of years which requires to educate one generation of students in the country of your enemy exposed to the ideology of the enemy. In other words Marxist-Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students without being challenged or counter-balanced by the basic values of Americanism, American patriotism.


"The result? The result you can see. Most of the people who graduated in the sixties, dropouts or half-baked intellectuals are now occupying the positions of power in the government, civil service, business, mass media, educational system. You are stuck with them. You cannot get rid of them. They are contaminated. They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern. You cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information. Even if you prove that white is white and black is black. You cannot change the basic perception and illogical behavior. In other words, these people, the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible."

The proof of his assertion?

Look to the President of the United States of America right now, Barack Hussein Obama, a man that continues to push for "gun control," using executive orders to rule by fiat. Look to presidential contender Hillary Clinton who recently has made public statements in support of continuing to use EO's for gun control and a "mandatory" gun buyback program citing Australian laws. Look to another presidential wannabe Bernie Sanders, a self-described "Democratic Socialist." 

Look to our nation's colleges right now where "hurtful" comments are now to be reported to the police so those practicing their free speech, if it happens to offend someone else, can face disciplinary actions. Where children throwing hissy fits can cause the end of careers. Where the socialist, communist mind-set is seen in the headlines of today about Yale, University of Missouri and Claremont.


Other examples of stage one being completed, the "Destabilization" phase of the lon-tern KGB psychological warfare plan, can be seen in the cradle to grave government dependence seen in any Marxist led country, now pushed in America, with record levels of poverty and welfare usage, supposed "affordable" healthcare, record lows in the labor force and a national debt that can never be balanced or paid.

Look at how patriots, veterans, religious members, constitutionalists, preppers, survivalists are all being labeled as threats or extremists, treated like enemies of the state. Anyone that speaks to the constitution is hailed as "right-winger." 

Those are just the tip of the iceberg, just browse through the MSM headlines, look around you at the people you explain what you are seeing to, how they tune you out, refuse to see what is right in front of their faces....evidence of every word Bezmenov said is all around us.

According to Mr. Bezmenov, stage one was completed, in fact, "over-fulfilled" by 1985 when he was interviewed. In the interview below, from decades ago, he explains all four stages, Demoralization, Destabilization, Insurgency, Normalization, and he concludes "Most politicians, media, and educational system frames another generation who think they are living at the peace time. False. The United States is in a state of war against the basic principles and the foundations of this system.

And the initiator of this war is not comrade Andropov of course. It’s the system. However ridiculous it may sound, the world Communist system, the world Communist conspiracy. Whether I scare some people or not, I don’t give a hoot. If you are not scared by now, nothing can scare you. But you don’t have to be paranoid about it. What actually happens now, that unlike myself you have literally several years to live on unless the United States wake up. The time bomb is ticking. Every second the disaster is coming closer and closer. Unlike myself, you will have nowhere to defect to, unless you want to live in Antarctica with penguins. This is the last country of freedom and possibility."

In 1985, Bezmenov said there was still time...... there was, but no one heeded his warnings and now the time has run out.

It doesn't matter what political party you support, members of both parties grew up, came of age in the time when this long-term plan was put into effect, they have all been infected one way or another and it is going to get worse.

If you believe in the principles our founding fathers did, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, then be assured when the final phase kicks in, the government will not protect you, so you better be prepared to protect yourself.

This may be the most important flashback video you ever watch to understand what we are witnessing today. The link to the transcipt is HERE

NOTE - We have heard from many military members in the past that they would never fire on Americans unless they were a threat or dangerous... I, for one, believe them, but would follow up with one very important question...... who defines dangerous and a threat? Because according to the U.S. government right now, it is anyone that does not agree with the communist, Marxist, leftist, progressive agenda.


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