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January 23, 2018

Did Missing FBI Texts Hint At Assassination Plot Upon President Trump? What Is Happening Is Treason - Heads Need To Roll


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the entire Democratic party and mainstream media apparatus would have gone completely insane should 5 months of Donald Trump Jr. emails have suddenly gone missing as Trump Jr. recently mentioned himself on twitter, we barely hear a peep out of them after 5 months worth of missing text messages are discovered to be missing between two anti-Trump FBI agents and as we see in this story, there is a chance that the missing emails suggested 'a hit' upon President Trump himself. 

Following a very familiar pattern of lost communications that we've seen coming from not only Hillary Clinton numerous times as shared in this recent Breitbart story but Lois Lerner and the IRS, a great question being asked about these missing emails between President Trump haters is "did these emails suggest an assassination plot to be carried out against President Trump?" With the 'Russia-narrative' completely destroyed and an 'insurance policy' having already been discussed between them, as we see in more detail below, 'Russia collusion' keeps coming up as the desperate globalists continue to grasp at straws.  

And while some might believe the possibility of FBI agents discussing an assassination plot against President Trump to be far-fetched, the 2nd paragraph of this archived Wall Street Journal story from December 18th of 2017 discussing said 'insurance policy' drops the following bombshell. Why would FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page even mention what is highlighted below in red as no questions were asked about a 'secret plan' to harm the president? Please pray for God's protection of President Trump! 

An FBI agent’s reference to “an insurance policy” in a much-debated text message was meant to convey that the bureau needed to aggressively investigate allegations of collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia, according to people familiar with his account.

The agent didn’t intend to suggest a secret plan to harm the candidate but rather address a colleague who believed the Federal Bureau of Investigation could take its time because Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was certain to win the election, the people said.


With more and more proof coming to the American people that the past 8 years of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was nothing more than a 'big scam' as Donald Trump Jr. also suggests in his screenshot tweet seen above, in this new viral PJ Media story on Monday which the Drudge Report linked to they report both Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had referenced a 'secret society' within the FBI that met the day after the election as heard from Colonel Roy Potter in the 2nd video below.

With such a meeting helping to prove the point argued by Representative Scott Perry just days ago that what we've been witnessing here in America is like the KGB, we have to ask, what was this 'secret society' planning, the assassination of President Trump? Anybody who thinks that 'deep state swamp scum' won't assassinate a US President has forgotten all about JFK. 

As Susan Duclos reported in this must read January 22nd story on ANP, the timeline "of the missing discussions run from December 2016, until May 17, 2017, the same day Robert Mueller was named as special counsel in the Russia probe."

Are we now witnessing treason? Before you'd dismiss such a thought we point out this new Daily Mail story which reports that President Trump himself had mentioned the 'treason' word in a previous interview. From their story: 

Prior to the revelation that the FBI was missing the large volume of communications, President Trump had Strzok and Page in a Wall Street Journal interview and accused them of 'treason' for the way they spoke about him before the election.

'There was no collusion on our side, the collusion was on the Democrat side with the Russians. And what went on with the FBI, where a man is tweeting to his lover that if she loses, we’ll essentially go back to the—we’ll go to the insurance policy, which is—if they lose, we’ll go to phase 2, and we’ll get this guy out of office.

'I mean, this is the FBI we’re talking about. I think that is—that is treason. See, that’s treason right there,' he stated. 


As we hear in the final video below, the FBI's claim of lost emails gives us PROOF that the 'upper echelons' of law enforcement here in America are no better than lying criminals with corrupt officials going to extreme lengths to hide incriminating emails the way that Hillary Clinton herself did - so, why is the totally failed msm not reporting the pattern? 

In the first video below, Republican representative Matt Gaetz from Florida joins Sean Hannity to talk about this ongoing corruption scandal and drops upon us this huge bombshell: "The United States Of America is in jeopardy!" 

As we hear, Gaetz believes "the “missing” Strzok-Page text messages illustrate how precarious of a position the United States is in when it comes to law and order."

“It is no longer disputable that a pro-Hillary Clinton, anti-Donald Trump bias has intractably infected the FBI, and the United States of America is in jeopardy as a consequence!”, warned Gaetz.


With the nearly endless series of anti-Trump text messages showing a pattern of bias on Mueller's 'Russia collusion' team as shared in this new Daily Caller story, should justice not be served and the globalists somehow still be successful at taking down President Trump and thus America, might such a result of all of this lead to civil war upon US soil? 

Certainly should President Trump fall to a heart attack, all eyes should immediately be upon the deep state and their 'heart attack gun' yet should such a horrific thing happen as suggested in this Prison Planet story, that could lead to 'the end of America' as we know it. 

While one shocking text message recently unearthed showed the agents believed there was NO 'Russia collusion' as shared in this viral Zero Hedge story, the fact that California's Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff recently took the time to write a letter to Mark Zuckerberg himself at Facebook and are requesting both Facebook and Twitter investigate the recent viral #ReleaseTheMemo campaign as being part of the 'Russia collusion' frenzy tells us everything that we need to know. 


With California's Democratic Representative also Schiff recently suggesting that 'the memo' shouldn't be released because the American people were overwhelmingly 'too stupid to understand it', hinting that he truly believes the American people are too stupid to understand government corruption, if the heads of those who've committed treason against America don't soon roll, we'll have proof of what ANP reader JoeJoe argued in his comment on this ANP story: "it's already far too late for this country."

And while at this moment we have no proof that the missing text messages hinted at an assassination plot against President Trump, why did Strzok even mention 'a secret plan to harm the candidate' in this Wall Street Journal story?

While we absolutely know that not all FBI and DOJ officials are corrupt, and we thank those who are 'fighting the good fight' within the FBI and DOJ from the top to the bottom of our hearts, the American people need answers. Heads need to roll. 


Were Russian bots recently responsible for the viral 'Release the Memo' campaign?
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