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July 28, 2020

One Election Stands Between 'Freedom' And America Fully Transformed Into A Leftist Banana Republic Worse Than Venezuela As Country Is Pushed Full Speed Ahead Into The Danger Zone 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Over the past several weeks while taking a much-needed medical hiatus, I've still been closely watching the unfolding American freak show working overtime to take down our nation and as this recent important story over at The American Thinker clearly points out, we're quickly coming to 'now or never time' in America as we rush full speed ahead into a 'danger zone' that we haven't seen in this nation in over 100 years.

With their story titled "In 100 Days, Communists Could Be Set To Run The White House", if we delve even more deeply into the 'new reality' that such an 'America' would bring, as their story quickly points out in their introduction, the blunt reality of a Joe Biden puppet presidency in 2021 looks absolutely terrifying to those accustomed to 'law and order' and the US Constitution while bringing the chaos and mayhem in America's inner cities now out into the suburbs and beyond. 

And while their story points out that we still have time to make sure that such a 'reality' never comes into being by getting the 'silent majority' out to vote in November and voting a solid 'R' across the board,  with a Democrat-caller into a recent C-SPAN show promising "there's going to be a lot of bloodshed when they come" (while hinting of Trump-supporters and federal agents being gunned down should they come into America's cities to help quell the rioting and dumbed-down masses), as Susan Duclos had asked in this July 26th ANP story, how much blood must be spilled in US streets before the leftist-zombies realize they are being used as pawns to take down America? From this American Thinker story before we continue.:

The stark reality of what a Biden puppet presidency would mean has come into view. It is, to say the least, absolutely terrifying. 

But questions remain about whether he'll even be the nominee, and if so, if he'll make it to Election Day in this role. 

First, can anyone imagine Biden debating Trump? I can't. 

The left is already scrambling to figure out how to leverage the situation to get Biden out of this commitment, such as demanding Trump release his tax returns in exchange for Biden's participation in the debates. No doubt more schemes will emerge in the coming weeks. 

Second, can anyone imagine Biden being nominated at the Democratic National Convention? It's hard to picture because he'd have to give a speech and function off script a bit, and I don't think he can pull any of that off. (Not that a lot of lemmings seem to notice or care.)

Yet as their story continued, while we definitely won't be holding our breaths for Biden to be elected President or even just being the Democrats nominee, (especially with possible 'can't-miss debates' for 'brain-dead Joe' ahead of us and Hillary Clinton and the 'Clinton body count' still waiting in the wings), should Biden make it to election day and somehow win, very little in America in 2021 may look the same as it did as recently as 2018.

If Biden makes it all the way to Election Day and wins (please hang in there with me because this could happen for a number of reasons, not the least of which is voter fraud and/or an electorate riddled with imbeciles), we know he won't be in charge. Instead, leftists with evil on their minds will be running the country. And to be a bit more specific, by "leftists with evil on their minds," I mean Marxists intent on destroying our country from within (already in progress) and establishing a communist state. 

And that would be that. America would be no more.... 

The left will flood the country with immigrants who will vote for it, open the doors to "refugees" who will join the destruction from within, add seats to the Supreme Court to ensure far-left rulings, eliminate the Senate filibuster, abolish the Electoral College, make D.C. the 51st state, and transform this nation into a large scale version of Venezuela as they solidify their power. 

Yes, it can happen. And we are on the brink of it. 

This is it. It's now or never, folks. Come Election Day, let none of us feel we didn't do everything in our power, and then some, to defend this nation lest it be completely destroyed.

As Michael Snyder recently warned in this new story over at The Most Important News, things in America are now heating up to a fever pitch with the heat of summer, the election drawing even more near and Democrat politicians who have helped to unleash this beast being completely unable to control their 'favorite terrorists'.

And while we'll continue to pray that all of this doesn't lead to a bloody civil war in America, with leftists attempting to 'cancel out' anything that they disagree with in 2020, and tens of millions of American very well armed and very well prepared to make sure the terrorists don't 'cancel out America', it won't take much for a spark to turn into a brushfire and that brushfire turn into something that takes hold and burns all across the country. From Snyder's story.: 

The civil unrest that we witnessed all across America this weekend was extremely alarming. For a few weeks, it seemed like the chaos that erupted in the immediate aftermath of the tragic death of George Floyd was subsiding, but in recent days there has been a dramatic resurgence. Within the last 48 hours, there have been eruptions of violence in major cities such as Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, Louisville, Austin and Richmond. At this point we have seen sustained protests and rioting for nearly two months straight, and it looks like the chaos isn’t going to disappear any time soon. 

Over the past few weeks, a few people have written me emails suggesting that the civil unrest will disappear if Joe Biden wins the election in November. 

But I don’t believe that this is true. Virtually all of the rioting is happening in cities that are controlled by Democrats, and the leftist politicians that run those cities do not have any control over the Marxist protesters at all. 

For example, just look at what has been happening in Seattle and Portland. The politicians that run those cities are radical Democrats, and yet those radical Democrats have been completely and utterly unable to end the violence. The following comes from the Daily Mail… 

The streets of Seattle turned violent Saturday when protesters set fire to a youth detention center and a police precinct. Other protesters threw rocks, bottles, fireworks and other explosives at cops, with the unrest leading local authorities to declare protests had turned into ‘riots that afternoon’. 

Portland geared up for its 59th night of unrest Saturday with swathes of demonstrators marching from the federal building to the Portland Marriott where they believe federal officers are staying, in the wake of a violent night Friday that ended with at least one person stabbed.

So while Democrats burn their own cities to the ground, they still are fighting for 'the establishment' that was built up under Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and the group of globalists that have been running America for the past many decades. And as Susan had also pointed out in this recent ANP story, the globalists devilish intent is to burn America and freedom to the ground so once again, these leftists protesting in the streets are quite literally pushing for their own destruction with any take down of the US Constitution sure to be used against ALL Americans in the long run. 

According to White House aide Stephen Miller as was reported in this new story over at Breitbart, if Democrats get their way in November, Americans may soon thereafter no longer have 'freedom of speech' nor the 1st Amendment.

And while such a warning seems incredibly radical considering that the US Constitution guarantees that Americans have the right to speak freely, even about things that might be unpleasant to others, as Miller warns, the same far-left which was insanely 'screaming at the sky' following President Trump's 2016 election victory and his one-year anniversary as President has fallen to pathetic new lows in 2020.

So while the US Constitution helps guarantee that the 2nd Amendment will always back and support the 1st Amendment, with leftists also trying to burn down the US Constitution in 2020, claiming that America was founded by 'white supremacists' so the Constitution should be 'canceled', as Miller warns, this 'cancel culture' is leading to Conservatives to stay silent and censor their own opinions.  From this Breitbart story before our conclusion. 

“Cancel culture is a very grave threat to American freedom,” White House aide Stephen Miller told the Larry O’Connor radio show shortly after a Cato Institute survey showed that most Americans are silencing themselves amid online hostility. 

"The share of moderates who self‐censor increased 7 points from 57% to 64%, and the share of conservatives rose 70% to 77%, also a 7‐point increase,” according to Cato’s July survey. “Strong conservatives are the only group with little change. They are about as likely now (77%) to say they hold back their views as in 2017 (76%).” 

This “cancel culture” is intended to silence ordinary Americans, Miller told O’Connor July 24: 

It is an effort at making people so afraid to speak their minds that a minority of radicals can effectively intimidate a majority of common-sense Americans, and that’s often how totalitarianism functions. If you can scare people at saying things they know to be true, and then you can even deprive them of the language to express themselves — not illegal aliens, but undocumented Americans, right? Not rioters and anarchists peaceful protesters … 

When you take away people’s language, and then you punish them severely and excoriate them for saying things that we all know to be true, it’s possible for a minority of people to effectively bully the majority into acquiescence. That must be fought against above virtually any other objective we have right now. 

"The silent majority of Americans [must] refuse to be silent,” Miller said.

So while Democrats will continue to attempt to silence us all, we promise you that such a threat will only continue to push ANP to fight even harder in the days, weeks and months ahead for 'God, freedom and America.' And while they may think now in the heat of July that they'll be victorious in November, they've clearly forgotten all the 'Hillary can't lose' talk of 2016 and we can assure all of them of this; the 'silent majority' has only just begun to fight against this leftist insanity unleashed upon America so those thinking that America will be a 'pushover' in the days and weeks ahead clearly have another thing coming. 

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