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November 27, 2017

With 'Globalist Enemies Of America Within' Still Working Overtime To Pillage And Plunder Our Nation, All Americans Should Take A Stand Today Or There Will Be No Freedom Tomorrow! 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this recent story from the NY Post, they report that ISIS is now threatening Christmas blood, going so far as to name targets such as the Vatican, Pope Francis and even 4-year-old Prince George on a new propaganda poster. Posting a picture of the future king outside of his $26,000 a year private school, they warn that even the royal family will not be left alone. 

According to this new story over at the Jerusalem Post which Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Saturday, overwhelmingly, 'Western Christianity' is in deep denial over 'radical Islam'. Reporting within their story that 'Eastern Christianity' has already fallen and its now Europe's turn, the story goes on to report that once Europe has been taken down, there will likely be very little that can be done to prevent the dismantling of 'Western Christianity' as well.

And as this new story over at WND reports, 'ignorant infidels' in America may have been forced to accept Islam with a dire warning given at a recent Islamist conference in Virginia attended by numerous radical imams that many Muslims believe most Americans are 'ignorant' to their true purpose: taking down America and overthrowing freedom. From their story: 

At the Virginia conference, Habib-ur-Rehman Ludhianvi, a radical Islamic cleric visiting from Pakistan, advised a sort of carrot and stick approach to conquering American minds for Islam, starting with heretical Muslims who don’t believe in jihad. He said:

They are ignorant and there is no need for dialogue with them, God has given them two options, one is the holy book and one is the stick and if one does not accept the holy book they have to be forced.

The imam’s use of the word “stick” should not be overlooked.

On the same day Ludhianavi was speaking at the conference in Virginia, another U.S. Muslim leader, Jaylani Hussein, was speaking at a symposium in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where he told a group gathered at the public library: I understand that our organization [CAIR] comes under threat.

I know why we come under attack. It’s not because of our silence. It’s because we carry a big stick.

 It’s no coincidence that Muslim leaders are talking about using the “stick” to whip American infidels into shape, says Rehman, the journalist who went undercover at the day-long event in Springfield, Virginia.

“The word ‘stick’ in Urdu is a common term used in south Asia to reference the use of force,” Rehan told WND in an email.


While we here at ANP have a tremendous amount of tolerance for other people's religious beliefs and opinions, what we'll never be tolerant of is any group of people, whether they be Islamic terrorists or a 'government of wolves masquerading as a force of good', seeking to impose their totalitarian ways upon the "free people" of America.

While many on the left here in America have proven they are more than happy to submit to Islam, with one Democratic pollster going so far as to suggest that all Republicans should be locked away for failing to adhere to a variety of totalitarian left-wing viewpoints as shared in this recent story over at SHTFPlan as also heard in the 2nd video below, it's easy to see that Democratic warnings of a 'totalitarian President Trump' were actually them nonsensical barking at their own shadows. 

As we have previously reported on ANP and has been well documented over the past several years, America was rushing full speed ahead into a totalitarian global government and with Hillary and George Soros long leading that push, the only thing that prevented what many have warned would have been the 'end of America' was the election of President Trump. 


As has also been well documented, Hillary Clinton was the 'establishment' in the 2016 election while President Trump was the obvious 'outsider', with the entire establishment, both left and right, aligned against him.

And while leftist writers and educators continue to claim that the white race is the root of all evil with one completely deranged lunatic going so far as to say "if you have a penis, you probably deserve murdering", we are reminded that its long been warned that a nation of sheep begets a government of wolves and with the left 'bleeting away' and a massive, countrywide case of 'Trump derangement syndrome', the wolves are coming home to roost.  
While I've been asked several times why I hate 'government', that question itself is unfair and misleading as I've previously reported on ANP, I simply hate CORRUPT government, the 'government of wolves' that attorney John Whitehead has written about so eloquently, the 'nanny state' that seeks to impose its totalitarian will upon the people, the government of liars and terrorists that Barack Obama and Hillary allowed to pillage and plunder America.

ALL such 'government' must be taken down for the good of 'free humanity'. 


And why is it ok for corrupt government to arrest Americans for spying upon them when said corrupt government hasn't yet been 'put out of our misery' for spying upon ALL OF US? And while this story is definitely directed at the government of Barack Obama, the 'deep state' and what would have been a government of Hillary Clinton had she somehow won, it is also directed at Islamic radicals who are still in positions of power here in the US, seeking to destroy freedom from within. 

As it has long been stated and enshrined within our Declaration of Independence, when government fails the people, it is not only the right but the DUTY to replace such failed and corrupt government, the very government that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and George Soros had long been colluding within to take down America. And America did indeed 'overthrow' that corrupt government, with the election of President Trump, yet 'enemies of America within' still remain. 

In closing, let's take an extended look at the opening statement of Ryan Bundy in the Bundy Ranch trial as shared by Tim Brown from Freedom Outpost, a statement that every red-blooded American needs to hear in this day and age we're living in as also detailed in the 1st video below. And as we hear in the final video below, persecution is coming with Christians now facing their worst persecution in history and as  Steve Quayle recently reminded us in an SQnote he left while linking to this story, freedom-loving Americans must make a stand or there will be no freedom tomorrow

Thanks to the jurors for being here. I told you a little about myself at voir dire, but I’d like to introduce myself a little more, and tell you about my heritage and how that affects my case. (Projects a picture of his family - AND leaves it up throughout his statement!) 

This is my ID! Not my driver’s license. This is who I am, a man with a family and I’ll do whatever it takes to provide for them. I want you to picture in your minds…you’re out on the land… I’ll take you to our ranch, you can see all the beauty of the land, the fresh air, sunsets and sunrises, the brush, you’re on a horse in front of the cattle - place yourself there - feel the freedom - out of the congestion of the cars - that’s how I was raised, playing in the river, we were called river-rats and that is where my life began and I hope ends.

My family has been on that land 141 years, my pioneer ancestors settled there in 1877 - there was nothing there. They carved out a living… they brought a horse and wagon and some provisions… this case, the government mentioned is “not about rights”, but it is - those rights do mean something - rights are created through beneficial use. When my ancestors arrived, undoubtedly the horse would need a drink, so they led him to the water and that is beneficial use. The horse and perhaps a cow that had been led behind the wagon need to eat some brush in the hills, that is beneficial use. That established rights. The water rights are real! So real, the State of Nevada has a water rights registry including livestock watering rights. A law was created to protect those rights. The water rights that my father owns were first registered in 1891 by the State of Nevada - the State of Nevada is important, a sovereign state, its own unit, which entered the union in 1864. It entered equal to the original states, it is its own entity and state laws are important.


My family and I are charged with some grievous things and they are not true and evidence will show they are not; force, manipulation, extortion, violent—my family is not a violent family and I am not a violent man. For 20+ years we turned to local law enforcement. Rights are real property. The fact is that we create government to protect rights.

To have rights you must claim, use and defend… man only has rights he is willing to claim, use and defend. There is a difference between rights and privileges. Rights you own. Privilege is afforded. Like renting or owning a house. Government asserts there are no rights, only privileges and unless we pay, we can’t be there. The State of Nevada says differently. These are my father’s rights. Everything we have comes from the land. That is wealth, not the dollar bill. The things we use all come from the land. Who controls the land, controls the wealth.

We create government to preserve and serve us. These are some of the beliefs of my family. That we have said we will do whatever it takes to defend is not a threat, it is a statement. Being right here before you today is part of doing whatever it takes. The Founding Fathers pledged whatever it would take… their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, to defend rights. With the evidence you will see that is what we were doing; there was no conspiracy to impede, to harm… but, to protect our heritage that our pioneer ancestors established. We were attacked, surrounded by what appeared to be mercenaries, snipers pointed directly at me. You will hear a report from a sniper that he was keeping watch of me in my van, with my wife and two of my daughters with me.

Our ranch - children are always welcome - it is a place to play, play in the river, the pond, chase or hunt rabbits, burn your toes in the hot sand in summer—always free. Never before did we feel like someone was always watching. In early spring of 2014 we felt like someone was always watching… the dogs were watching the hills, when you are always with a dog you get to know what they are saying with their bark… you can tell by their bark what they are seeing… surveillance cameras on one hill, but the dog looking at another and growling… (tearfully) This is not what America is supposed to be. Supposed to be a land of liberty. The Founding Fathers fought and bled so we wouldn’t have to and now we find ourselves in a similar situation.

You can read the rest of Ryan Bundy's opening statement here


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