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August 17, 2018

It's Time To Slay The Dragon! Patriotic Americans Can CRUSH 'Big Tech' Tyranny By Ditching YouTube, Facebook And Twitter For Real.Video, Gab And Minds

- If The Globalists Take Down President Trump, Even The 2nd Amendment Might Not Be Able To Save America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While independent thinkers and Conservatives across America are being silenced and censored by 'big tech' as was seen in the recent viral and clearly coordinated all-out attacks upon Alex Jones and Infowars, alternatives to totalitarian platforms such as youtube, twitter and facebook are popping up every day and as we see in a quick visit to the website Alexa, the popularity of one such alternative being run by ANP friend Mike Adams of Natural News is absolutely skyrocketing.

Adams recently launched Real.Video as an alternative to the totalitarian's over at youtube who were deleting Adams' excellent 'red pill' videos and while the traffic to Real.Video still isn't where it needs to be to seriously compete against before slaughtering youtube, as we can see in the screenshot below that we've taken from Alexa, the traffic there is absolutely going in the right direction with Real.Video now ranking at 8,749 in the US at this moment. 

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And while twitter also continues to censor Conservatives with twitter CEO jack dorsey recently claiming he needed to give Alex Jones a 'timeout' sounding like something more out of an elementary school than the Constitutional Republic we have with a First Amendment to our Constitution that protects speech that Dorsey and other liberals might disagree with, Gab has thankfully popped up to offer an alternative.

Yet as this story from the Daily Caller last week proves, not even Gab is immune to censorship as Microsoft had threatened to take their entire website down after they objected to the postings of one person. And while that person voluntarily 'self censored' and removed the 'objectionable postings', that event itself proves to us just how 'slippery of a slope' we are now on with 'big tech's' tentacles stretching into practically everything online. 

And for those who still haven't ditched facebook and their massive spying upon and data mining of Americans, the website is available as an alternative. Minds CEO Bill Ottman recently joined Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars for an interview in which they discussed how the backlash against 'big tech' is now accelerating as people grow more and more sick every day of 'big tech' and their totalitarian censorship. 

As JD Heyes recently reported in this story over at Natural News titled "The new tyranny of the Left: No conservative is allowed to order food at a restaurant, run an e-commerce platform or speak online", somehow 'the left' has taken it upon themselves to be 'judge, jury and executioner' over what constitutes what 'liberties' Conservatives might have despite the fact that our 'Pledge of Allegiance' states: "With Liberty, and Justice, for All". 

From the Natural News story

At some point over the past several years, the American Left assumed the authority to make all of society’s rules concerning how we can and cannot behave, what we can and cannot say, who we can and cannot support, and what we can and cannot do.

Any ‘violation’ of the tyrannical Left’s established protocols or any wavering outside the Left’s social, political, and cultural groupthink is met with severe ostracization, demonization, and – increasingly – physical punishment.

This authoritarianism has been on full display for quite some time, but it’s been in hyper drive since POTUS Donald Trump smashed all predictions and handily defeated the most corrupt presidential contender to ever seek the Oval Office, Hillary Clinton.


Then pointing out that 'the left' has never accepted President Trump's victory nor his presidency as has been evidenced in the endlessly appearing cases of 'Trump derangement syndrome' that have broken out all across America and the non-stop mainstream media attacks against him, their story then warns that the result is the left attempting to punish as many President Trump supporters as possible as we've witnessed in attacks upon Trump Cabinet members and every day Americans in the streets for simply wearing MAGA hats. 

Warning then that the left's attacks upon Conservatives, President Trump supporters and nearly half of America are breaking an unspoken social contract, do those on the left really not understand that such unlawful attacks upon law-abiding American citizens could lead to absolute disaster for them if not all-out Civil War in this country? Once again, from this very important Natural News story:

Conservatives can’t have a meal without being harassed. We’re not permitted to show any affection or approval at all for Trump via the donning of a pro-Trump article of clothing, lest it be ripped from our body and we are summarily pummeled. We’re not permitted to say or point out anything positive about the president or his administration, no matter how much truth our statements contain without being shouted down or, in the case of Alex Jones and Infowars, deplatformed, censored, silenced, banned from existence. (Related: Will the next civil war begin in Portland? Antifa thugs discuss direct armed confrontation during upcoming free speech rally.)

The Left’s destruction of the unspoken social contract we all have to abide by and support in order to maintain a free and functioning society for all citizens is continuing apace. If we continue down this same path, there will come a day when the contract is so damaged it cannot be reinstated without violence. And they will have pushed the country to that point.


As we had reported on ANP back on August 8th in our story titled "As Globalists And Big Tech 'Identify, Vilify, Nullify And Destroy', Totalitarian Attempts To Ban The 1st Amendment Could Lead To Rivers Of Blood Flowing Through The Streets Of America", such attacks upon the Liberties and Rights of Americans could easily lead to Civil war in America for their actions ever since President Trump was elected have proved the left is nowhere near 'the moral high ground' in America. 

And while we pray that such a situation never comes to fruition here, this June of 2017 story based on a poll by the Pew Research Center PROVES that millions of Patriotic and law-abiding Americans are well prepared to either repel tyranny or an illegal attempt by leftists to take down President Trump and America to finish the globalists plans of stripping away the national sovereignty of our country.   

Yet if the corrupt faction of the deep state is successful at taking down President Trump or they outright 'eliminate' him, even the 2nd Amendment might not be able to 'save' America. 

And with President Trump's continued attacks upon the 'propaganda' media that sold their souls to get Hillary Clinton into office leading to some 300+ newspapers colluding against him in editorials, Infowars recently put out a major new false flag warning, warning Americans that there may soon be some kind of a fake or orchestrated attack upon a mainstream news media outlet or personality that is blamed upon Conservatives and President Trump in another attempt to rile up the leftist masses into violence. 

In both of the videos below from Real.Video, Mike Adams talks with us about the censorship racket that is now ongoing with no due process available to those who are being censored by big tech nor no evidence required for outlets such as youtube or facebook to purge the content of Conservatives, more proof to us that the globalists who control the Democratic party are growing very desperate as the 2018 elections draw near. 

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