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August 15, 2018

Democrats Plotting To Take Over Entire Internet As Big Tech's All-Out War Upon Independent Media Claims Another Website 

- Deep State Mouthpiece Claiming President Trump Is 'Fake News' And A 'Troll Bot' Proves They're All Living In An Alternative Reality


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this alarming new story over at Armstrong Economics that Zero Hedge republished on Monday, they report that Senate Democrats led by Virginia Senator Mark Warner are circulating a proposal for EU-style censorship of the internet here in America based upon their claim that 'Russian hacking' will completely take over the internet and social media to influence US elections. 

Titled "Regulation of Social Media and Technology Firms", Armstrong reports the entire regulation is based upon the 'blame the Russians for everything' delusion and claims made by Democrats and the MSM that Russians are 'deliberately spreading disinformation'.

"Warner’s paper suggests outlawing companies who fail to label bots and impose Draconian criminal penalties and huge fines."

Reporting that once drawn up if passed and signed into law, this bill would effectively end all of our freedoms here in America as government would have full control over the information that is published online and if a story is published that points out massive Hillary Clinton, deep state or government corruption, it can be taken down, with the rats attributing it to 'Russian bots', we remind you that according to one 'Deep State' bot project called Bot Sentinel, even President Donald Trump himself is considered to be one of the biggest purveyor's of 'fake news' on Twitter and the internet.

And as we see detailed below, another independent media outlet has been taken offline with 'The Fellowship Of The Minds' website deleted completely in just the latest 'big tech' hit against alternative news outlets that go against the 'official narrative' being peddled by the enemies of the American people, the mainstream media. With Infowars now also offline due to massive cyber attacks according to this Alex Jones tweet and a visit to their website took us to their cloudfare page, the clock is clearly ticking. 


According to Bot Sentinel, the biggest fake news accounts on Twitter include: President Donald J. Trump himself, Donald Trump Jr., Brad Parscale, (President Trump 2020 Campaign Manager), former US Secret Service Agent Don Bongino, US Senator Devin Nunez, Tucker Carlson, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity from Fox News, both Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch, Kellyanne Conway, President Trump's press Secretary Sarah Sanders and the Drudge Report among others.

So, can all of those people and groups possibly be pushers of 'fake news', including President Trump and US Senator Devin Nunez? If you've noticed that all of those mentioned are publishing massive deep state corruption stories and information, you're not the only one. The absolute desperation of Hillary Clinton crony Senator Warner and the entire CORRUPTED faction of the 'deep state apparatus' to ban the free flow of information is MORE proof that something HUGE may be about to break!

Also quite interesting, according to the 'trending topics' over at Bot Sentinel, the top hashtags tweeted by what they call 'trollbot' accounts include: #MAGA #QAnon #WalkAway #Trump and #FakeNews among other topics. Also listing 'Peter Strzok', 'President Trump' and 'Strzok Fired' as among the top two word phrases being tossed about by 'Russian trolls' on Twitter, does anybody else see something horribly wrong with the corrupted deep state apparatus, the Democratic party and the entire mainstream media apparatus labeling so many President Trump supporters, Conservatives and 'truth seekers' as 'fake news' and 'Russian troll bots'?

What is that absolutely and completely corrupt faction of the deep state so incredibly afraid of? If 'hanging by the neck until dead' is still the punishment for treason against America, that very well may be our answer. 


With ANP ourselves slandered in a story put out by the Washington Post soon after the election, with ANP being called  agents of Russian propaganda (this despite the fact that Susan and I are both red-blooded Americans with my distant relatives having fought against tyrants from the UK in the Revolutionary War proving how long my family has been here), Armstrong's story warns we may soon witness 'the revenge of Hillary and the deep state'. This extended excerpt from their extremely important story

Senate Democrats are circulating a proposal based upon their claim of Russian hacking that will completely takeover the internet and social media which has been leaked.

They are adopting the EU approach to silence political criticism. They claim it is necessary, just as the EU argued, that they must act to prevent Russian hackers and “restore” the people’s trust in our institutions, democracy, and the free press. They are proposing comprehensive GDPR-like data protection legislation following the EU.

The entire regulation is based upon Russians and it claims they are deliberately spreading disinformation. To justify this act, they also point back to the old Soviet Union stating they attempted to spread “fake news” denigrating Martin Luther King. Despite the Democrats and their campaign to start World War III over Hillary’s emails, of which nobody denied were fake just hacked, their proposal is effectively to shut down anything they can call “hate speech” targeted at them, not Trump of course.

Warner’s paper suggests outlawing companies who fail to label bots and impose Draconian criminal penalties and huge fines.

Effectively, they want people to pay for everything. The Democrats want full disclosure regarding ANY online political speech. They even want the Federal Trade Commission to have unbelievable power and require all companies’ algorithms to be audited by the feds as if they even have qualified staff to conduct such audits. On top of that, they have proposed tech platforms above a certain size MUST turn over internal data and processes to “independent public interest researchers” so they can identify potential “public health/addiction effects, anticompetitive behavior, radicalization,” scams, “user propagated misinformation,” and harassment—data that could be used to “inform actions by regulators or Congress.”

This is a complete violation of both the First and Fourth Amendment. They want the same mechanisms in Europe where anyone can complain and demand the content be taken down or subject to fines that can confiscate all assets. Sounds to me like retirement is on the horizon. This bill would effectively end all our freedoms. This is what is wrong with career politicians. They look at the world ONLY through the eyes of government – NEVER the people.

What we are facing is the Revenge of Hillary – loss of Free Speech and this constant push to reestablish the Cold War and move to World War III. The Democrats have become the party of hate and they have been the party that always starts wars with the only exception being Iran and that was Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld.


As all of America witnessed with the recent attacks all-out and well-coordinated attacks upon Alex Jones and Infowars, independent media is constantly under full scale attack with the latest victim of the all-out censorship machine being the website 'Fellowship Of The Minds', a website that Steve Quayle linked to quite frequently for their cutting edge stories exposing deep state and US government corruption. 

Well if you go to 'Fellowship of the Minds' now, you'll find it no longer online. 'First they came for Alex Jones and Infowars' Susan Duclos warned on ANP on August 6th. Well Moonbattery reports today that WordPress has silenced Fellowship of the Minds, and they knew that it was coming and likely just a matter of time.

From this new story over at Moonbattery we're offered a frightening look at a very real, potential future for the United States, one that features the boots of 'big tech', Rachel Maddow, Colin Kapaernick and the absolutely deeply corrupt Democratic political establishment stamping upon our human faces, forever. 

As we all knew at the time, the silencing of Infowars was only the beginning. Now WordPress has joined the leftist lynchmob, along with Facebook, Google, Apple, Disqus, and the rest of the Silicon Valley giants who have taken upon themselves responsibility for deciding what we should read. If you try to visit the right-leaning blog Fellowship of the Minds today, you will find a WordPress page announcing that the blog has been “archived or suspended in accordance with our Terms of Service.”

The site’s author Dr. Eowyn has not yet been banned from Facebook, where he expresses bewilderment over specifically which thought crime got his blog killed. He may never know. As noted previously, under tyrannical systems, it is not specifically what you say that is a crime; it is your dissident attitude that is punished.

It looks like WordPress did the same thing at the same time to Saboteur 365. Some coincidence.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of these sites. If your outlook is anywhere right of center, they will get around to your favorite sites in time.

The tech sector is homogeneously far left. Those who express sentiments inconsistent with hardcore moonbattery — even privately, like Brendan Eich — are driven out. This gives it power that authoritarians in Washington, constrained by the Constitution and by the election of conservatives, can only dream about.

Imagine a world of pure moonbattery, where everything you look at evokes nausea and horror. Every politician is Barack Obama. Every newscaster in Rachel Maddow. Every athlete is Colin Kaepernick. Every musician is Donald Glover. Every actor is Ezra Miller. The fundamental liberties of free speech, self-defense, and even property ownership inevitably vanish as we are inundated, looted, and eventually enslaved by a never-ending tsunami from the Third World.

Each of us will think we are the only one who doesn’t like it.

That’s the world the Internet will impose if the decentralized totalitarianism encroaching from Silicon Valley does not encounter successful pushback.


With President Donald Trump himself, Conservatives and Christian Americans and 'conspiracy theorists' now under constant and substained attack as is perfectly exemplified with the take down of the website Fellowship of the Minds, a website that had been online for many, many years and was also singled out by the website 'Prop or Not', a website quoted by the Washington Post, as pushing Russian propaganda for having the courage to go after Hillary Clinton and the #ClintonCrimeFamily, we may be running out of time. 

With leftists in the street quite literally calling for the head of President Trump, with many claiming they'd like to do to him what the people of Libya did to Muammar Gaddafi, one likely scenario that could immediately change the entire game would be the deep state using an 'MK-Ultra-cated' shooter to pull off an assassination of President Trump. Using such an event to not only get rid of their 'kryptonite' but as an event to attempt to ban the 2nd Amendment as well, such a two-birds-with-one-stone event is exactly the deep states' MO. 

With the President of the United States of America himself being called 'fake news' by Bot Sentinel showing us that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party and the globalists are living in some sort of 'alternative reality', the clock is quickly ticking and could be pushing us towards 'an event' that will change the course of history.

And whether or not Americans finally get 'true history' or some other kind of santized version covering up total deep state lies and corruption, the next few days, weeks and months will likely tell.  

And with the all-out attacks also happening upon ANP and our already meager finances gutted by over 80% since the 2016 election when we were slandered by the Washington Post using the 'prop or not' report, we can truly say that ANP wouldn't be here online without you, ANP readers. With even Infowars currently offline due to massive DDOS attacks according to this new tweet from Alex Jones, Susan and I at ANP are truly humbled to still have the opportunity to be with you, however much longer that may be. 

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