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August 24, 2021 

It's WAY PAST Time America Weeds Out The RINO's! While Joe Biden And Democrats Annihilate The US Constititution, The Republicans Do NOTHING About It!  

- Where are the real ones, the actual Conservative Christians? 

By Alan Barton aka Bart's Bantering for All News Pipeline

Are you constantly getting Emails, text messages, pop-up advertisements, robotic phone calls and more begging, threatening, harassing and otherwise cajoling you into giving the offenders money, saying it is for the GOP, for the RNC, for some Republican candidate or another, and even for President Trump from various seemingly pro-Trump organizations or other questionable groups? 

Boy oh boy, I sure do!  

“Have you gone over to support Biden ---, or “have you given support to Nancy ---, or “Are you now in favor with the DNC ---, and “Have you stopped supporting Trump --- are among the idiotic phraseologies that they throw at you to try to intimidate you into giving them some money, the more cash the better. Don’t give them ANYTHING! Most seem to be scams, many are using an otherwise normal group for their fund grabbing, and most important of all, you are just PAYING to be put on further lists of suckers or yet more harassment and irritations. What to do? I’ll get to that later. 

Let’s first explain why I am taking this situation so badly. Because we have been BURNED and we have been SCAMMED enough already by even supposedly good Republicans and “conservative” groups. It is time to fight back.  

Do you remember what the January Sixth fiasco was about? That we supported President Trump and to demonstrate that we support the actual election results, not the purely manufactured fake results that installed an incompetent fool and some Oakland woman of very questionable morals. Two Charlatans that can best be described using a number of four letter words that are not welcomed in family friendly commentary in addition to words such as “organized crime” and “paid political hacks” and “stooges for the NWO” and Puppets of other powerful entities to do their bidding. The two lowest ranked contenders in the first Democrat debates in 2020, the worst showing of them all, and still made the nomination for the Dem parries Presidential ticket? Biden even lost to the avowed communist Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic Primaries and somehow still got the nomination in some miraculous fashion. Something really stinks in Helsinki, doesn’t it? 

So the FBI, the DNC, and most likely the State Department along with the Democrats favorite rioters and tools for destruction and death, let alone media coverage, Antifa, led and trained by FBI counter-intel agents (read as Trained Crowd Control agents or riot instigators) and their friends, and abetted by the DC and Capitol Police departments and BLM activists and DNC trained and paid rioters, did their very best to stage a pretend “coup” in order to get the media to describe it as a violent revolutionary coup against the “nominated” presidential pretenders. The False Flag did not work as intended, while the backlash became so great that the FBI finally had to admit that there was “scant evidence” that the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election, and that was the same FBI that organized that same attack! They can’t even wipe their own butts properly, to misuse a phrase by the pretender in chief, little Joey dementia. 

““Ninety to ninety-five percent of these are one-off cases,” said a former senior law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation. “Then you have five percent, maybe, of these militia groups that were more closely organized. But there was no grand scheme with Roger Stone and Alex Jones and all of these people to storm the Capitol and take hostages” as Reuters phrased it. Red State had this to say about it “So what do the Democrats and media say after once again slandering President Donald Trump, not to mention other Republican politicians on this? Just like the Russia collusion hoax, here’s yet another lie that’s blown up on them.  

The FBI investigators found that while some of the people might have wanted to break into the Capitol, there was “no evidence” that they had serious plans about what to do if they made it inside. This is why they didn’t file any sedition charges. Oh. So the folks who argue that this was about overthrowing the government folks also get dealt a huge blow with this.  

So in essence, we are talking about what we’ve always been talking about here – a riot.”  

And it was not even really a riot at all, just some real Americans upset over the acceptance of the fake election results by the powers that SHOULD HAVE NULLIFIED THEM. And just who might these idiots, or traitors if you prefer, be? None other than the REPUBLICANS that passed the legally required Certification of the results when they were under mandate NOT to do so by the evidence then presented to them.  

They FAILED miserably in their most fundamental job, protecting the sanctity of our Constitution and its method of electing the President and Vice President of the United States. Complete and total failure to obey their Oaths of Office to uphold our Constitution and protect the Citizens votes for those offices. Afterwards some pretended that they tried to do so, or they were missing when the votes were taken, or whatever else excuses they can come up with, but the FAILED in their most important job! NOT ONE of them actually voted to stop the illegal elections results, not one of them. 

The Republicans do nothing about it.

To make matters worse, they even fail miserably to even uphold the Constitutions Fourth Amendment which states “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” And Justia US Law states that “The Fourth Amendment applies to “seizures” and it is not necessary that a detention be a formal arrest in order to bring to bear the requirements of warrants, or probable cause in instances in which warrants are not required.68 Some objective justification must be shown to validate all seizures of the person,69 including seizures that involve only a brief detention short of arrest, although the nature of the detention will determine whether probable cause or some reasonable and articulable suspicion is necessary.”  

So why did those arrested get put in an illegal and immoral long term prison, in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day for MONTHS, and beaten, interrogated, mistreated miserably before being put in front of a judge, and only charged (some with plea bargaining) to minor offenses like trespassing or disturbing the peace while publicly accused by the left of heinous felonies of Sedition and attempted Riot and Inciting a Coup? Hitler would have been very proud of our DC cops while the Democrat party is gleefully ecstatic about it all because they FEAR THE TRUTH of what they were actually there to celebrate; that President Trump won the elections outright in a massive never before seen LANDSLIDE, and they fear the truth coming out. So the FBI saying they cannot prove bad intent is a massive blow to the NWO False Flag in DC on January 6th. Don’t forget that the Capitol Police assassinated one poor woman by shooting her in the neck and refusing to prosecute the case of obvious First Degree Murder, even going so far as to exonerate the murderer or even release his identity.   

The Republicans do nothing about it.  

The Gateway Pundit called it this way“The unjust political imprisonment of American citizens who entered the Capitol on January 6, many at the invitation of Capitol Police, continues and it is a horror show. There are a few Republican politicians denouncing this injustice, but the leadership is as mute as Helen Keller. These Americans are being held without bail while actual criminals guilty of murder, assault and theft are allowed to walk around.  

To help you appreciate the new American Gulag, please read the following letter from Jeff McKellop (hat tip to Brian Cates). Here is the actual letter (you can find the text below the photos).” And they include a letter written that explains the horrors the prisoners in that filthy Gulag had to endure. I won’t list them here; follow the link to the actual story to read it for yourself.  

The Republicans do nothing about it.  

The Republicans put up NO CHALLENGE to the illegal installation of a brain dead organized crime thug as our supposed President. Some might gripe publicly, but have no nerve or show and no honor or integrity or thoughts in actually doing anything to stop it or reverse this ugly situation. Nothing, except for a few individuals like Mike Lindell and his incredible fight to stop this insane farce by PROVING the lies that the left are perpetuating on us all, but he is not the Republican Party or elected politicians, just an honorable and very brave American Citizen.  

So, what becomes of Mike’s efforts, besides losing his shirt almost, losing so much of his advertising placements, losing his retail outlet sales with stores stopping sales of his great products, and spending MILLIONS of his own money to prove the total fraud the elections were? Nothing yet, if anything will be done at all. 

The Republicans do nothing about it. 

“Man May Go To JAIL For Watching Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium!” screams the “Breaking News” headline in a We Love Trump article that states “Is Mike Lindell SO dangerous that simply watching his show could send you to prison? It could for one man. I know this seems utterly bizarre and anti-American and frankly downright unconstitutional, but here’s the story….Doug Jansen is one of the alleged “insurrectionists” from Jan. 6.” And it showed that he was arrested for streaming Mikes “Cyber Symposium” on the internet. So what, now we have NO First Amendment rights either? No free speech or right to listen to what we want, only official radical leftist anti-American crap and not the truth

The Republicans do nothing about it. 

“The latest edition of the Freedom Index, published by The New American magazine, reveals the 117th Congress’s level of adherence to the U.S. Constitution. …  

 As Democrats hold a trifecta — they control the House, Senate, and the presidency — they immediately set about advancing their agenda, which is increasingly radical and extreme. Republicans, shut out of the opposite party’s negotiations, accordingly voted against many of the latter’s pet bills. 

For example, the House of Representatives has passed a massive COVID-19 relief bill; the For the People Act, which would radically federalize American elections; a Washington, D.C., statehood bill; and the PRO Act that would entrench the power of leftist-run labor unions over businesses and workers. All of these bills received little GOP support.”  

This quote was from the New American on August 20th which also gives additional information; “The Freedom Index has been used to influence congressmen to improve their voting behaviors. It also doubles as a mini tutorial on the Constitution and its provisions. As JBS founder Robert Welch once wrote, “Education is our total strategy, and truth is our only weapon.” The Freedom Index is a vital tool to educate the electorate on both the voting habits of their congressmen and on what the Constitution says about a wide range of important issues.”  

The Republicans did not stand up when the votes were stopped in the middle of the night with Trump far in the lead, but when they came back on line, there was a mysterious massive jump in Biden votes and a decrease in Trump votes, this so-called ‘stair step’ jump, never seen before and defying all sound logic and reason, and even possibilities of it ever occurring, and a most obvious manipulation of numbers.  

The Republicans do nothing about it.  

From an Email I’ve just received – just to show as a sample of the kind of crap that constantly floods into my various communications lines -

To unsubscribe from the National Republican Congressional Committee, click here 


We need your help, Friend. 

We only need to gather 83 more responses for our CONFIDENTIAL 2021 AMERICA FIRST Survey. House Conservative Leadership specifically asked for YOUR input, BUT this survey closes tonight at MIDNIGHT:  


PATRIOT ID (blanked)   


Your response is CRITICAL in helping House Conservatives build a true America First agenda and continue to build on the MASSIVE successes of President Trump.  

We rely on the grassroots input of hardworking Americans like you, Friend, to shape our agenda. If you want to share your opinions with House Conservatives, this is your chance!  


After we collect just 83 more responses (or at midnight, whichever comes first), the survey will permanently close. Make sure your voice is heard before it’s too late!  


House Conservatives 

Paid for by the NRCC and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.  

Yet more scam materials looking for suckers. Get your money and get put on even more lists of groveling for cash. When I “unsubscribe”, I get even more. When I am able to get in contact with a real live person, or am able to send an email to explain why I ignore them, I get yet more spam. This one is only indicative of what is out there, and I am sure most if not all of you wonderful readers are in the same boat. It closes tonight? Like it closed the past week or two of “tonight’s”? If you follow the link, the questionnaire shows that (at least on this one, not so on most) you may add “comments”. What a waste of time, it is just a money making scam. Sure, there may be honest groups that will fight for the Conservative cause, or for Trump, or so many other things that matter, but the METHODS used to get you to respond are underhanded and I WILL NOT contribute anything to them.  

And that is the answer to the question posted in the beginning – “What to do?” Do nothing with these nasty requests except trash them or mark as Spam.  

If you want to contribute to a specific candidate or cause, contact them directly and make your contribution, but delete these irritating messages that call you a Democrat or Nancy supporter or Quitter because you will not give to them. That kind of underhanded crap is a great reason to never respond to these varieties of requests.  

Sure, many reading this may differ with me, but that is my opinion, and if you are a Republican or “Conservative” using these tactics, you must realize that you are driving away those that should espouse and follow your groups and ideas by your sleazy tactics.  

And beside all that, why should I give to somebody that has done NOTHING to stop the evil of the Satanic Left in destroying our nation? Why support men and women that did NOTHING to keep the radical left from the real life Coup that removed our real President and installed a total incompetent like little Shissa Kopf Joey Biden? Why should I donate to Rino’s and Rino “wannabees” that fight against our once great nation and Constitution? The Republican Party keeps on saying that they fight for the American People, for the Conservative Christian viewpoint, for the Life and Liberty of this nation, for our way of life, for Righteousness and Justice and they LIE all the time they say such things.  

How do I know that? Simple, they DO NOTHING to stop the wrongs of the Satanic Left; they instead facilitate their evil operations. 

No, I will not “give” to your cravings for Money over Honor. 

I will research for those people and groups that I support, and make my contributions direct to them, not some fly by night imposters, and that is rarely a Republican and NEVER a democrat/Communist. 

Just say NO to the Republicans until or unless they actually DO SOMETHING to right this immense wrong. Not just blabber about it, but DO it. The opportunity is now becoming obvious that they can remove Biden and friends from Washington if for no other reason that the total blunders made in Afghanistan, but they will not, they have no scrotums.

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