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September 16, 2017

CBS News Reports Upon Using Lasers To Influence Weather Events As Viral Video Censored Across Planet Completely Exposes Weather Modification

- As Hurricane Jose Heads Towards New York And New Jersey, More Signs Appear In The Skies


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While to most Americans, talk of 'weather modification' will still be met with a look of 'you're crazy' bewilderment, those who know that weather modification patents have been around for nearly 100 years and weather modification programs have long been 100% proven by even state governor's and the former head of the CIA will find great interest in the first video below from CBS News featuring Michio Kaku discussing the 'controlling of the weather'.

While Kaku and CBS are clearly speaking of weather modification while in the 'gatekeeper role', hurricane's Harvey and Irma have awoken thousands of Americans to weather warfare over the past several weeks with possibly 3 more tropical systems barrelling towards the East coast within the next several weeks. With Hurricane Jose now setting its eye upon the New York and New Jersey areas according to latest reports, and 'hurricane season' not over for several more months, the 'fun' may just be beginning for America.

As we've previously reported on ANP, one of the main roles of 'independent media' is to keep hammering upon subjects that the msm refuses to cover in hopes that eventually, they'll have no choice but to report upon them or become completely irrelevant.

With CBS now skirting on the subject of weather modification as heard in this video, will we soon witness a massive 'truth telling' from the quickly-dying msm about weather modification and weather warfare?

Much more below this video including a recent video with Dane Wigington of the Geoengineering Watch website visiting Infowars to discuss how weather modification programs are leading us towards an 'omnicide extinction threat. We also take a deeper look at hurricane Jose as well as two other systems churning in the Atlantic Ocean as well as proof directly from the Federal Aviation Administration's own website of weather modifcation. And in the final video below, we hear from an incredibly courageous woman who completely exposes weather modificiation in a video that has gone viral with over a half a million hits in just days (though censored across the planet).

According to Snopes and much of the mainstream media and the majority of the American people, weather modification is 'fake news' yet as we see directly from the Federal Aviation Administration web page screenshot below, numerous US planes are owned by a company called "Weather Modification, Inc". So, 'fake news'? You can visit the FAA website here

If after doing so, you still call 'weather modification' a 'tinfoil hat conspiracy theory', you can visit the company "Weather Modification Incorporated" website here where they tell us straight on their front page:  

When most people look up they see clouds. WE SEE POTENTIAL

while outlining their 'services' as:

Introduction of Seeding Agents

Water resources are increasingly taxed by exploding demand and continued population growth. The world's population is projected to grow over 40% in the next 45 years. Weather modification, commonly known as cloud seeding, is the application of scientific technology that can enhance a cloud's ability to produce precipitation.

Weather Modification, Inc., is on the forefront of scientific technology to maximize water availability worldwide. Application of scientific concepts and extensive scientific experimentation has proven that cloud seeding increases the amount of precipitation.

Cloud seeding useful in the following applications: Increasing Precipitation Mitigating Hail Damage Dispersing Fog Enlist our team of cloud seeding experts. Whether you are looking for a small operation or a full program, Weather Modification, Inc. can ensure your cloud seeding project runs smoothly.

From Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved aircraft installations, configured for aerial cloud seeding and cloud physics, to ground-based seeding equipment and training, Weather Modification, Inc., has the equipment, experience and knowledge you need. Types of Cloud Seeding: Aerial Cloud Seeding Ground-Based Cloud Seeding


With hurricane Jose barrelling up the east coast towards New York/New Jersey and a possible hurricane Lee following behind it (just think about how badly a hurricane LEE could trigger the completely clueless SJW's!), even Florida's ABC station 'First Coast News' reports today that there's a whole lot of energy left in the tropics as also heard in the 2nd video below. 


As we've previously reported on ANP, those msm outlets still denying weather modification programs are ensuring their own future irrelevancy as more and more proof emerges from sources all across the world how real 'weather modification' is. According to the Green Sheet Farm Forum, programs of changing the weather via cloud seeding have been ongoing for quite some time in North Dakota with even governor Doug Burgum admitting to it.  

Modifying storm clouds to increase rain totals and suppress hail is a practice seldom, if ever, used in South Dakota.

But that’s not the case for the state’s neighbor to the north. Seven western North Dakota counties are part of a weather modification program.

Cloud seeding is the process of using airplanes that “seed” storm clouds by releasing silver iodide into them during cloud formation, said James Telken, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Aberdeen. He spent time working with North Dakota’s weather modification program last summer.

Cloud seeding can bring out the rain in arid regions, which is crucial for agriculture. Proponents might say the process gives more bang for the buck than the average storm cloud.

Silver iodide is a chemical that speeds up the formation of precipitation, causing rain to fall from the cloud more quickly, Telken said.

“You get a 5 to 10 percent increase in rainfall,” he said.

Telken said cloud seeding also helps reduce hail by up to 40 percent. Seeding causes hail to gain weight and fall before getting larger in higher altitudes.

“We try to get to thunderstorms before they form, which is hard to do,” Telken said. “Once you see cumulus clouds start to tower, which is an indication a storm is about to form, what we do is launch airplanes up there and they fly to that location and they’ll fly next to it, but they’ll fly in the inflow area. Then they start releasing the chemical into it. Then it would take the chemical into the cloud as it’s forming. We try to make the hail fall before it gets too big.”

Telken said the silver iodide speeds the precipitation process.


Several years ago in his book "Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters", Steve Quayle warned us that what we were witnessing from weather warfare and weather control programs was only the tip of the iceberg and a massive cover-up was going on and as we hear from Dane Wigington in his visit to Infowars in the next video below, the 'Secret Geoengineering' program now going on poses an 'omnicide extinction threat' to the entire planet.  Hence, what happens when man tries to 'play God'

In the 2nd video below we hear why incoming hurricane Jose isn't the only hurricane to watch out for in the coming weeks with at least two more tropical systems now being formed in the far western Atlantic Ocean.  

In the final video below, a viral video that was sent to us by ANP reader 'Nancy' and is being blocked in country after country across the world, we hear from a former insurance adjuster for crop damage whose curiosity, intelligence and tenacity took her way down the 'weather modification' rabbit hole. As Nancy mentioned to us in her email, she should be on all of the alt media radio and youtube stations discussing this. Wow! Rosalind Peterson is also the founder of California Sky Watch. 

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