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December 15, 2017

Ominous Harbinger Of Peril Ahead Hints At Deep State Plan To Take Down President Trump - Would That Trigger Civil War?

Judge Warns: 'There Needs To Be A Cleansing' - Heads Need To Roll - Obama Created KGB On US Soil


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With elements of the 'deep state' giving us absolute proof over the past several weeks that the rule of law doesn't matter to them as unearthed emails have proven they've clearly been maneuvering to take down President Trump for a very long time, even taking out an 'insurance policy', a brand new tweet from Julian Assange of Wikileaks warns of danger ahead as seen in the screenshot below. 

As the Free Thought Project recently reported, Assange's tweet from December 14th hints that a 'political corpse' will soon be given to 'deep state' Mueller while Mike Pence is 'installed' in President Trump's place.

For those who'd think such a warning is 'fake news' or a 'conspiracy theory' we ask you to read this December 5th story from The Telegraph which reports that soon before President Trump was elected, Vice President Mike Pence plotted a coup against him along with Condoleezza Rice in a bid to be the Republican nominee for President. While Pence's press secretary totally denies these claims, this isn't the first time such claims have been made

US Vice President Mike Pence plotted a "coup" after a tape of Donald Trump boasting about groping women was released during the presidential election campaign, it has been claimed.

Its release caused dissent among senior Republicans with a number withdrawing their endorsements and calls for Mr Trump to stand down as the party's candidate, fearing it would severely harm their chances of electoral success.

It was at this point that Mr Pence reportedly plotted a coup against his running mate, going to the Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Reince Priebus and offering to stand in Mr Trump's place as the presidential nominee.

Mr Pence's press secretary, Alyssa Farah, denied the magazine's claims. "Regarding The Atlantic’s tired, false claim about the VP during the campaign -- we denied this in the article and deny it again today. Didn’t happen," she said.


As former US Presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan recently wrote over at WND, should the 'deep state' simply expect President Trump to slink away quietly into the night, they're likely going to be deeply disappointed. Proclaiming what we've all learned to be fact, that Mueller is investigating the wrong campaign, Buchanan rips to shreds the reasons why liberals are still proclaiming President Trump needs to be impeached with some words of warning to those who'd seek to do so. 

Is the Trump investigation the rotten fruit of a poisoned tree?

Is Mueller’s Dump Trump team investigating the wrong campaign?

There are other reasons to believe Trump may survive the deep state-media conspiracy to break his presidency, overturn his mandate and reinstate a discredited establishment.

Trump has Fox News and fighting congressmen behind him, and the mainstream media are deeply distrusted and widely detested. And there is no Democratic House to impeach him or Democratic Senate to convict him.

Moreover, Trump is not Nixon, who, like Charles I, accepted his fate and let the executioner’s sword fall with dignity.

If Trump goes, one imagines, he will not go quietly.

In the words of the great Jerry Lee Lewis, there’s gonna be a “whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on.”


As Susan Duclos reported on ANP back on December 11th in her story "Can America Survive The Complete And Utter Destruction These People Are About To Bring Down Upon This Nation?", back in 1963, the Honorable A.S. Herlong of Florida read into the congressional record the Current Communist Goals excerpted from "The Naked Communist" by Cleon Skousen. From Susan's story: 

These were read into the congressional record as a warning of the dangers of communism in America. While there are 45 different goals, a large majority of them have been fulfilled, with others no longer applicable, but looking at the goals themselves, it shows a long-term plan to turn America into a communist society, including infiltrating both political parties, and the educational system, media and Hollywood.

As Susan reported then, the communist agenda that we've been witnessing unfolding here in America is also an agenda that is taking place worldwide and we're witnessing its fruits throughout Europe now with the EU a vision of future America should we have kept upon the same path that we were on and Hillary Clinton had been elected. 

Keeping in mind that this was read into the record in 1963, we can see that not only was this a long term plan to destroy America, looking at the world today, especially what has been happening in the U.S., it has also been largely successful, as almost all you see above is favored by Democrats in Congress, showing that one party has indeed already been captured, and with the RINO's (Republicans In Name Only) on the Republican side, the other party has been infiltrated.

Communists infiltrating the court system, the political parties, the educational system, Hollywood, the media, all has led to what we are seeing around us right now.

No one can say we were not warned and blindly allowed it all to happen.


With even President Trump recently slamming the corruption within the FBI while saluting the true heroes there who haven't committed treason against this nation or sold out America to Hillary, President Trump has done an amazing job in helping to expose the 'deep state' as prior to him getting into office, the 'real rulers' were hiding behind closed doors.

And in this new story from PJ Media we see one of the fruits of such secrecy as according to Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton, Barack Obama turned the FBI into a 'KGB-type' operation that President Trump might need to shut down as heard in the excellent 1st video below with Fox News discussing corruption at the FBI and the DOJ. 

While the 'deep state' was long considered 'conspiracy theory' to even talk about, as Susan Duclos reported Thursday on ANP, numerous members of the 'deep state' have now been publicly exposed for holding very strong Hillary Clinton biases. Making them totally unable to do their jobs in a fair, impartial and credible manner as also heard in the final video below with Judge Jeanine Pirro, she claims America is now ready for a cleansing, heads need to roll and people need to be taken out of the DOJ and FBI in handcuffs.

Amen, Judge Jeanine! 


With an obvious mainstream media war going on against President Trump since well before he was even the Republican nominee for the presidency, it's not just a coincidence that their 'reign of error' continues to this day, without corrections being properly given to their ever growing 'fake news stories', as if they are attempting to rewrite history from their own warped perspectives.   

We also find it disturbing that the Pentagon recently chose to defy President Trump, allowing transgenders into the military in 2018 despite President Trump's wishes. With numerous members of Congress attempting to pull a '25th Amendment' upon Trump, having him removed for perceived 'mental defects', as the Chicago Tribune recently reported that the 2018 election offers them a very real opportunity to 'end the nightmare of Trump' by giving Democrats the majority in the House and Senate, thus keeping their hopes of a future without President Trump in office alive.

Yet as even Russian President Vladimir Putin recently implied, removing President Trump from office would be overturning the will of the American people, thus proving to Americans that we live in a lawless dictatorship where the rule of law doesn't apply as Hillary Clinton remains free despite her obvious crimes including treason


And while the left continues to plot ways to get rid of President Trump, we were happily surprised to see one far-left actress speak out when none other than Susan Sarandon suggested she's happier that Donald Trump was elected than liberal Hillary Clinton, outright calling Hillary 'dangerous' and claiming that if she had won, we'd likely be at war by now

But of course because Hillary is as much of a war-loving demon as some on the right who have endlessly pushed America into corporate wars while ignoring very real threats to the security of America such as our electrical grid. 

While some have warned in the past that we are moving rapidly towards a civil war in America and that a 'deep state' takedown of President Trump could be the 'trigger' for such a war, President Trump remains 'the storm' creating havoc all around him, havoc long overdue and much needed, as storms bring 'a cleansing' that Judge Jeanine makes clear is greatly needed. 

To close, from PJ Media and the Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton as heard in this first video below.

"There was no distinction between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Department of Justice and the FBI and the goal was unified -- which was to get Donald Trump," Tom Fitton added. 

And the text messages that have come out show that they had some kind of insurance policy in case Mr. Trump won the presidency?!" Fitton exclaimed. "This is our FBI! Forget about the FBI investigations into Clinton and Trump being compromised by these conflicts. I think the FBI's been compromised. Forget about shutting down Mr. Mueller -- do we need to shut down the FBI because it was turned into a KGB-type operation by the Obama administration?" he asked.

"The FBI can not be trusted to investigate high-level government corruption at this time," Fitton argued when Bream gently admonished him for making such a radical statement. "Right now," he continued, "you see Mr. Rosenstein being blase about the corruption that's going on on his watch. He says 'we'll get to it when the IG report comes out.' In the meantime, Mueller's operation, which has been compromised, has been indicting and prosecuting people! They need protection! And I'm tired of the blase attitude of this Justice Department and FBI towards the outrageous corruption that's been recovered," Fitton complained.

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