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August 10, 2015

Were Mysterious Wal Mart Jail Cells Discovered In Texas? New TV Series Out This Fall Warns: 'Freedom Is Under Control'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With more and more of America's new shopping malls going up across the country being built in the architectural style of Nazi concentration camps as shared via new information below sent to us by an ANP reader, we share several new warning signs of collapse that we have learned of over the past 24 hours. First we'll take a look at a critically acclaimed new TV drama series that is coming out in the Fall of 2015 in which we see an alternative ending to American history; Germany and Japan won world war 2 and 'America and freedom are under control'.

The novel 'The Man In The High Castle' was written in 1962 by Phillip K. Dick and the new TV series version as seen in the trailer in 1st video below was done by none other than Ridley Scott, directer and producer of Blade Runner and the sci-fi movie Prometheus. With everything else going on in September, we found it interesting that this series will be starting in the fall of 2015. After reading the related SQAlert below the 1st video we have to ask, are they preparing for a major crackdown upon Christians, 2nd Amendment supporters and adherents to the US Constitution and are we about to witness 'Freedom Under Control' in America?


Showing us a 1962 America now under totalitarian fascist and imperialistic rule, America is split into three parts as seen in the screenshot below and freedom is against the law. With everything else that we are now watching unfolding across the country, we have to ask where fiction ends and fact begins and can easily see a muddling of the lines between 'fantasy' and 'reality' as 2015 America edges towards military dictatorship. Is this series more 'predictive programming'? Very interesting video below. Would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below.


We also take a look at the new Greg Hunter interview seen below with financial writer and gold expert Bill Holter. Holter tells us that there is now NO WAY for a financial crash to be avoided while this this story from Sputnik News tells us that Barack Obama has completely decimated the US Military. With a financial crash now unavoidable and a decimated US military, how long will it be until 'concentration camp malls' across America begin to fill up with foreign soldiers on our shores ushering Americans in?

In the alarming alert from the website of Steve Quayle seen here we learn of a SQ reader who happened to venture into one of the closed Wal Mart stores in Midland, Texas to do some work inside when he saw something that sent chills down his spine and another sign for those paying attention that horrifying preparation may be being taken for the mass imprisonment of law abiding American citizens.

While we were not there and are unable to confirm this report, we felt it necessary to publish it in the hopes that someone else who reads this story can somehow line up a job and get inside the Wal Mart in Midland, Texas and get some pictures of what is happening there to the outside world. Of course, if there is nothing to this alert, we'd like to get that information out to our readers as well.

Wal -Mart Midland Texas :He said that once he entered the building he saw what looked like a lot of 'Jail Cells'

Brother Steve,
I just recently have received some very important intel regarding the Wal-Mart in Midland,Texas. I have a friend who has just moved her family up here from Texas to Hayden, Idaho where I reside because of Jade Helm15.
A couple of days ago she informed me of a phone call she received from a friend of her's who just got a painting job at the Wal-Mart in Midland, Texas. She informed me that her friend when talking to her was in a state of shock and almost disbelief as to what he saw inside of the building.

He was told to do a paint job for the inside perimeter of the building but upon entering the building what he saw next put him in a state of shock. He said that once he entered the building he saw what looked like a lot of "Jail Cells." And upon seeing that he made a comment to the personnel their who where instructing him on his job. He told them that it looks like a bunch of jail cells here. Are they turning this into a "Prison?"

He also explained to my friend that once he made those comments that his job was short lived because he lost it. Because as they put it to him "They do not want anyone working here who makes those kinds of false accusation' so they asked him to leave. I know this info is hard for some to believe but the source who told me this is very reliable and trustworthy and their would be nothing for her to gain by telling me this.

For those who have a hard time digested this better take heed to this intel and realize time is getting short and we all need to prepare not just materialistic but spiritually is the most important. The Lord is our strength and he is a shield and help. Keep praying and believing! God Bless You Brother Steve and all you do!

An ANP reader also recently sent us some interesting new information about the Outlet Mall going up in Pasco, Florida we previously reported on. 'Food court dining' will be THE HIGHLIGHT of this open air mall, the 1st such dining in the state of Florida we are told. Very interesting architecture!


Once the economy comes crashing down and Americans no longer have jobs nor money to 'shop', will the Pasco Outlet Mall in Florida seen above and the Outlet Shoppes Of The Bluegrass in Kentucky seen below be quickly transformed into places of horror? We counted at least 10 'high castles' around this nearly every entrance/exit corner! Notice the architecture between these new malls and the Nazi concentration camps seen in the pictures below. More screenshots below zoomed in.




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