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May 29, 2019

As The Perfect Storm Hits America's Food Supply All At Once, 'Miracle Foods' & Hydroponics Will Be The Keys To Long-Term Survival 

- Control The Food, Control The People 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

With this Spring's flooding in the Midwest decimating many crops, with millions of calves lost during the flooding, along with the recent barrage of tornadoes leaving a path of destruction from Kansas to Pennsylvania, along with the recent news of Asian "pig ebola" sending "shock waves through the global food chain," we have seen and written a number of prepping pieces encouraging Americans to prepare, many focused on emergency survival food, but eventually even that would run out as the long term effects of food shortages started affecting production.

While a significant supply of emergency food may last a few months, a year or maybe, for those that have been prepping longer,  more, long-term survival will depend on the ability to grow your own food indoors year-round.

ANP reached out to Steve Quayle, who has been a proponent of prepping since before prepping became a "thing," to ask what the most ignored or under-addressed aspect of prepping was in his researched opinion, and received back some of the best prepping tips we have ever heard.

Below we will delve into the most important factors of survival that we believe are not addressed enough.

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We'll start with sprouts, often described as a "miracle food" as they are healthy and nutrious, offer vitamin, mineral, amino acid and protein boosts, are affordable, requires no soil (perfect for apartment preppers with a limited amount of space), and offer a large variety, sprout seeds, beans, legumes or grains, and more.

The information on sprouting is out there if one knows what to look for and the easy process "involves germinating seeds and legumes, and then eating them raw," so they don't even have to be cooked, and most can be added to soups, stews, salads, among a number of other foods.

In researching sprouts  we found that they can be grown in simple mason jars, or sprouting trays that barely take up any room and some sprouts can be ready to eat within a week. (Note - Some  can take 10-20 days to harvest)

Hydroponics is a method of growing nutritious sprouts and other greens and vegetables that doesn't require soil. While researching this method, we were amazed to see how many different herbs, vegetables and greens can be grown using a hydroponics system. Lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach and much more can offer decent yields, with no messy soil or the need for a full outside garden, and they can be grown all year round.

While the systems themselves range from larger hydroponic growing systems, to smaller ones for those that take up much less space, we found the majority of them to be relatively inexpensive.

The great part of being able to grow sprouts, vegetables, fruits and greens indoors using hydroponics is that one is not limited by season or weather and can be harvested more rapidly than traditional gardening. The best part is using non-GMO seeds and growing your own food, you always know exactly what is in the food you are eating and how fresh it is.

With the massive amounts of food recalls in recent years due to listeria, salmonella and ecoli, growing your own food is also safer.



Vitamins and supplements are also an important part of long term survival with vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A being important to general health and skin health.  Vitamin B helps with energy and stress. Vitamin D and calcium for bone health and more.  Omega-3 fatty acids/fish oil supplements helps with inflammation. Antioxidants for eye health. Probiotics help with the digestive system.

As always, if you are on prescription medications or taking any other type of vitamin cocktail daily, please check with your doctor about drug interactions. There are even some online websites that you can plug in what you take with any of the aforementioned vitamins and supplements to make sure nothing will interact negatively with what you are already taking.

Protein Powders: One of the best tips Steve offered in our email communications (although I found them all important) was the need to accumulate protein powders, which in hindsight should have been common sense, but it is something we rarely see addressed when talking about prepping and survival.

We have often linked to freeze dried meat packages, and with the long shelf life, they are still an awesome investment for survival, but when talking about long-term survival, when the possibility of no longer being able to refresh your supply due to food shortages, having a large accumulation of protein powders to simply mix up and drink, is not only imperative but is also an answer for those without a lot of storage space for those large emergency survival food buckets.

From organic, plant based, to flavored powders, to gluten free whey powders, to any other number of powders available, one can accumulate enough to last years, or even a decade using a limited amount of space for storage.

Note- I will be honest, in all our prepping supplies, which is stored in our mud room, a stock of protein powders wasn't even something we addressed or accumulated, but it will be now, and a huge thank you to Quayle for showing us once again that we can all learn something new or even be reminded of something we forgot, no matter how long we have been prepping.


We are reminded of something Quayle first said last year, soon "the word normal will no longer exist," nor will we ever go back to the good old days that once were, as he reminded me just today, everything seems to be happening at once. With even the mainstream media talking about global food crisis, and the depopulation crowd still wanting 90 percent of the human population dead, the food shortages and upcoming increase in food prices force us to remember the old expression, "control the food, control the people."

Those prepared enough to survive on the food they grow year round, along with supplemental vitamins and protein sources, will not be the ones able to be controlled.

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