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September 19, 2019

With Democrat-Run Cities Across America Transformed Into Diseased Wastelands, Imagine If Democrats Win The Presidency In 2020 And America Is Turned Into A 'Sanctuary Nation!'   


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The facts reported within this story speak for themselves.

According to this August 5th story over at Amac, the Association of Mature American Citizens, America's 25 worst cities are run by Democrats, and as their story immediately pointed out, the findings of several new studies are arresting.

Reporting that the top ten American cities for the homeless are sanctuary cities, cities which offer refuge to illegal immigrants, don't co-operate with law enforcement and raise the prices of low-rent housing for their own citizens, we're happy to report that according to this brand new story over at the Daily Mail, the leaders of America's big cities may soon see some kind of 'crackdown' coming their way. Reporting President Trump is now threatening to punish them with EPA violations over their refusals to clean up the massive environmental disaster being caused by their city's homeless problem, is it already too late? 

With all of these big, Democrat-run US cities descending into complete shambles, truly a horrific, humanitarian crisis of the highest nature, and being completely ignored by the msm which instead still insanely screams about Republicans being 'racist' for calling out big US cities as becoming hellholes under Democratic rule, President Trump warned Democratic leaders "They have to clean it up. We can't have our cities going to hell."

Yet as Susan Duclos had reported on ANP back on September 9th in this story titled "Medieval Diseases, Homelessness, And Now Fears Of Leprosy In L.A. - The Direct Link Between Illegal Immigration And American Cities Looking Worse Than Third-World Nations", 'going to hell' is exactly what is happening to big US cities and if the Democrats their way, America's big cities will be a model for the total takedown of America should a Democratic presidential candidate win the election in 2020.

With Susan's story pointing out the direct link between illegal immigration and American cities turning into 3rd world hellholes, imagine what this entire country would look like should America be turned into a 'sanctuary nation'! So we'll be looking at 'the facts' brought to light by these new studies in the next two sections below with the old axiom applying to the 2020 election ahead, "If Democrats can't even clean up their own sh*t, why should we let them try to 'clean up' America?"

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According to many, the definition of insanity is 'repeating the same thing over and over again but expecting different results' yet as this previously mentioned story over at Amac proves, people living in big cities across America have been doing so over and over again for decades now, voting in Democrats, expecting 'change' yet watching their cities being turned into 'liberal wastelands'.

Not only going soft on crimes, especially when committed by illegal aliens, but allowing their cities infrastructure to break down while watching their poverty levels spiral out of control, with homeless encampments set up within just miles of where the ultra-wealthy live, exposing the long spouted 'liberal Utopia' as a bitter lie as this story at The Federalist points out, the extended excerpt below comes to us from Amac and tells us what the msm and Democrats don't want us to know.: 

Of the top-ten “most dangerous cities” in America, according to Forbes, all have Democratic mayors. Those cities are Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Baltimore, Stockton, Cleveland and Buffalo.

Race may have little to do with it, although poverty and unemployment are tied to violent crime prevalence. Roughly half the mayors in this top-ten analysis were Caucasian, half African American.

Seven of ten appear in another study of America’s top-25 “most dangerous” cities, which tracks the first adding Kansas City, Little Rock, Milwaukee, Rockford (IL), Albuquerque, Springfield (MO), Indianapolis, San Bernardino, Anchorage, Nashville, Lansing, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, Hartford (CT), Chattanooga, and Beaumont (TX), dropping Birmingham, Atlanta and Buffalo.

And of the top 25 “most dangerous,” most are Democrat-led and all but one have poverty rates between 18 to 39 percent. The national average is 12.3 percent.

Of the top 25 “most dangerous” American cities, on top of poverty between 18 and 39 percent, most have unemployment between 4.4 and 9.3 percent. The national average is 3.7 percent.

So, these Democrat mayors – with good intention (ANP: maybe not so 'good') – are leading cities deep in poverty, weak on tax base, infrastructure, employers, trained citizens, and policies to attract corporate investment. They lead the nation in murder, manslaughter, robbery and aggravated assault.

Two last data sets stand out. They relate to cities deemed “least healthy,” based on available health care, clean environment, and personal fitness. The first includes Detroit and Memphis, adding Brownsville (TX), Laredo (TX), Augusta (GA), Shreveport (LA), Gulfport (MS), Fort Smith (AR), Jackson (MI), and Corpus Christi (TX). All are led by Democrat mayors, except Corpus and Gulfport.

The second list of “least healthy,” on different data, include Shreveport, adding Beckley (WV), Pine Bluff (AK – with a crime rate 383 percent higher than average), Hammond (LA), Mobile (AL), Albany (GA), Monroe (LA), Florence (SC), Gadson (AL), and Macon (GA). All but two are Democrat-led.


The Amac story then went on to point out what they believe all of this data meant and came up with a list of 'ten incontrovertible things' that the mainstream media and Democratic party will never tell us, points that anybody voting in the 2020 election within the big cities should definitely know but will never find out.

So, what does this tell us? On the numbers, ten incontrovertible things.

First, the top ten homeless cities are sanctuary cities, all led by Democrats.

Second, the top-ten “most dangerous” are led by Democrats.

Third, the top-25 “most dangerous” are mostly Democrat-led, and among the poorest and least employed, with weak infrastructure, tax base and incentives for private investment.

Fourth, among the 25 “most dangerous,” most face stifling poverty of 18 and 39 percent, against the national average of 12. 3 percent. These Democrat-led cities are America’s poorest.

Fifth, most of these cities suffer unemployment rates from 4.4 and 9.3 percent, versus 3.7 nationally.

Sixth, of the 20 “least healthy” cities, all but four are Democrat-led.

Seventh, while these mayors wrestle difficult issues, most oppose policies promoted by President Trump that are bringing prosperity to the rest of the country, such as lower taxes, less regulation, incentives for business investment, stronger law enforcement, cooperation with federal immigration officials, border security, comprehensive anti-drug policies, and local responsibility for declining tax base.

Eighth, most are in anti-gun coalitions, focused on restricting Second Amendment rights, favoring policies at cross-purposes with allowing citizens to protect themselves. While each is different, many favor gun-control, bans on concealed carry and higher minimum wages – all proven misfires.  

Ninth, taken as a whole – the mayors are pursuing conflicted policies, on the numbers not breaking cycles of intergenerational crime, poverty, unemployment, dependence, employers fleeing tax burdens, untrained employees, accessible private health care, environmental stewardship and personal fitness.

Tenth, in closing: These cities can do better. That is what democracy is for. If the policies and leadership are not working, there is an option – especially as America’s economy is thriving and cities are seeing a renaissance in investment, employment, income, health and safety: Elect new leaders. The numbers are compelling, so are elections.

Yet the people living in these cities continue to vote in Democrats, over and over and over again, while expecting 'change', and when that 'change' they seek is not delivered, they blame President Trump and 'racist America'. What was that definition of 'insanity' again? Fits liberal cities perfectly, doesn't it! 


So with big and small American cities turning into liberal wastelands all across the nation, with tens of thousands quite literally 'left behind' by 'leftist politics' that preach 'inclusiveness' and 'diversity' but deliver corruption, homelessness, starvation, crime, and now the onset of 'medieval diseases' long ago eradicated in America, what 'answers' are there?

According to this new opinion story over at the NY Times saved at Archive titled "Something Special Is Happening in Rural America", younger Americans are leaving big cities 'en masse'. Reporting that there is an exodus afoot that suggests a national homecoming, across generations, to less bustling spaces, last year, the Census Bureau found that while roughly 80 percent of us live in urban areas, rural life was the most wished for.

Driven partially by the unaffordability of living in big cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and others, the Times story then dropped this upon us: If happiness is what they seek, those folks are onto something. A 2018 study by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health reported that in spite of economic and health concerns, most rural Americans are pretty dang happy and hopeful. Forty percent of rural adults said their lives came out better than they expected. A majority said they were better off financially than their parents at the same age and thought their kids would likewise ascend. As for cultural woes, those among them under age 50, as well as people of color, showed notably higher acknowledgment of discrimination and commitment to social progress. All in all, it was a picture not of a dying place but one that is progressing.

So while leftists in the big cities are allowing their own homes to turn into hellholes, calling 'flyover country' a bunch of 'racists', it turns out that 'flyover country' is 'progressing' much more nicely than their own 'progressive cities', with those living in rural areas 'pretty dang happy and hopeful'. And you know why? As someone who lived in the big-city suburbs for decades I can tell you part of the answer: because they are nowhere near the cities! I'd much prefer to go to sleep to the sounds of crickets and wake up to the sounds of roosters than hearing loud highway traffic zipping by non-stop just a mile away, any day of the week. And you? 

And now with the global elite continuing to push the city population into smaller and smaller living spaces with micro-apartments now the rage, with the justification that doing so will somehow fight 'climate change' as heard in the 3rd and final video below from Infowars, Harrison Smith exposes the hypocrisy running rampant on the left as their cities descend further into 'hellholes' while they blame President Trump and Conservatives for all of their ills. In the first video below from videographer JW TV, our videographer breaks down for us the mass 'exodus' from the cities to rural America as our nation faces huge turning points ahead. 

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