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February 1, 2020

Locking Down America & The Globalists End Game: Due To The 'Nature Of The Beast', Completely Stopping A Coronavirus Pandemic May Require 'Shutting Down Society'

- Imagine An America Where You're No Longer Able To Travel Freely


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With much of the mainstream media including the Washington Post and much of the left-leaning media including Vox and Politifact now reporting that China's coronavirus has no links to weapons research or a biological weapon and any such reports are 'hoaxes', we can pretty much assume as Americans who've awoken to deep state/msm/globalists lies that this virus HAS BEEN WEAPONIZED with the Washington Post, Vox and other leftist media outlets simply 'talking heads for globalism', long trumpeting globalist talking points and completely ignorant to, or happy to cover-up, their depopulation agenda.

As we've reported previously on ANP, whenever the mainstream media outlets jump on a story and profoundly declare something to be 'fact' in unison as we're seeing now from all of these globalist outlets claiming the current outbreak in China has no links to China's biological weapons lab, despite the fact that the city of Wuhan where the outbreak began is home to China's most top-secret lab, we should dig much more deeply and this is no exception, particularly considering what we've recently learned.

As a group of scientists from India who have been studying this virus recently reported, segments of the virus's RNA have no relation to other coronaviruses like SARS, and instead appear to be closer to HIV. The virus even responds to treatment by HIV medications. Reporting that 'a series of unique inserts' in the viruses DNA were unlikely to occur naturally in nature, as we'll explore within the remainder of this ANP story, with what we're already seeing in mass quarantines of simply-suspected cases of coronavirus, this 'outbreak' could be used to completely lock down America.

How you might ask? As Mike Adams argues in the very important final video at the bottom of this story, with a 14-day period where people are contagious to others without even knowing they are sick, the only way to really beat this pandemic in the kind of society that we have, where people are working and shopping and eating side by side all across the country, is to isolate people, and if enough people are infected, that means shutting down large segments of society

Want to know what parts of America might look like should this ever arrive here in full? All we have to do is take a look at the pictures in this story at The Sun to see Wuhan, China, 'ground zero' for this coronavirus outbreak, has turned into a 'ghost town'. That's what happens when something as deadly as some of the most devious, killer viruses ever imagined becomes transmittable to others as easily as the flu. 

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According to Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, one of the world's foremost epidemiologists who taught at Harvard University for 15 years, as he recently pointed out on his twitter account as seen in the graphs above and below, not only is the spread of this coronavirus happening much more quickly than the spread of SARS, with the Dr. also warning almost nothing will be able to stop this from officially becoming an 'outbreak', as we see in the chart below that he also tweeted out, the rate of coronavirus spread in the days ahead will be much steeper OUTSIDE of China than inside the country or the city of Wuhan. A global catastrophe in the making? 


With facebook also proving they are doing the globalists dirty work by announcing they'll be removing any so-called 'conspiracy theories' or 'misinformation' about this coronavirus being 'weaponized' from their outlet, and facebook long running cover-up for the globalists sinister agenda anyways, why would facebook, the Washington Post, Vox and other leftist outlets report that this coronavirus hadn't been 'weaponized' when many signs are there that it has been, with those signs delivered straight to us by totally impartial Indian doctors and scientists?  

While we feel that it's a good thing that the Trump administration has just declared a coronavirus health emergency and that Americans coming into the country from China will be quarantined for 14 days as the NY Post reports in this new story while others from out of the country who've traveled to China within 14 days will be totally denied entry here, should this get totally out of hand in the days ahead, those who hate freedom in America and who've long been working towards doing away with the 1st and 2nd Amendment's of the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution may be able to use the rapid spread of it to completely lockdown this country.

With that NY Post story also reporting that after the virus had already infected nearly 10,000 people around the world within only two months (and remember, that number is also two weeks behind!) leading to the World Health Organization declaring the outbreak to be 'a global emergency', the number of quarantines that we're already witnessing is a sign of what could very possibly be ahead should this beast get fully out in the open in America and out of control. 

What better way for the globalists to crack down on everything than a killer virus on the loose, causing mass panic, economic collapse and chaos all across the country with most people wanting to make sure their own families and loved ones are protected? Those hostile to freedom would be able to swoop in and crack down, surely using an viral outbreak to 'neuter' the US Constitution and try to take away our God-given rights. 


While as previously mentioned, it's very difficult to get an exact number of people who have contacted this coronavirus here in America or around the world due to the 2-week symptom free period where those infected are still shedding the disease stealthly to others, as we see in the map above from this Washington Post story, approximately 8,000 people from Wuhan came to the US between October and November of 2019.

Using that number as a rough estimate about how many people may travel here to the US from Wuhan, China on other months, with the month of January clearly higher due to students returning to school from Wuhan following the Christmas winter break, one could surmise that between 8,000 and 15,000 people may have flown into the US from Wuhan during the month of January with with over 8,000 of students from Wuhan in America back in 2012 according to this Brookings Institute study.

And with students from the nation of China holding the most US student visas of any country in the world according to this Breitbart story with over half-a-million Chinese students going to school here, we all need to be not only on the lookout for coronavirus to become widespread here but be prepared for the possible shuttering of society as Mike Adams argues in the final video below.

With deadly diseases such as coronavirus having been responsible for crippling nations and bringing down empires in the past and throughout history as Dr. Don Boys had reported in this January 31st ANP story, Dr. Boys had argued it could even bring down the US if things get bad enough here and Mike Adams warnings come to pass. In the 1st video below, our videographer asks if we're now watching 'the calm before the coronavirus storm'with its potential to shutter societies while in the 2nd video, Mike Adams warns why he believes the coronavirus outbreak will go global with containment now nearly impossible. 

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