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August 17, 2021

MSM Temporarily Turns Against Biden On Afghanistan Disaster -  It Won't Last As The Media Would Prefer Incompetence From An America Last Democrat Rather Than Success By An America First Republican


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

With every new report coming out of Afghanistan the death and chaos created by the handling of the U.S. troop pull out, looks worse and worse.... because it is.

The Taliban has taken over in the days since America abandoned not only Afghanistan allies, but Americans in Afghanistan as well, with the Biden regime's "America Last" policy,  refusing to prioritize the evacuation of Americans.

The Taliban has shiny new American issued guns, vehicles, and all districts American pushed them out of over a 20 year operation.

Scenes of people dropping out of planes as they try to hold on to get away before more blood runs in the streets.

The situation was bungled so badly that the media is trying to something new - actual journalism.

Some media personalities are still trying to spin and protect Biden from his own actions, but when the majority of liberal media personalities turn against a Democrat president, you know Biden botched this so badly even the MSM couldn't excuse his absolute incompetence.

At least temporarily. 

It shouldn't take long for them to remember that Republicans look ready to retake the House and the Senate in 2022, leaving the Biden regime basically a lame duck for their last two years.

People fleeing for their lives from Afghanistan as Taliban takes over

To say the whole thing is a mess would be the understatement of the year, perhaps the decade.


As images of Taliban members holding U.S. weaponry and showing of U.S. military vehicles that they now control, we see a Pentagon spokesman refuse to answer an Associated Press reporter's question about plans to prevent the Taliban from getting their hands on American military weapons.

He couldn't answer because their was no plan in place to prevent the arming of the Taliban with American weapons.


A few examples of what Joe Biden just handed the Taliban in Afghanistan:

Some of the examples we see of the media floundering and unable to protect Biden with spin, consists of those that are simply ripping into him, at least for now.

Others "report" that the Taliban is chanting "death to America," but they "seem friendly."

You really can't make this stuff up.

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The point here is that even those trying to spin this while fiasco, are showing how badly Biden and Co. fumbled this operation.

Others, are actually attempting to sound like reporters and are calling Biden out.

Not sure how long this attempt at at actual "journalism" will last, but for the moment, it appears that the majority of conservative and liberal media are all "pouncing" on this utter cluster.

MSNBC: ‘I was appalled’: Former embedded combat adviser with Afghan security forces goes ‘scorched earth’ on Joe Biden and Biden’s media apologists

• NBC: ‘The international jihadi movement is now seeing itself reinvigorated’

• NBC News: Female mayor in Afghanistan says she's waiting for Taliban to ‘come ... and kill me’

• NBC News: Even Biden allies question execution of Afghanistan withdrawal

• CNN: Biden “Keeps Trying To Change The Subject From This Inept Withdrawal”

• CNN: New CNN report suggests that the Biden administration is fighting another Afghanistan war — with each other

Factions within the Biden administration are embroiled in a blame game over why the US government didn’t act sooner to withdraw American citizens and Afghans who helped the US over two decades of war, leading to a rushed and dangerous evacuation.

Military officials have said that for weeks they urged the State Department to move faster in evacuating its diplomatic personnel. State Department officials have said they were operating based on intelligence assessments that suggested they had more time, but intelligence officials insist that they had long reported the possibility of a rapid Taliban takeover.

• CNN: Obama Chief Strategist David Axelrod: You Can Not Defend" What's Happening In Afghanistan, "This Has Been A Disaster"

• CNN: The Taliban knocked on her door 3 times. The fourth time, they killed her

• NYT: Intelligence Warned of Afghan Military Collapse, Despite Biden's Assurances

• NYT: Lawmakers Unite in Bipartisan Fury Over Afghanistan Withdrawal 

• WSJ: Taliban Consolidate Control in Afghanistan’s Capital as Thousands Remain Stranded

• WSJ: Biden to Afghanistan: Drop Dead  

•  The Hill: Democrat former defense sec. Leon Panetta compares fall of Afghanistan to Bay of Pigs 

• Washington Post: Biden's promise to restore competence to the presidency is undercut by chaos in Afghanistan

•  Washington Post: Afghans who helped the U.S. and its allies left in limbo as evacuation turns chaotic

• Washington Post: Biden must rescue thousands of U.S. citizens trapped in Afghanistan

• USA Today: Ex-Obama adviser: Why Biden must fire his national security adviser for Afghanistan failure

•  ABC News: Biden attempts to both claim and pass the buck on Afghanistan: The Note

• Reuters: Afghan turmoil ‘shames’ the West, says German president

Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking headlines is from ABC News who reports "Human remains found in wheel well of C-17 military plane that departed from Kabul."

The list goes on and on and on and all pushing the same theme.. Biden screwed up, the consequences are devastating. The military is angry, depressed and in shock over the way Biden completely dishonored every Afghan veteran, injured soldiers, families of those killed in action.

With five to ten thousand Americans trapped in Afghanistan, including journalists, some are wondering how soon before we have a hostage crisis, as highlighted by Wapo, via Hot Air

There will be plenty of time later to look back on how and why the 20-year American intervention in Afghanistan failed so miserably, why the U.S. withdrawal was so badly mismanaged and how the U.S. government failed to predict that the Taliban would take over the country with almost no resistance. But right now, the No. 1 job of the U.S. government and the roughly 7,000 U.S. troops in or on their way to Kabul must be to rescue American citizens first and then all the Afghans who risked their lives based on America’s promise of safety.

The U.S. Embassy staff have all been safely transported to the Kabul airport, officials say. But as the U.S. military struggles to even secure the airport grounds, thousands of U.S. citizens who didn’t make it there yet are hiding and hoping someone saves them before roaming Taliban gangs find them. …

An administration official who was not authorized to speak on the record told me that there are an estimated 10,000 U.S. citizens in the country, with the vast majority in or near Kabul. Some are residents, journalists or aid workers who may not want to leave. Most are scrambling to escape. Some are dual nationals or children of Americans who may not have the proper passport or visas, but the State Department has not told them how to fix their paperwork.

The State Department and the Defense Department basically have two options: negotiate safe passage for American citizens with the Taliban, if possible, or send the U.S. military out into the city to bring Americans back to the airport before the Taliban gangs find them. Officials working on these cases inside the government told me they have no clear guidance from the White House and not enough support.


When a Democrat losses the majority of the liberal media, as the headlines above show, you know Biden's incompetence simply couldn't be covered up.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that once the media can find some scandal, anything at all, against a Republican or Democrat, they will attempt to downplay this fiasco to the scrap heap, especially once they realize that every word they utter, every sentence they write, will be used against Democrats in the 2022 midterms.

Whether one agrees with pulling out of Afghanistan or not, pretty much everyone (at least right now) agrees that Biden's handling of the pull out, has been disastrous and is getting worse every day.

There are limited options for Democrats if they want this to go away; 1) Remove Biden under the 25th Amendment; 2) Convince him to step down; 3) Hope that the bad press, the blame, the deaths, all cause Biden to have a stroke and become bedridden.

At least with number three the media and Democrats can play the sympathy card.

Then, it should be more utter chaos watching #HeelsUpHarris (Kamala) try to overcome the mess left behind, especially after she failed so spectacularly at her job at the border.


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