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July 26, 2017

The Prophets Have Long Warned 'A Great Shaking Is Coming' - Here Are The Dreams And Visions Of The Coming Carnage 

By MT Taylor - All News Pipeline 

When the earth starts to move beneath your feet, get ready for a great shaking! The “Big One,” long prophesied to hit LA, and the West Coast is “locked, loaded and ready to roll,” according to Thomas Jordan, director of the Southern California Earthquake Center at UCLA.

Jordan made the announcement at the National Earthquake Conference in Long Beach last year. Of course, it’s no secret that there have been warnings from seismologists as well as biblical prophets and watchmen for many years of a big earthquake hitting the West Coast.

In fact, in an interview with the USA Watchdog just last week, Steve Quayle observed that the government is in a “near panic” about the possibility of a massive earthquake erupting soon in Northern California, with a death toll in the millions.

If that happens, Quayle warned, the carnage will be great, and government or not, it will be every man for himself. “They will not come and help you.” You can see Quayle's interview with USA Watchdog in the only video below. 

Through the years, the West Coast has proved to be a hot spot for not only earthquakes but cataclysmic weather disasters as well. As flooding, wildfires and mudslides regularly plague even the most affluent neighborhoods, it has not escaped the notice of pastors and contemporary prophets that judgment could be raining down on the sinful cities.


Fear of the Big One striking was already prevalent in California back in 1937 when 17-year-old Joe Brandt was in the hospital and had a week-long series of dreams about the panic and destruction wrought by a catastrophic earthquake and resulting tsunami.

The teenager, hospitalized by a fall from his horse, said that in the first dream he found himself walking on the streets of Los Angeles and immediately noticed a stillness and a strange quietness about the air. He became aware that there was no movement, no birds or sound. “Then I knew something was going to happen.

“I didn’t know what year it was. It certainly was not 1937. I saw a newspaper on the corner with a picture of the President. It surely wasn't Mr. Roosevelt. He was bigger, heavier, big ears. If it wasn't 1937, I wondered what year it was….”

After the earthquake when tsunami waters began to come in, Brandt saw ham radio operators sounding the alarm for people to get to the high places. He heard them warning those farther East, calling: “This is California. Get to the mountains. We are going into the sea.”

Brandt’s vision was echoed years later by the late William Branham, an evangelist known in the Forties and Fifties for nationwide revival and healing services that attracted thousands across the country. The first mention of earthquake judgment by Branham was in the early 1950’s when he predicted, “Sin has heaped up so high that someday the ocean will weep its way to the desert.”

Branham later prophesied at a California church meeting that Los Angeles and Hollywood are doomed for judgment.

“Oh, city that claims to be the City of the Angels, with your fine churches and steeples, the city that has sent dirty, filthy things around the world till even the foreign countries come here to pick up our filth and send it away—Repent!” he admonished.

“Just remember that one day you’ll be lying at the bottom of this sea.”


Branham noted that the stability of the area from San Francisco to San Diego depends on the San Andreas fault line, a 650-mile long crack under California that reaches almost to the Mexico border. He pointed to a scientific paper describing a great “honeycomb” of interrelating fault lines near the San Andreas.

When the brittle honeycomb breaks, the coming massive quake will trigger after-shocks and resulting tsunamis, Branham predicted. “It will send waters back as far as the Salton Sea.”

Pastor and evangelist Dimitru Duduman also preached that God will use a great shaking to judge the U.S. and alert his people to return and draw closer to him. Duduman shared a prophecy warning that earthquakes and fire will devastate the earth.

“I will shake the earth from its foundation,” the Lord revealed. “Everything you see around you will be no more; it will be destroyed and burn in fire. Awaken my people to be passive no longer.”

Men will flee to caves in the rocks and to holes in the ground from dread of the Lord and the splendor of his majesty, when he rises to shake the earth. Isaiah 2:19

You have rejected us, O God, and burst forth upon us; you have been angry—now restore us! You have shaken the land and torn it open; mend its fractures, for it is quaking. Psalm 60:1,2


While some seismologists are focusing on the San Andreas fault, others watch for signs of life from the middle of the country where the New Madrid fault line begins in southern Illinois and roughly follows the Mississippi River through several states in the central Midwest. The zone stretches 150 miles, crossing parts of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee.

Three earthquakes of 7- to 8-point magnitude occurred in December and February of 1811 and 1812, lasting longer and producing more damage than any other quakes in the country’s history. Because of the tremendous jolts, chimneys fell and boats capsized, and after the February earthquake, the Mississippi actually ran backwards for several hours, boatmen reported.

This scenario could be repeated if the dreams and visions experienced and recorded by prophet Chuck Youngbrandt become reality. In 1973, while working at his desk for a company in Des Plaines, Ill.,Youngbrandt experienced a waking vision of a massive earthquake that shook his office building and toppled skyscrapers around him.

“The whole building began to move under me,” he recalled. “I heard the screams and felt the panic and terror of the quake in others. I heard a thunderous roar in the tumbling earth, and looked out my window.

“I saw the Xerox water tower swaying back and forth; then the base gave way and the tower fell. I then saw flames rise from the Xerox building itself as the huge crumbling water tower hit the roof. In a few moments, the earth stopped shaking, and I was struck by the utter quiet now of this future day, for I saw no living being at all, not even birds.”


Youngbrandt said he knew this vision was given by God to warn of future judgment, for he saw destruction on every hand. Then the silence was broken by a louder, different roaring sound, and over the tree tops, he could see a massive wall of water from Lake Michigan moving westerly, south of his location.

“The roar was so thunderous, so ominous, that it made me tremble,” Youngbrandt said. “It was at this point that I realized I was witnessing the destruction of Chicago by a monstrous earthquake, followed by a huge, destructive wall of water.”

Over the years, Youngbrandt has been given a deeper understanding about the scope of his vision, now predicting that Chicago will be the center of an earthquake with an approximate destruction range of 300 miles. The impact and tsunami would flatten up to 12 U.S. cities, including Chicago, St. Paul, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Louisville, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Kansas City.

“When the earthquake hits Chicago, people will be knocked off their feet in Detroit, and trees will fall in St. Louis, some 269 miles away,” the prophet said. “Literally, the whole continental mass will tremble.”

Christian author James Bailey wrote on Z3’s prophetic website that based on the Lord’s warning in Matthew 24, we can expect to see earthquake activity increasing as we approach the day of His return.

“The Prophet Isaiah saw the weight of sin growing so heavy by the end of this age it caused the whole earth to shake violently, trembling and staggering back and forth like a drunkard,” Bailey said. He noted that in the end times, God will shake everything that can be shaken.

“The earth is broken up, the earth is split asunder, the earth is thoroughly shaken. The earth reels like a drunkard and sways like a hut in the wind; so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion that it falls—never to rise again.” (Isaiah 24:19-20)

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