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November 13, 2015

Major Chain Of Events To Unfold Very Quickly - Inconceivable Chaos May Soon End Life In America As We Know It


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Imagine living in an America where suddenly and 'without warning', all hell breaks loose across the country and the land that we are living in is nothing like it once was. With the nation of Honduras now going through what Zero Hedge calls "Get Ready For Crazy", we are given such a very real possible scenario in the SQAlert above videos below. In it we see that those who are unprepared for the 'major chain of events' that will 'unfold very quickly' will leave themselves and their families in grave danger as all life changes in America, potentially overnight.

In times such as those, the difference between life or death are only the next decision away and we now see signs of potential apocalyptic-style scenarios being prepared for by our own government. In times such as those, members of law enforcement and the military often turn their attention to protecting their own families and loved ones as what was once the establishment completely crumbles - unable to support its own weight with the 'motor of the machine' deserting to protect their own as detailed more in alert below.

While America is likely a long way from a real-life 'zombie apocalypse', we've also reached that point in time when the major chain of events warned of could unfold very quickly, leaving families and communities unprepared for such sudden events buried in its' wake. As also shared in the new SQAlert, evidence shows that right now we're barrelling towards a 'red dawn scenario' which could easily usher in inconceivable chaos and the end of life as we know it in America.

With news breaking that Jade Helm 2 aka UWEX16 will be taking place in Texas early next year and some calling that the start of martial law at the same time as a warning goes out from a retired US Army General that 'the great culling had begun and it's only going to get worse', we now even see CEO's of huge companies preparing their employees for collapse as life in America prepares to go through what we might have once thought as 'unimaginable change'.


Talk of sudden change fill the local and international political fronts. In Washington DC, presidential candidates from one party talk about the need to make America more safe by taking away your guns (though they're not thinking for a moment of giving up their own guns) while a presidential candidate from another party talks about shooting down Russian planes that violate a no-fly zone over Syria (not for a moment realizing that the US cannot establish such a no-fly zone over another sovereign nation). Why is this candidate not thinking that such a shootdown of Russian warplanes could possibly lead to nuclear annihilation for millions of Americans?

Are we about to witness civil war in America, round-ups of 'red listers', martial law, economic collapse and the end of life in America as we know it as warned of in the SQAlert below? All signs show we are rapidly heading in that direction as the 1st video below gives us proof that the government is preparing for a nuclear/radiological event while in the 2nd video below, we hear that politicians are now preparing for World War 3. What do they all know that we don't know?

In the final video below we hear about the nationwide GridEx III exercises that will be starting next week as previously reported upon by Susan Duclos at All News Pipeline. First, a warning from the website of Steve Quayle.:

I believe we are at an axis of a major chain of events about to unfold very quickly which will involve a major grid down and red dawn scenario ushering in inconceivable chaos and the end of life in America as we know it.

Hey steve,
I would like to draw contrast to the state of affairs currently. In call of duty modern warfare 3 released in 2011, it shows ww3 breaking out with a Russian invasion of the east coast which begins in august of 2016. With the assymetrical warfare drills of jade helm and now the newly announced UWEX16 unconventional warfare drills starting in supposedly march of 2016, it is not hard to see the reality of these massive domestic preparations that have been underway for anyone with half a brain. I've never been one to be conspiratorially fanatic with predictive programming, but I do belive call of duty to be almost dead on. This is Backed up by the fact that I am very good buddies with a detroit state policemen who I've played hockey with for years. In October of 2013 when we were at the bar after a game one night, my teammates asked him if he was still being trained to go after the Ron Paul supporters and libertarians. He laughed and proceeded to tell us In detail that they were being trained and prepared by the DHS for all out civil war starting by 2017, for (when not if) veterans start pipe bomb and Ied attacking police stations and for a dollar collapse in 2016. Keep in mind that this was before I was awake and it was this event that led me to research and come across you, alex jones, dave hodges and others. It only takes roughly 6-18 months of training to become proficient in the scenario you expect to present itself. Veterans are constitutional law abiding citizens, the only reason I could think of this happening is in retaliation for roundups and martial law or as a false flag conducted to vilify and then wage war on veterans. When all is said in done, by the time August of 2016 arrives it will be roughly a year from the "official end of jade helm 15." Dave had recently reported on major drills in michigan involving cordon and search exercises led by foreign troops under the UN looking for guns and conducting mock executions of families and persons who were found to posses firearms. My buddy also told us that when the shit hit the fan his entire police department was walking off the job and he specifically said they have all been personally stockpiling sniper rifles and 308 battle rifles. With the realization of police walking off the job you are beyond guaranteed defense support to civil authority functions when situations are so horrendous that the police would quit the job on the spot, and thus martial law is cemented into place. The march 2015 mock internment drills in Fort lauderdale and Boston bombing 2013 proxy martial law lock down should have been all the warning we needed. I believe we are at an axis of a major chain of events about to unfold very quickly which will involve a major grid down and red dawn scenario ushering in inconceivable chaos and the end of life in America as we know it. It is 2 minutes to midnight and our only hope is getting right with God and uniting together as a people. My deepest prayers steve.


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