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November 11, 2015

Jade Helm 2 Shapes Up For Texas! Now Called UWEX16, Role Players Wanted As Unconventional Warfare Drills Ramp Up Across America In 2016!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Less than two months after the alleged conclusion of 'Jade Helm 15', which labeled the state of Texas as hostile and made Bastrop County Texas part of 'conspiracy theory lore', the Dallas Observer tells us to "Forget Jade Helm 15, Sheeple, And Get Ready For UWEX16" as the US military plans a return trip to Bastrop in March of 2016. Even more covert that JH15, Gary Franchi examines the new exercises coming to Texas in 2016 in the 1st video below.

It appears that Bastrop won't be the only county holding #UWEX16 (or unconventional warfare) drills in early 2016, either, as Susan Duclos was recently notified by an ANP reader, the very concerned wife of a civilian who works at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, that there's a huge list for new 'role players' to take part in more unconventional warfare drills in early 2016, drills we now learn are spread all over the country.

Seeking such role players with titles such as 'Guerilla Chief', 'Underground Leader', and 'State Dept Representative', we see these 'role player jobs' going on beginning in January of 2016 and going on through at least June of 2016. You can see several screenshots of the jobs listed below videos or visit the website yourself here.

Are we now watching the unfolding of 'Jade Helm 16'? According to Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape, the US Army doesn't expect UWEX16 to have the same kind of attention paid to it as Jade Helm 15 because it doesn't have the same kind of flashy name attached to it that social media might grab on to.

However, Judge Pape isn't paying attention to the real reason social media grabbed on to Jade Helm 15, because Americans are rapidly awakening to tyrannical government and the very real potential of our economy collapsing and the US Military being needed on the streets to keep the peace once it all comes crashing down.


As Franchi of the The Next News Network tells us in the 1st video below, UWEX16 was approved under the radar and without approval of residents, unlike JH15 which required approval of certain private property owners.

As Susan Duclos has clearly pointed out in this earlier ANP story, JH15 served the purpose of prepositioning massive amounts of military assets across the country. While JH15 never brought in martial law, it clearly accomplished its purpose as Franchi tells us here and, with assets in place, we have to ask if UWEX16 is being set up to usher in collapse or if this is possibly for preparation of WW3 on US soil? We must remember that Russia has warned WW3 would happen on US soil if the US continued its belligerence Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere around the world.

In the 2nd video below from Vision Values, we learn that the new Jade Helm is UWEX16 and get to see the treason taking place at the Tom Green County, Texas, Council Meeting where our videographer tells us the treason begins at the 38 minute 20 second mark before the 'unanimous vote to enslave' happens at 41:45.

We're also told these new events will be ongoing from March 6th, 2016 through June 5, 2016. As the videographer also states in video notes, they gave it less than 3 1/2 minutes, along with 3 jokes, to put the county under NWO occupation.

Why do they need 'Media' and 'Newspaper Article Writer' role players?


Want to be a 'guerrilla-chief' role player? 'Script writing' begins on January 11th in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Notice this role player job will also take place at Camp Bullis in Texas, Davis Monathan Airforce Base in Arizona as well as in San Antonio, Texas.




If you notice among the qualifications for nearly all of these jobs is total secrecy. A non-disclosure agreement is required for all training, tachtics, techniques and procedures for these exercises. Are they trying to avoid foreign governments finding out what they'll be doing in these exercises or is this specifically to hide this info from the American people.


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