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October 7, 2015

Jade Helm Military Assets Positioned -  Will 'Resisters And Red Listers' Be The First Targets When 'The Event' Goes Live?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We have maintained that Jade Helm 15 was never about declaring martial law during the supposed "exercises" - It was about pre-positioning military assets and gathering information to prepare for the upcoming civil unrest.

Before the Jade Helm 15 (JH15) "exercises" went live on July 15, 2015, All News PipeLine was getting videos/images/reports almost on a daily basis of military assets being moved across the nation, not only for JH15, but for other supposed exercises and drills..... since the official date of Jade Helm ending of September 15, 2015,  we have only been able to find  a few reports and we had to utilize a search engine, using a time-frame of one month, to hunt them down.

Are those just photo-ops to make it appear that the military assets are returning to their point of origin? Tens of thousands of assets were captured being moved on camera, photos and documented, yet we only see a small minuscule amount of those being returned.

Is it a coincidence that since the alleged end of JH15 we have seen Barack Obama appear before world leaders talking about "international rule of law?" Is it also a coincidence that we are seeing calls from the MSM to declare the National Rifle Association (NRA) a terrorist organization? Is it also a coincidence that Barack Obama is now talking about "gun control" via executive action, to which some law enforcement officials are stating is really "gun confiscation?"

Is it also a coincidence that we have seen a recent announcement of more "refugees" to be allowed within America's borders, many of which  as seen from Europe, are of military age and gender and perhaps capable of operating the military assets positioned during JH15, that aren't returning to their points of origin?

We would really like a professional statistician to tell us the odds of all this happening within the last month, specifically after the JH15 "exercises" which many believed, and still believe, was to prepare for massive civil unrest within the U.S. borders. 


As articles and comments across the Internet show, many believe that Obama is simply talking "common sense" gun control, but as Stefan Stanford reminded us recently, the worst of Genocide in history all came subsequent to "licensing, permits and registration." As this chart shows, what followed those "gun control laws" were "ban on possession" laws, then "confiscation laws."

Chart shown again below:



Remember in December of 2012 when The Journal News sparked outrage after publishing the names and addresses of gun permit holders?  If not, read about it at CNN or ABC News to catch up.

What that showed conclusively is that databases exist already with the name and location of all gun permit holders across America. 

Not only do the databases exist, but we have seen a push for new technology to "GPS" guns themselves, as well as a reminder from a February 2015 ANP article that showed the government has the technology and has, in fact, GPS tagged homes for the purpose of obatining the coodinates "for every residence in nation."

For those who doubt the technology exists yet to track guns as well as where the gun is, when the gun is fired, how many rounds are fired, which way the firearm is pointing, and if it’s even drawn from the holster.... doubt no more.


Decades ago Steve Quayle first revealed the knowledge of target "lists," specifically the red list.... those that would not simply comply with martial law, gun confiscation or the takeover of America by tyranny. Those that prepare, survivalists, gun owners, veterans, constitutionalists.... those prepared to defend themselves, their families and their fellow citizens if need be..... is there really any doubt who would be first on the "red list?"

To a government  bent on tyranny, the most dangerous person to those plans would be those willing to fight against it and armed to do so.


There are a number of events converging right now.... talk of gun confiscation, talk of secret meetings planning to reset the entire system, we have a national debt so large we never have a hope of paying it off, we have the dollar as the world reserve currency that has reached the "average" amount of years any currency holds that status, multiple issues of debit cards and EBT card system "glitches," the recent signing of the TPP, race wars being instigated, class wars being pushed, cops being threatened by protest groups.... just to name a few.... any one or combination of the aforementioned issues can tip the scales and lead to civil unrest.

Personally I don't think it is a matter of if, but of when it happens.


Over the last years we have seen Christians, preppers, survivalists, constitutionalists, sovereign citizens and more labeled by the obama administration as "extremists," or more dangerous than terror groups. We have seen attacks against those that live off-grid. 

What the Obama administration is doing is setting the stage to be able to name "enemies of the state," thereby putting a target on the back of every person who could be considered our last line of defense against a tyrannical government.

Recently we had a source tell us that the motto for Jade Helm of "mastering the human domain simply means destroy all resisters and red listers," and that  every neighborhood in America, using algorithms, had "been assigned teams based on the number of guns" owned to wipe out "pre-designated enemies of the state."


The bottom line here is the military assets are positioned  thanks to Jade Helm 15, targets aka "resisters and red listers" have been identified as to who will be named enemies of the state, and all they are waiting for is the event that cause massive civil unrest..... once "it" happens things are going to move fast and we can all expect phone and Internet outages so people cannot share what is happening in their neighborhood and town.

The questions then become what will be the trigger that sets events in motion and when will it all go down?

In the video below Sheriff David Clarke states clearly that it isn't about "gun control" it is all about gun "confiscation."


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