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October 7, 2015

Say Goodbye To Internet Free Speech - Comply Or Be Purged And Shut Down! The End Is Not Near.... It Is HERE


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

(H/T on headline to a SQ note)

One of the most egregious attacks on American sovereignty just happened where our rights, constitutionally guaranteed, just got sold down the river in the guise of "protection."

ANP recently highlighted the terminology Barack Obama used in his UNGA speech, specifically his repeated references to ""international system," a "system of international rules and norms,"  an "international order,"  an "integrated world," as well as  "international norms and principles and law," and the pièce de résistance of Obama's comments where he says "strong nations, above all, have a responsibility to uphold this international order." 

We said then, the September event had just occurred as the New World Order went live.......  

Obama was using his speech as a passive-agreesive attack on Vladimir Putin, but it was the terminology listed above that was truly concerning as he never bothered referencing American sovereignty but instead focused on "international" rules.

We believe that all part of his setting up America for the ultimate betrayal.

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Can you imagine it being a crime to report corporate wrongdoing "through a computer system," when the majority of the public now depend on online new sources to get the news?

Did you ever imagine that a U.S. president would sign off on a deal where companies based in America, such as YouTube and Facebook would be forced to remove content if they receive ONE complaint because someone in another country was offended by our constitutionally guranteed right of free speech?

Did you ever imagine we would come to a point where your Internet Service provider (ISP) could be required to "police" you as a user, remove your Internet content, and literally cut you off from the Internet?

It is here, it has happened, and all in the guise of a "trade" agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to which tech experts have written to Congress stating "Despite containing many provisions that go far beyond the scope of traditional trade policy, the public is kept in the dark as these deals continue to be negotiated behind closed doors with heavy influence from only a limited subset of stakeholders."

Signatories include Brunei, Chile, Singapore, New Zealand, United States, Australia, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, and Japan.

Many people wave away and ignore talk of the TPP because they cannot imagine how a "trade deal" could affect them.... because the "agreement has been made in secret and will not be fully published publicly for years."

They have hidden the the actual text and content from "we the people," and pretend this is a good deal for Americans.

It isn't.


According to Expose the TPP:

Of the TPP's 29 draft chapters, only 5 deal with traditional trade issues. Most would set rules on non-trade matters that affect our daily lives: 

Food safety, internet freedom, medicine costs, job off-shoring, financial regulation, and more. 

Our domestic policies would be required to comply with the TPP rules

What this means for you is less news that does not comply with Washington's propaganda,  because as the Independent points out "Experts have pointed out that the wording is very vague, and could lead to whistleblowers being penalized for sharing important information, and lead to journalists stopping reporting on them."

What this means for you is if you comment on Facebook or share something you think is important and it happens to "offend" someone, they could be forced to remove it.... Goodbye free speech and freedom of expression.

It means if you publish a video exposing what you believe to be important and it recieves a complaint, YouTube, owned by Google, will remove it.

Reports already indicate that Google, via YouTube are attacking alternative media personalities.

More from the Electronic Frontier Foundation who has called this the "biggest global threat to the Internet":

TPP raises significant concerns about citizens’ freedom of expression, due process, innovation, the future of the Internet’s global infrastructure, and the right of sovereign nations to develop policies and laws that best meet their domestic priorities. In sum, the TPP puts at risk some of the most fundamental rights that enable access to knowledge for the world’s citizens.


If this passes Congress and becomes the "law of the land," sites that do not comply, do not report on only what Washington wants them to report, will have their Internet free speech forcefully stifled, then they will be purged and finally completely shut down. People need to understand the end is not just "near," it is already here.

Intellihub accurately describes where this is all heading:

Internet Police, Thought Police, bans on free speech, an Internet kill switch you name it, it’s coming. Especially if we keep heading down the path mentioned herein. Soon we will all be slaves of our own environments–unable to do or think for ourselves. ...

The only thing even more disturbing than a U.S. president basically handing over American sovereignty, is that we have to depend on a weak, dysfunctional Congress to stop it.

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