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October 6, 2015

Matt Drudge: 'It's Gonna Get Really Ugly - Really Fast' - This Is It, It's Happening Now, And The Future Of The World Is Being Decided


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In one of the most epic and important interviews ever on the Alex Jones show, Matt Drudge joins Alex in the video below for a complete surprise visit and a 40+ minute look into America's fall from grace and what we can do, each and every one of us as individuals, to help ensure the overthrow of the 'new world order'. If we choose not to get involved in the battle to ensure our free speech, our liberty and the Rights guaranteed to us in the US Constitution, we're going to lose everything. "This is it, it's happening now, and the future of the world is being decided."

Telling us that he is a free-thinker, he is an American and he is very concerned about what's happening in this country, he issues us this dire warning; the entire internet is in danger. He also tells us that a Supreme Court justice recently told him that it was over for him...they have the votes to enforce copyright and it may soon be illegal to even LINK to another website. Will ANP and all other alternative news websites soon be unable to link to websites such as the NY Times, the Washington Post or Infowars while reporting news stories? A law like that in itself would spell the end of free speech in America we are told.

He also tells us why both political parties and the entire establishment are so afraid of him - he cannot be controlled. He also tells us that time is now running out - and no matter what our calling is, we have to be the greatest at doing it that we can be - "now - before this country is so completely altered and we are left with Hillary's brain in the Oval office in a jar because that's what we're getting. She's old and she's sick and she's not a contender but they're making her a contender...she's like a head on a stick."


Drudge tells us that power is trying now to consolidate control and there is a sense of panic about it as Americans awaken in mass numbers to what is really going on in our world. With the elite now attempting to put the finishing touches on their 'masterpiece' and robots clearly in humanity's future, Drudge warns "it's going to get really ugly, really fast" and tells us that we are now being programmed to being automated, even up to our news where Google news uses robots to select stories and the same corporate glaze is cast over just about everything.

He also says he doesn't see the world that way, he sees a world that's free, colorful, vibrant, takes bold chances, stands up to power and that's where he's made his success. Drudge joins in at the 6 minute mark after Jones goes over the true 'David vs. Goliath' story that Matt Drudge has been against the MSM behemoths he's helping to slay. More below video.

As Jones tells us, Drudge is 'the king' of making sure that stories go viral and has made a lot of high-placed enemies along the way including large parts of the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton and in this jam-packed interview, Drudge holds nothing back and shows us why he is a 'king maker', and how we can do our very best to follow in his foot steps in whatever field of life we live.

For politics, Drudge has more readers than Facebook, the NY Times, the LA Times and the Washington Post combined Jones tells us, and when Drudge links to alternative news stories "that they don't want out there", we see that humanity benefits as a whole as he ensures his light shines upon the darkness corporate and government criminals are attempting to kept hidden. 

On May 9th, 2015, the Hill asked if Matt Drudge was the 2nd most influential person in America, behind only Barack Obama. Brent Budowsky, the self confessed liberal columnist who wrote the story tells us that Matt Drudge is by far the single most inflential person in the American media - a story the same day on Social News Watch corrected Budowsky when telling us that Matt Drudge has more influence on the American people than even our commander-in-chief. 

At All News Pipeline, Susan and I feel extremely grateful to have the same opportunity that Matt Drudge speaks of in this video, the ability to say whatever we want, whatever we feel, the opportunity to speak our hearts. There is no one standing over us censoring us, telling us what we have to say like it is in the mainstream media and Drudge drives home the point of how important that is in today's world and today's media as we hear directly from Drudge a couple of his secrets that we all should know.:

"The internet is what you make it" Drudge tells us - "make your own playground...stop playing in their playground!" as he rips twitter, facebook and google.

"You are what you dream you are - become greater - make your own place - make your own universe."

Drudge took on issues and expressed refreshing opinions through his graphics and selection of headlines to share stories being censored by our totally controlled mainstream media.




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