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February 14, 2015

Is Operation 'BOA' And 'Lightning Strike' Ready For Implementation? What Does The Red List, Foreign Soldiers And Gun Owners Homes That Were Entered Into A GPS Data Base Have In Common? Our Demise!


By Stefan Stanford aka Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

On Hawk's Friday night radio show in the videos below, at the 6 minute mark, Hawk tells us we have received confirmation about Operation BOA and Lightning Strike, reported yesterday on All News Pipeline, while at the 8 minute mark we learn that once the final transition is being made to global govt as the 'end' is happening, we'll be told by someone, probably a NORTHCOM 4-Star General, of a 'Continuity of Government' plan taking place, code words for 'martial law'.

Over 20 years ago, Stephen Quayle broke news about the 'red lists' and the 'round up' of American dissidents as told to him by a government official by the name of 'Gary' who was murdered soon after, information that has been confirmed by multiple Generals in the Special Operations community who also warned that FOREIGN soldiers would one day be hunting down American gun-owners, NOT to simply take their guns away, but to 'eliminate' the gun owners, period...outright murder them! When Operation BOA kicks in, we are told, it will make the 'Stasi' look like kindergarden here in the 'new America'.

Back in 2009, World Net Daily ran a story called 'Census: GPS Tagging Your Front Door' in which we learned that EVERY HOME in America would be GPS tagged, information that combined with the NSA's vast knowledge of 'who's who' in the patriot community provides everything foreign soldiers now in America need to know to allow them to complete their plans here. While govt agents and trolls consistently label this information 'conspiracy theory', one only need to look at the recently released 'FBI's Plan C' to prove that as far back as 1956, the FBI had plans to round up American 'dissidents' for 'emergency internment' and documented plans for martial law in America.


On January 27th, 2014, PRWeb put out a story about the mysterious disappearance of homeless in America, a story that has taken on new life with recent revelations of the existence of 'smokies', portable 18-wheelers that look normal but are really 'rolling crematoriums', crematoriums designed to incinerate millions of bodies as final plans are put into motion. (Pictures below show examples of the mobile crematoriums from BLC Cremations.)

84c9.jpg b2ee.jpg 5148.jpg

Recent events such as the US Marines surrendering their arms prior to abandoning the embassy in Yemen and the global jihad taking place across the world, seemingly with the support of the 'joker tut' sitting in the White House who recently received a 'secret letter' from Iranian Ayatollah Kahmeini, help prove that a war is now waging against Christians and Hawk warns us that we better be prepared as it appears a Middle Eastern prophecy is now coming true that told of a Western leader who would help bring these end times in.

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