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May 19, 2020

'Mark Of The Beast Tech' To Track Every Human Being On Earth Is The Devilish Covid-19 Vaccine Endgame Of The Globalists Sinister Marriage Between Big Pharma & Big Brother

- Do These Devils Really Think 'Free Americans' Will Just 'Submit' To Tyranny?

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the 'battle of all battles' now ahead of us with the globalists/demon-rats intent on using this 'covid-19 crisis' as an 'opportunity' to inject Americans with their poisons, microchips and who knows what else, and tens of millions of Americans sure to heavily 'resist' any such 'injections', as Ethan Huff reported on Natural News back in October of 2019, vaccines were already being used to harvest biometric identities of some in a sinister marriage between 'big pharma' and 'big brother'. 

And the globalists 'debunking website' Snopes recently joining Reuters and several other 'globalist talking heads' wasting no time to put out stories debunking reports that a microchip will come along with any covid-19 'jab' that gets developed in the future, and now talk that the US military will themselves 'deliver' any vaccine that gets developed with the DOD themselves putting out a press release that they've ordered 500 million pre-filled syringes for future use, the next 7 to 9 months may be among the most important months in many of our lives.

So with that sinister marriage between 'big brother' and 'big pharma' that the October Natural News story spoke of now on full display in 2020, we ourselves can do our own research to determine whether what Snopes and Reuters had reported is correct or whether this Natural News story is correct. In the 1st video at the bottom of this story we hear from Constitutional Lawyer Robert Barnes laying out the decades-long globalist plan to sterilize the population and track our every move while micro-chipping the world but first, from Natural News before we continue.

It’s all happening, just as we predicted. Big Pharma is officially partnering with the tech industry to pair “immunization” with digital biometrics, meaning humans will soon be microchipped, tracked, and ultimately controlled through a global identification matrix. 

The ID2020 Alliance, as it’s being called, is a digital identity program that aims to “leverage immunization” as a means of inserting tiny microchips into people’s bodies. In collaboration with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, also known as GAVI, the government of Bangladesh and various other “partners in government, academia, and humanitarian relief,” the ID2020 Alliance hopes to usher in this mark of the beast as a way to keep tabs on every human being living on Earth. 

Similar to how cattle are marked with ear tags, this globalist alliance wants all humans to be “vaccinated” with digital tracking chips that will create a seamless monitoring system for the New World Order to manage the populations of the world with ease.

And while reading that excerpt from this Natural News story above, keep in mind that it was written last October, long before covid-19 made its way onto the 'big stage' here in America, bringing with it talk of vaccinations for all.

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And as that Natural News story had pointed out, for those who think that 'this can never happen here in America', it already is! Outlined in ID2020, as that story had pointed out, microchips are already being 'vaccinated' into the bodies of the homeless in Austin, Texas! Once again, from that 2019 story.

While the ID2020 program’s testing grounds are primarily in the Third World, the group says it’s also now working with governments here in the United States to start microchipping people through vaccination. 

In Austin, Texas, for example, the homeless population is now being exploited as a collective guinea pig for ID2020’s microchip vaccination program, which the group claims will help to “empower” homeless people by supposedly giving them “control” over their personal identity data. 

“The City of Austin, ID2020, and several other partners are working together with homeless people and the service providers who engage with them to develop a blockchain-enabled digital identity platform called MyPass to empower homeless people with their own identity data,” writes Chris Burt for

ID2020 is also jabbing refugees with its microchip vaccinations through two inaugural pilot programs known as iRespond and Everest. According to reports, iRespond has “improved continuity of care” for more than 3,000 refugees receiving drug treatments for chronic illness. Everest, on the other hand, has “assisted with the provision of access to critical energy subsidies and a range of additional services with secure and user-centric digital identities without relying on a smartphone,” Burt writes. 

All of this is priming the public for an eventual mandate of microchip vaccinations, which will be required for every individual in order to buy and sell goods. Chowdhury openly admitted this in stating that digital identity systems will be necessary for “individuals’ access to services and livelihoods.” 

In other words, the Bible is right: A global identification system is in the works that will eventually be required for people to function in society, and ultimately survive. Without these microchips in their bodies, people won’t be able to work, let alone eat, and it’s all happening right before our very eyes. 

Keep in mind that ID2020 is a part of the so-called “REAL ID,” which will soon be required for those who wish to travel. REAL ID will also be used as a backdoor method of implementing mandatory vaccination policies for adults.

So with more and more signs that this 'covid-19 pandemic' is being used by the freedom-hating globalists to usher in more and more tyranny here in America, there's also no doubt that it's being used as a major distraction from the treasonous crimes committed by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and other globalists (including the mainstream media?) leading up to and following the 2016 election.

And as Dr. Don Boys had pointed out in this May 16th ANP story, living in a country where countless babies are murdered prior to their births by leftists claiming 'my body, my choice' gives 100 million Americans who don't murder their own children the absolute right to reject any vaccines being forced into our own bodies: "My body, my right to resist!"

According to this new story over at the Daily Mail, the mother of Elon Musk's girlfriend 'Grimes' is very angry at the billionaire because he recently tweeted out a so-called 'white supremacist' meme that has become synonymous with 'awakening to global tyranny': 'take the red pill'.

Called a 'white supremacist meme' by the mainstream media now imploding before our very eyes as Susan Duclos had pointed out in this May 16th ANP story, as anyone who has been paying attention to global events over the past decade+ knows and fully understands, the 'taking of the red pill' meme that Musk tweeted out has nothing at all to do with 'white supremacy' but 'a mass awakening' to  'unpleasant truths' while taking the 'blue pill' was a reference to remaining in blissful ignorance with the terms taken directly from the 1999 film 'The Matrix'.

Yet with the msm putting out story after story recently attempting to keep Americans dumbed down as to Musk's true meaning of why he has just put out such a statement, attempting once again to divide Americans by race as we've seen them do over and over again over the past decade+, and Americans already being set up for the kill as millions of dollars in food is sent to our enemies while Americans starve, the next several months will be absolutely critical.

In the first video below, Constitutional Lawyer Robert Barnes discusses eugenicist Bill Gates' and the globalists 10+ year-old plan to vaccinate and microchip the entire world, now under the guise of fighting against the coronavirus pandemic while in the 2nd video, Mike Adams explains to us how forced vaccinations are akin to 'medical rape and felony assault', especially with leftists long fighting for 'the right' to murder their own babies while claiming: 'my body, my choice'.

And in the final video below, courageous Dr. Judy Mikovitz is interviewed by Mike Adams about covid-19 in what one viewer called "a rational thought, rational discussion about Covid-19 and the false vaccine messiahs (Fauci, Gates etc) of our global medical system that care nothing about supporting healthy immune systems, and who want to destroy natural herd immunity and destroy human health through unnatural vaccination of the masses. This is not a natural process, and as Dr. Mikovits points out, vaccines contain harmful adjuvants, animal tissue and sometimes human fetal tissue", something that should be 'resisted' by Americans at all costs with the globalists now attempting to roll out their 'endgame'. 

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