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May 16, 2020

From 'Grandma Killer Mockery' And Insults To 'Don't Take My Job', The Mainstream Media Is Self-Imploding Before America's Eyes While Whining Like Little Children About Their Own Layoffs 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While I am never happy to see an individual lose their livelihood, where people are forced to wonder where their next meal will come from, whether they can pay their utility bills and keep a roof over their heads, I am noticing that in the eyes of many media personalities, reporters, news outlets and so-called journalists, their own jobs mean more than the millions of jobs that have been lost during the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown of America.

Let me back up a bit in order to capture the bigger picture.

In early May, Richochet Editor and homeschool Mom, Bethany Mandel put out a Twitter thread saying what millions of Americans have been thinking about this continued lockdown in states, which is quite literally destroying our economy.

Usually we would just show a couple key quotes, but to understand the extent of the liberal dishonesty and vitriol leveled against her, we're going to highlight her whole six-tweet thread.


As part of that thread, Bethany understanding the push-back that she was going to receive for her honesty, she used that sarcastic comment quoted above as part of her statement.

The entire thread below before showing the over-the-top meltdown from the media and liberals across the internet.

Bethany Mandel: "Remember when we were told we had to flatten the curve and we’d lockdown for a few weeks to ramp up PPE and free up ventilators or else we’d have to start death panels? When did that turn into indefinite lockdowns and economic destruction because 'if it saves one life'?"

"This isn’t about greed. It’s survival. People can’t buy food or pay rent or mortgages. Small businesses are closing. Dentists and doctors are going into the red. Schools are going to start closing. This is the destruction of society we’re talking about."

"There will be no pediatricians or general doctors or physical therapists or nurses or home health aides. No dentists. No zoos or aquariums. No private schools. No restaurants or caterers. No hairdressers or nail technicians. No gyms. No summer camps or daycares."

"We never had ventilator shortages. My local pediatric ER converted to a COVID ward and now sits empty. What are we waiting on here? I’d genuinely like an answer. A vaccine? Because if that’s it, our society will be absolutely wrecked in the meantime."

"You can call me a Grandma killer. I’m not sacrificing my home, food on the table, all of our docs and dentists, every form of pleasure (museums, zoos, restaurants), all my kids’ teachers in order to make other people comfortable. If you want to stay locked down, do. I’m not."

"Doesn’t mean it won’t be done responsibly but I am just. I am done. I feel lied to about the terms of this lockdown and I regret ever trusting that it would be done responsibly."

As can be clearly seen, the thread was well thought-out, explaining the reasoning behind her disgust with the way the pandemic has been handled and the overreach of state elected leaders, specifically highlighting the pain and suffering of all sorts of workers.

The establishment media and internet liberals, well, all they wanted to scream is "Grandma Killer."

The Washington Post actually allowed an entire article in their newspaper, headlined with "‘We are not worth killing Grandma,’ zoo animals agree," where they mocked her concern for workers who have lost their jobs because of the lockdowns. ( link here)

I kid you not.

Ms. Mandel had a few words about their idiocy as well, captured by Twitchy.

Liberals lost their ever-loving minds over her statement, calling it a "quarantine breakdown. CNN analyst Joe Lockhart, responded online with "You're a grandma killer yes. But you're also a nurse killer, a doctor killer, a cop killer, a grocery clerk killer, a student killer, a 5 year old killer, a bus driver killer, a father killer who just had a child killer, a family killer. Good people take care of their community."

MediaIte called it a six-tweet 'rant," while doing what the liberal establishment media simply loves to do, showed only two of the six tweets in order to scream "GRANDMA KILLER!!!"

Yes, ignore the context totally, as well as the intent of the statement, to score some cheap shots.

Other reactions included NYMag's Sarah Jones calling Mandel a "sociopath," and some verified blue-checked liberal on Twitter mocking Mandel with "I don’t care if you die, I’m taking my family to Outback Steakhouse!!!! Your grandma can CHOKE"

In searching for reactions to her statement, we see almost every liberal website out there completely melted down about the "Grandma Killer" comment, most of which didn't even bother to show her entire thread for context.

They were probably scared their readers, when reading it all in order, would agree with Mandel.

The point here is that Mandel's concern for Americans was treated as if she didn't care at all about those sickened or who have died from the virus, when in actuality she was simply pointing out that the forced lockdowns are destroying lives, leaving people broke, scared and hungry.

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Jump ten days forward and media personalities have suddenly developed a deep concern for people being put out of work..... or to rephrase, they have developed a concern for "media" employees losing their jobs.

Condé Nast is laying off at least 100  and furloughing 100.  BuzzFeed is furloughing 20.  Quartz: 80 layoffs.  Vice: 155 layoffs. The Economist: 90 layoffs.

A few examples of that "concern":

BuzzFeed News Union: "Losing a newsroom job now isn’t just a temporary setback. For many colleagues let go, this could be the end of their careers in journalism — all the more calamitous when the work journalists do has never been more important."

Senior reporter at BuzzFeed News, Vanessa Wong: "Since the last recession, ~30,000 journalism jobs vanished. Journalists laid off today will likely be unemployed for months and likely, by necessity, have to find employment in other fields. A lay-off now would effectively end a career in journalism. We have to save jobs."

HuffPost Senior Editor, Andy Campbell: "Over just three days, Condé Nast, Quartz and VICE gutted their newsrooms with layoffs. This is a historically bad year for digital and local journalism."

CNN Media Reporter, Kerry Flynn: "This was such a horrible week.

Condé Nast: 100 layoffs + 100 furloughs
BuzzFeed: ~ 20 furloughs
Quartz: 80 layoffs
Vice: 155 layoffs
The Economist: 90 layoffs

335 media jobs eliminated. 120 jobs tbd ..."

The whining continues over the loss of media jobs while insisting that those that want to see the country get back to work really want "Grandma" to die.

Needless to say, Twitter users were not very sympathetic to them, where Twitter user David Burge is representative of the mockery being aimed at the media, stating "355 job losses is a tragedy, 21 million job losses is a statistic."

More reactions and mockery can be found at Twitchy here and here.

Despite being so concerned for their fellow media workers, we still have "reporters," like CNN's Jim Acosta, manufacturing outrage about President Trump wanting to see the country reopen before a vaccine is created.

Then we have other people in a media, whining like little .......errrr...... children, because when reporting on one of the many lockdown protests, he was called "enemy of the people," with others asking him "why are you essential?"

Great question!

What is so"essential" about reporters breathlessly claiming the President shared a "doctored" video, as  CNN’s Josh Campbell did, when in reality the video was with President Trump's face super-imposed over the face of the president from the movie Independence Day?

Is that truly the type of "reporting" that is essential?

I understand that maybe that particular reporter may be nice, or after hearing some of his questions showing a distinct liberal bias against Trump supporters, maybe not so nice, but the media, collectively have done nothing over the last three years to gain back the trust of the American people, and have, often acted like they are the "enemy of the people," and have many of us wondering the same thing..... why are they "essential?"


The media have failed spectacularly, from media pundits like the arrogant Chris Cuomo lecturing people on proper preventative measures after he broke procedures when he had COVID-19 (If he really did!), to failing to take the pandemic seriously until it was already at our doors, to pushing for forced lockdowns rather than helping Americans fight for liberty by asking by ripping into politicians for acting like tyrants, to their sheer and utter nastiness laid on anyone that dares encourage the reopening of our country.

They wonder why people are very unsympathetic to seeing some of them lose their jobs?

It is called Karma.

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