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June 26, 2015

These TWO CHARTS Shows How Easily The Masses Are Manipulated!

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While we are seeing the MSM directing the national discussion towards "banning the Confederate flag," racism, and white supremacy, after a white person entered a black church and killed nine people, the one chart you will see below, gathered from goverment data from the FBI's own numbers, proves without a doubt how easily the masses are being manipulated in America.


The latest crime statistics gathered by the FBI website is for 2013, and can be found here, with another chart providing the actual numbers.


Ask yourself why every time a black person is murdered by a white person, it becomes a national outrage and dominates all headlines, Google searches, trends on Twitter and other social media, while whites killed by blacks, which is ten times higher, are basically ignored by the same people?

Because the PTB have an agenda, gun-control, causing racial divisions, riots and mass unrest...... and THAT should be what people should start questioning.... what do they have to gain by doing this?

Start researching the answer to that folks and you will stop being manipulated.

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