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January 7, 2015

Martial Law Is Already Here In America! Soldiers, Tanks Prepare For War On US Soil

By Susan Duclos


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An excellent video compilation is shown below, created by David Vose, where he states in his vid details "If I told the Frog he was Boiling in that water, he wouldn't believe me. You are the frog and your water temperture is now putting you to sleep."

His reference is a very good analogy as we see captured images from news clips of the massive militarization of our local and state police forces, where the line between soldiers and cops no longer exist, battlefield equipment is being used right here on American soil against citizens of the United States of America, one event at a time, one protest at a time, until seeing them appears to be the rule rather than the exception to the rule.

We are the frogs and the water has slowly heated up and we do not realize we are being boiled and dying..... and some won't until it is too late.

Consider the statistics shown at the 4 minute, 19 second mark of the video, which states "SWAT DEPLOYMENTS: 79% Executing Search Warrants; 7% Hostage, Barricade, Active Shooter Scenarios - SWATS primary responsibility as of it's creation used to be the Hostage, Barricade, Active Shooters events, yet that only accounts for 7% of what they now are being used for.

That is a change of massive proportions, yet treated as the norm.†

Via Wiki:

Their duties include: confronting heavily armed criminals; performing hostage rescue and counter-terrorism operations; high risk arrests; and entering armored or barricaded buildings. Such units are often equipped with specialized firearms including submachine guns, assault rifles, breaching shotguns, sniper rifles, riot control agents, and stun grenades. They have specialized equipment including heavy body armor, ballistic shields, entry tools, armored vehicles, advanced night vision optics, and motion detectors for covertly determining the positions of hostages or hostage takers, inside enclosed structures.

Throughtout the video we also see an interview with a high level law enforcement official from Albany, NY, stating outright that war weaponry, MRAPS, and high calibered weapons used at protests is "The worst idea I could think of," he states, then provides an example of the type of massacre that could occur because the US is being turned into a police state.†

Watch below and understand, this is not your grandparents' USA, this is not even your parents' USA...... This is now the USSA, and as Vose points out, we are now a police state, we already live under martial, it just happened over the span of so many years... we didn't notice the water was starting to boil.

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