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August 26, 2020

Media Finally Notices That Antifa/BLM Rioters Are Burning America..... Because It "Is Showing In The Polls' To Be Bad For Democrats 

 - Not Because It Is Destructive, Deadly, And Destroying Livelihoods, But Because it Is Bad For Biden

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

After years of media talking heads excusing, justifying and defending violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups, while Democrat politicians continue to incite them, call on them to harass innocent people, now, all of a sudden they are noticing that these riots in multiple liberal cities, that are destroying minority owned businesses, burning buildings and cars, attacking random residents, and much more, are bad........ because polling shows they are bad for the very party that has been supporting them for years.

I. Kid. You. Not.

Without even batting an eye we are now seeing Democrats, yes that includes the media, who previously supported Antifa and BLM, scared out of their minds because it is polling poorly for democrats.


CNN's Don Lemon, once described Antifa violence by saying "no organization is perfect" as he defended them by claiming they are "anti-fascists," without bothering to acknowledge they use fascist tactics to silence those that disagree with them.

CNN's Chris (Fredo) Cuomo is on record as defending Antifa protests, which are always associated with violence and destruction, claimed they "are on the side of right."


 On CNN, both Lemon and Fredo discussed how the "rioting has to stop," but the reason he gave isn't because people are dying, businesses are being destroyed and burnt to the ground, but rather because "it's showing up in the polling," against Democrats.

Frick and Frack, shown above, are not the only two liberal Democrats that are panicking now that Americans are rightly holding their feet to the fire via polling for their past support of Antifa and/or BLM, as former White House analyst and Obama administration official David Axelrod, is also concerned that the "arson and rioting play right into @realDonaldTrump’s hands."

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Yeah, it isn't bad because it is destroying American cities, or burning down businesses, or looting while claiming it is considered "reparations," no..... it is bad because it is helping President Trump.

You just can't make this stuff up!


Yes, people being polled are holding Democrats, including the media, responsible for what is being seen nightly across the country by way of rioting by Antifa and BLM.

Anyone that thinks that Democrats are not responsible must have missed the calls by Democrat politicians for continued "unrest in the streets," as Rep. Ayanna Pressley recently did.

Other Dem politicians have shown they have similar feelings on the topic, as they encourage and incite more protesting that turns to riots every night when it makes it harder for them to be identified for the crimes they are committing.

Democrats and the media own the blood we are seeing in the streets right now and it is the height of irony that they are not only being held accountable in the polling as Lemon claims, but that all those so supportive of these rioting domestic terrorists, are now freaking out because after spending years associating themselves publicly with the rioters, the public is now treating them as associated with the rioters.

Hmmmm.... funny how that works.

Reminds me of the saying "Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it."

Too late now. As far as many Americans are concerned, these rioters are the militant arm of the Democrats and the media is the propaganda arm on the Democrats and the rioting Antifa and BLM members.


The videos below are very hard to watch because what we are seeing is an American city, Kenosha, Wisconsin, quite literally, burning.... and this is on Democrats and the media heads because they created these monsters.

Residents of Kenosha are also showing up, armed, to protect their businesses from suffering the same fate as those above.... and on Tuesday, it became deadly.

Below is a man that was shot, standing right next to a Daly caller reporter, who stepped in and helped carry the man off for medical help.

That too is on the media and Democrats' heads.

Next is a man who lost his businesses to the "mostly peaceful" arsonists. A businesses his father started 40 years ago out of his garage, which was thriving, and is not nothing but burnt debris, putting the man and all his employees out of work.

Nice job Democrats and Media. Well done. *Golf Clap*

Just type in Kenosha, using the the filter for videos in just the last week over at YouTube, and video after video after video comes up.

Do the same for Portland, Oregon, or Denver, or New York, and you will see a nation on fire, yet Democrats and the media are expressing concern over how this is affecting their polling.

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