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March 14, 2021 

This Is How Tyranny Takes Hold And Spreads Like Wildfire: If Democrats Have Their Way, You Will Soon Be 'Less Free' Than Your Covid-19 Vaccinated Neighbor!

- Government Employees Preaching 'Ethics' Are Really 'Official Cover-up Experts'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

If ever there was a more perfect metaphor for what Americans are now facing than the story we'll take a look at below, the completely uninvestigated and deep-seated government corruption from officials all across numerous state governments and in what Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene recently called 'a sh*thole', Washington DC, we can't think of it. 

As Simon Black over at the Sovereign Man reports in this new story, a 'Professor of Government Ethics' actually helped to cover-up New York governor Andrew Cuomo's COVID nursing home deaths. So what good are so-called 'government ethics' when those charged with 'investigating' are little more than official 'cover-up experts'

With that story out of New York reminding us of the recent story out of China reporting that the World Health Organization 'investigating' Covid-19 allowed China to take charge of their investigation, where would America and the world be if we allowed war criminals to investigate their own war crimes, or political tyrants to investigate their own tyranny? Right where we are now?! From this Simon Black Sovereign Man story before we continue.: 

Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice. 

Last spring, the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered nursing homes to admit patients who had recently been treated for Covid-19. 

This led to a spike in Covid deaths inside nursing homes, which are filled with elderly people in the highest risk category for serious Covid-19 cases. 

When the State Health Department issued a report on the nursing home deaths, one of Cuomo’s aides rewrote it to remove the total count of 9,250 deaths related to the policy. 

The reasoning was that the death count outpaced New Jersey’s— with the second highest nursing home death rate in the county— by almost 3,000. 

The aide who rewrote the report with the intention to mislead the public worked as a Professor of Government Ethics at NYU’s law school, before joining the Cuomo administration in “ethics and law enforcement matters.” 

There’s government ethics for you. 

With Linda Lacewell, currently serving as the Superintendent of the state’s Department of Financial Services and is an adjunct law professor at New York University School of Law, just one of three high-level Cuomo administration officials who initially intervened to conceal the nursing home death count from the public, corruption runs deep when the people doing the 'overseeing' are deep in the pockets of those who they are supposed to be investigating or watching over. 

And with what we're now seeing in New York also akin to allowing the fox to guard the henhouse, is it any wonder that Cuomo was allowed to run roughshod over the state of New York and its people for so long? With many of his so-called 'sex scandal accusations' only now coming out in 2021 despite happening many years ago, surely many powerful Democrats must have known that Cuomo was 'a dog' for a long time, but covered up his behavior. 

And we've seen this pattern of behavior from Democrats over and over and over again. From former President Bill Clinton, whose behavior Democrats excused and covered up for years and years, to people such as Harvey Weinstein to Jeffrey Epstein, the left is always happy to cover up the inappropriate behavior of 'their own' until they're no longer able to. And then, like with Cuomo, they sick the wolves on them. 

So while Democrats may speak of 'ethics', as long as their own corruption remains something that is 'off limits' to 'the investigators', Americans will never learn the truth about many different topics, with the likelihood of truth emerging about Democrat corruption roughly the same odds as China ever implicating themselves for the Covid-19 bioweapon release into the world. 

As Fox News had reported in this February 24th story, with China doing very little to investigate the origins of COVID-19 during the earliest months of the pandemic, why would the World Health Organization, or anyone else for that matter, actually believe China? As New Yorkers' are learning about Cuomo, leaving 'the corrupt' in charge of investigating themselves is assuring that they'll never find out the truth. And the same goes for corrupt Democrats all across the board in 2021.  

And with another New York 'ethics professor' now pushing 'vaccine passports' for Americans to travel, go grocery shopping, and 'be free' as was reported in this story and heard in the video at the bottom of this story, America is now witnessing nothing less than full-scale medical tyranny being ushered in. 

A radical NYU professor claimed that promises of more freedom from the tyrannical pandemic lockdowns is a “powerful incentive” for vaccine skeptics to get the COVID-19 jab. 

Medical ethics professor Arthur Caplan went on a Machiavellian tear in a CNN interview Sunday about how the elites can pressure people still hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine to do so.

“If you promise people more mobility, more ability to get a job, more ability to get travel, that’s a very powerful incentive to actually achieve fuller vaccination,” Caplan explained to host Fareed Zakaria. 

"Vaccine passports do require access; it’s hard to impose anything unless you are pretty sure that somebody can get a vaccine. So I think it’ll be a little while before we see this, let’s say within the U.S.” But, Caplan said, “vaccine passports” are still not far away from being pushed in America. 

“But there are going to be communities and areas of the country where it starts to make sense due to high availability of the vaccine to say, ‘you wanna come back to work in person? Gotta show me a vaccine certificate. You wanna go in a bar, a restaurant? Gotta show me a vaccine certificate,'” he said.  

Caplan suggested that access “inequality” to venues over vaccine status will become an issue, but that as more places require “vaccine passports”, the lack of freedom and social pressures will eventually force vaccine skeptics to get the shot.

"I think there will be some inequality in the U.S., but hopefully it’ll wash out quickly as the supplies increase very rapidly, I think they’re going to,” Caplan said. As we reported, the European Union has already announced that vaccine passports are underway, with airlines and big-ticket concert venues declaring that vaccine passports will soon be required to fly or watch a show. 

As for America, it’ll soon be land of the free — unless you didn’t get that experimental mRNA vaccine.

So while absolutely mandatory vaccines may not yet be brought in, with the so-called 'medical ethics professors' not only claiming 'vaccine passports' will 'encourage' more people to get 'the shot' but allow some people to be 'more free' than others, while another 'medical ethics professor' helped Andrew Cuomo to COVER UP his nursing home Covid-death-debacle, anyone advocating Americans do what these 'ethics folks' are saying to do is as insane as they are. 

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