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March 25, 2019

With America's Food Prices Expected To Skyrocket, Are Catastrophic Floods In Midwest 'A Sign From God' Or Globalists Weather Warfare Upon America?

Now They Warn America's Breadbasket Under Water Could Be 'The New Normal'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While reading the facts and opinions shared within this ANP story, we ask you to please keep the following words in mind allegedly uttered by globalist Henry Kissinger all the way back in 1974: "If you control the food supply, you control the people"

For those who are unaware, following March's 'bomb cyclone' and record amounts of snow across large parts of the country, the Weather Channel recently put out this story warning of historic and widespread flooding across vast swaths of Central and Midwestern USA as snow melts, leaving huge parts of 'America's breadbasket' under water.

As this story over at WYFF reports, Midwestern flooding could become 'the new normal' though officials are blaming 'global warming' and 'climate change' for the disasters that have already caused over $1.4 BILLION worth of losses to the US food supply in Nebraska alone with experts warning that the flooding has only just begun.  

As we'll see in the map below, huge parts of the areas where much of America's food is grown are now underwater with severe and moderate flooding all along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, leaving many farms completely under water, with levees compromised, animals dead and crops meant to be eaten instead destroyed. These facts cannot be ignored.:

The floods were triggered by a “bomb cyclone,” a “hurricane-like” winter storm that dumped heavy rains onto snow that had not yet melted, reports Alex Horton of the Washington Post. The situation was intensified, according to the New York Times’ Adeel Hassan, by floods this past September and October, which left the soil saturated and unable to absorb water. The deluge consequently spread quickly, spilling into rivers and streams and causing them to overflow. Some 200 miles of levees have now been compromised in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said, per USA Today’s John Bacon and Doyle Rice.

Nebraska has been particularly hard hit. Three-quarters of its 93 counties have declared a state of emergency, and three people in the state have died; a fourth fatality was reported in Iowa. According to the Associated Press, Nebraska state officials have estimated that the flooding has thus far caused nearly $1.4 billion in losses and damages, including $85 million in damages to homes and businesses, $449 million in damages to infrastructure, $400 million in cattle losses and $440 million in crop losses.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts said the flooding the “most extensive damage our state has ever experienced,” reports Reece Ristau of the Omaha World-Herald. 

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As Michael Snyder over at End of the American Dream reported just days ago in his story titled "Catastrophic Flooding In The Midwest Could Last “For Months”, And That Is Going To Mean A Dramatic Drop In U.S. Food Production", America's breadbasket under water for much of the food growing season is a recipe for disaster in our country already hit by numerous food recalls and vast food shortages. And as Nebraska's governor recently stated, when Americans see our food prices spiking in the months ahead, we should think instead about the farmers who have lost everything. 

As this story from WBUR On Point reports, according to one farmer who lost everything, maybe it's a sign from God.: 

"Anthony Ruzicka, a fifth-generation Nebraska rancher, got the call at 6 a.m.: The nearby 90-year-old Spencer Dam was failing under pressure of a river swollen with snowmelt and rain. He got out with moments to spare — but the wall of water swallowed up many calves and all his bulls, along with his farmhouse, outbuildings, feed bins, and the original log cabin built when his family came from Czechoslovakia to homestead in the 1860s.

"Ruzicka was luckier than most caught in the historic floods across the Midwest. The day before, he and his neighbors in Verdigre, in the northeast corner of Nebraska, had chased most of his herd of 300 cattle a half mile to higher ground, just in case. He doesn’t yet know his total fatalities, but on Saturday alone he saw 15 carcasses.

"And losing so many calves and bulls? Calves represent next year’s cash (it takes 12 to 18 months to reach slaughter weight) and bulls represent genetic material that may distinguish the quality of a herd from someone else’s.

"'I’m 39 years old; I don’t have children. The cows are my children, and my farm is completely destroyed. Maybe it’s a sign from God to go and do something else,' Ruzicka said.

From Michael Snyder's story warning of a dramatic drop in US food production over the next several months. 

The losses will be worse for homeowners and farmers because most lack flood insurance. In the hardest-hit state of Nebraska, less than 10,000 policies are in effect statewide for its nearly 2 million residents, according to spokesperson Loretta Worters of the Insurance Information Institute, which represents property-casualty insurers. "They will face devastating losses," predicted Pralle.

Meat prices are rising already. 

Such an approach could end up hurting not only Nebraskans, but consumers all across the country. That's because they'll have to pay more for food, particularly meat. Prices for hogs and cattle rose Wednesday on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Agriculture contributes more than $25 billion to Nebraska's economy, and the state ranks fourth in the nation in meat production. But many herds have been almost completely obliterated. And it will be impossible to get the remaining cattle and hogs to market until impassable roads and bridges are repaired. Nebraska's Governor Pete Ricketts described the damage as the most widespread in the state's history.

Certain losses could be covered under farm insurance policies, but they're very specific. They may not cover grain that isn't stored in a silo or a power outage for the refrigeration needed on a dairy farm. Many farmers have federally subsidized crop insurance. But the problem is that under these policies, they'll have to work extremely fast to make sure their seeds are planted by a certain time, said Worters. And that could prove impossible if fields remain flooded.


While not a fan of the website Mother Jones, an informative story is an informative story no matter where it originates from and as this new story over there titled "The Hidden Catastrophe of the Midwest’s Floods" reports, "the 'bomb cyclone' threatened the region’s most valuable resource." In fact, one could argue it's threatened our nation's most valuable resource.

And as their story points out, besides the billion+ dollar toll of loss upon our food supply right now, this flood is also washing away in huge amounts the SOIL which helps nourish and birth a huge amount of our food supply here in America and as this 2007 book titled "Dirt: The Erosion of Civilization" warned, “with just a couple feet of soil standing between prosperity and desolation, civilizations that plow through their soil vanish.”

After “bomb cyclone” storms hit the Midwest last week, large swaths of Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri farmland are stricken with floods. “Baby calves were swept into freezing floodwaters, washing up dead along the banks of swollen rivers,” the New York Times reported from the ground in Nebraska on Tuesday. “Farm fields were now lakes.” Three people have died, and in many places, “rail lines and roads that carry farmers’ crops to market were washed away by the rain-gorged rivers that drowned small towns,” the Times added.

The disaster slammed Midwestern farmers at a vulnerable time. Besieged by rising competition from growers in Brazil, they’re locked in a five-year slump of low prices for their main crops, corn and soybeans, which intensified when President Donald Trump launched a multi-front trade war last year. Farm debt has reached levels last seen in 1980, which marked the dawn of a devastating farm crisis, the Wall Street Journal reported in February. Farm bankruptcies in the region jumped 19 percent in 2018, reaching their highest level in a decade and nearly twice the 2008 rate. The floods will likely exact at least $1 billion in livestock losses and equipment damage to farms.

And severe winter and spring floods take another toll that’s much more difficult to quantify: Soil loss, on a grand scale, right in the region that provides a huge amount of our food supply. The Midwest boasts one of the globe’s greatest stores of topsoil, more than half of which has been lost in the past 50 years. Topsoil is the fragile, slow-to-regenerate resource that drives agriculture. As University of Washington ecologist David Montgomery explained in his terrific 2007 book "Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations": “With just a couple feet of soil standing between prosperity and desolation, civilizations that plow through their soil vanish.


So with much more potentially at stake than just the billion+ dollar losses to the immediate food supply here in America, might the 'bomb cyclone' that caused the flooding that we're witnessing now have been caused by 'weather warfare'? 

As Steve Quayle had warned in an SQnote while linking to this Weather Channel story Sunday morning, "'Floods equal famine' - weather warfare is destroying America's ability to feed it's people and that is the ultimate clandestine system of war". For anyone who still hasn't learned of weather modification and weather warfare, we suggest that you read Steve's excellent and well ahead of the times book "Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters" to get caught up to speed. Steve had warned in his book long ago:

“Technology will make available, to the leaders of the major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of security forces need be appraised… Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm.”

As Steve had also mentioned in another SQnote Sunday morning while linking to this DC Dirty Laundry story titled "Government Warns Of Historic, Widespread Flooding “Through May” – Food Prices To Skyrocket As 1000s Of Farms Are Destroyed", "note as you read the headlines of the death of the middle class who can no longer put food on their tables.

And with Kissinger and other globalists having long ago confirmed they're more than happy to use food as a weapon against the people of a nation, is it really out of the realm of possibility that America is under weather warfare attack with the globalists having made clear that 'American freedom' is a very real threat to their plans of 'global domination'? 

Whether or not the widespread and catastrophic flooding throughout America's breadbasket was weather warfare to help destroy our nation or an 'Act Of' and a 'Sign From' God, we pray for the farmers out in the Midwestern part of the country who have lost everything while seeing stories such as those outlined within this ANP story as more signs to prepare ourselves for whatever the future might bring with potentially record high food prices and food shortages ahead.   

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