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December 5, 2016

'Operation Mockingbird Part 2' Has Been Set In Motion To Bombard The American People As Globalists Launch New War Against Truth In Their Empire Of Lies


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Imagine waking up one morning in the not-so-distant future and while you're brewing your morning coffee, you get online to see if anything went on around America and the world while you were sleeping. Your home page set to the Drudge Report, you get a huge and unwelcome surprise when your browser opens up. Instead of headline stories about the latest globalist scandals or Donald Trump's latest moves to save the US economy, you see a 'this domain has been seized by the Ministry of Propaganda' banner taking up your entire screen.

Thinking that incredibly odd you hurriedly visit your other go-to websites for real news and find that Infowars, Steve Quayle, Zero Hedge, SHTFPlan, ANP and 200 or so others are bearing the same despicable banner. Suddenly (though with many prior warnings), 'real news' is gone and the only websites you can go to are CNN, the Washington Post, MSNBC and all of those who've been deliberately and desperately lying to and misleading the American people for many years.


While such a morning may be very far away and might never happen, we must remind you that only a little over a year ago back in October of 2015, Matt Drudge visited Alex Jones for an interview that went viral in which he warned us that the death of free speech was happening now. Correctly predicting then that social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter would openly engage in censorship, warnings that we've seen come true the past year, we also have witnessed the EU banning and criminalizing speech that is not deemed 'politically correct' during this time. You can see the Infowars viral video with Matt Drudge as the final video below.

And while the presidential victory of Donald Trump has many believing all of this is now a mute point, all we need to do is take a look at what's now happening across the failing mainstream media as well as within Congress to see that sore losers may try to take down the whole ship along with them. As this new story from Zero Hedge tells us, only a week after the Washington Post launched their 'witch hunt', Congress has seemingly joined in.

As David Knight told us on Infowars in this story from Saturday, some believe Congress's anti-Russian propaganda laws are an attempt to take over and shut down the independent media with globalists clearly attempting to blacklist truthtellers in America and worldwide. And as we hear in the 1st video below from Infowars, 'Operation Mockingbird' part 2 has been launched against the American people by the desperate globalists who are losing more and more power every day as seen in Italy over the weekend. In the 2nd video, David Knight is joined by Lionel from Lionel Media for a very interesting conversation about  'propaganda' and the 'ministry of truth' that globalists liars are seeking to establish.


With Congress seemingly attempting to establish a 'Ministry of Truth' in a globalist attempt to push back against the increasingly successful independent media, who will be allowed to determine what is truth from what are lies, the same people within government and media who've been lying to the American people for many years?

It's not just a coincidence that Americans trust in the mainstream media is now at the lowest levels ever according to this recent Gallup Poll at a time when the American people saw through the MSM's blind support of Hillary Clinton while they bashed Donald Trump at every opportunity that they could find.

And with the alternative media hugely supporting Trump over war criminal Clinton despite not knowing exactly what a Trump presidency would bring America, are these latest moves by Congress also an attack upon Trump?


We have long warned on ANP that if suddenly, all of our favorite websites are no longer accessible online, we will have 100% proof that America has taken another dark turn towards totalitarianism.

Fortunately, our Founding Fathers long ago gave Americans a legal way to deal with despots and those who want to harm America, freedom and liberty. We pray every day that America never comes to the point in time when the 2nd Amendment is needed to save America yet it looks every day that we may be heading in that direction. We pray we're wrong.

However, a whole-scale takedown of 200 or so websites such as the Drudge Report, Infowars, Breitbart and the others that we all love and visit many times daily will prove to us that 'America' is no longer 'America' and our 'leaders' have crossed over into the kind of darkness that they'll never willingly come back from.

Should we reach that point in time, maybe only the American people could save our country. For those who still believe it may never come to that, we share with you part of an email which we recently received by a group who is putting together a 1st Amendment defense organization dedicated to protecting free speech in America.:

"The present attack on 1st amendment rights is only just beginning. We are up against the wall and the only way out is to fight."

We can assure you, ANP will continue to fight for the truth and for the continuation of the 1st Amendment for everybody, especially for those who will be here in America long after we are gone, as long as we are able to. Peacefully, and legally, of course.

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