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June 1, 2017

More Bizarre Animal Attacks Upon Humans As Vampire Bats Attack 40 And Kill One In Brazil Just The Latest Freakish Event

- Is This More Evidence The Forces Of Nature Are Being Weaponized And Turned Against Us? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on May 23rd, we asked in a story on ANP if other 'creations of God' such as animals in the world were changing their nature after reporting upon several bizarre animal attacks upon human beings that scientists couldn't explain.

Happening during the same time period that mass animal and fish deaths across the Pacific Ocean and along the West coast of the United States and Canada were occuring (also 'unexplained' by scientists), we also shared with you then several new scientific research studies that the Drudge Report even linked to that proved to us that plants and trees can 'hear' and cooperate with each other to help ensure their survival against predators.

Days later, in a story submitted to ANP by MT Taylor, more such bizarre attacks were pointed out along with several verses from the Bible which warned us that such bizarre events might be coming to the Earth at sometime in our futures.

While we fully expected that such stories and theories would be roundly criticized, the mass animal deaths keep happening, and so do the very bizarre (and getting more bizarre by the moment!) animal attacks upon humans.

As ENENews reported on May 31st, the alarming animal deaths were just kicked up several major notches after an "extremely high” number of sick and dead animals, including sea birds, sea lions, and dolphins, appeared on California beaches. As they asked, "how many have to die until somebody cares?" 

For those who haven't been paying attention, the End Times Prophecy Blog has been documenting these 'mass animal death events' for 6 years running now, with thousands and thousands of such 'events'.


And now, we hear of two more 'mass animal attack events' that have just happened over the last few days with at least one man dead and 40 others injured after vampire bats began attacking people in Brazil while in Ireland, more than a dozen people were injured after a series of bizarre crow attacks upon people at a college there as also heard in the first video below. Interestingly, according to an animal expert in Ireland, the crow attacks could be due to hunger

As Steve Quayle mentioned in an SQnote he left while linking to this bizarre animal attack story, "note the animals are changing their natures, and are starting to exhibit more aggressive behavior to humans - food chain is starting to change!"

More evidence of that can be found in this recent story from which reported that a Great White shark has recently been tracked just several miles off of the coast of New Jersey, the 2nd Great White tracked off of the East coast in recent days, and happening just days after another Great White jumped into a man's boat in Australia.

As Quayle also mentioned in an SQnote he left while linking to this story from True Activist, "the Great White sharks and other sea life are living in a nuclear cesspool, still the denial band plays on - 'extinction level event underway".


Quite interestingly, both the Huffington Post and the NY Post now have pages dedicated to animal attacks upon humans. Is the mainstream media about to 'come clean' about what we're now watching around the world?

While we don't have all of the answers as to why all of these recent attacks have been taking place, as MT Taylor wisely points out in this story submitted to ANPSo what is happening now? What is God’s answer to the question about why His original plan for man’s dominion over the animal kingdom is being reversed? His Word teaches that just as God sometimes commandeers foreign enemies to attack an ungodly nation, he can call on the wild beasts to punish its rebellion.

And as we pointed out in this recent story on ANP, many recent events prove that the war upon Christians as well as the war upon traditional American values rages on in a year with one animal attack upon human beings after another.

In the 2nd video below we hear that the Fukushima extinction level event is spawning 'monster mutations' amongst the animal world as our planet is poisoned and as our videographer argues, the end result will be the extinction of the human race.

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