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May 31, 2017

These Recent Events Prove The War On Christians And America Rages On As The MSM Shows Their True Colors - Red!

Why Does The MSM Continue To Push Outright Lies While Embracing Evil?  

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the mainstream media continues to push the 'white supremacist' angle of the recent horrific Portland double-murder, attempting to link the coward who threatened a woman while slashing the necks of 'heroes' to President Donald Trump, this new story over at Information Liberation proves to us that Jeremy Christian was a Bernie Sanders supporter who had a deep hatred of President Trump and his supporters as also heard in the 2nd video below.

If anyone else noticed that the 'killer' in Portland was surnamed 'Christian', you aren't the only one. As Infowars reportedthis case furthered the media's fake narrative evil white people are constantly killing minorities everywhere for kicks. So, how many MSM outlets are reporting this coward was a Sanders supporter? If you can find one, please leave a link to the story in the comment section below. 

With the MSM also completely neglecting to dedicate any serious time to the horrific murders which took place the same weekend in which 8 were killed in Mississippi, including a Sheriff's deputy, we continue to see the failed 'globalist-establishment' and the MSM on the same road towards the destruction of America they've long been on and as we see outlined in this ANP story, the MSM's agenda includes their attempt to 'takedown' Christianity and 'patriotism' while they're ushering in the devil.

As this new story over at Daily Mail stressed, Jeremy Christian recently shouted in court, "you call it terrorism, I call it patriotism" leading us to ask, was there more to what happened in Portland than we are being told? The fact that the mainstream media and 'globalist-establishment' are at war against Christianity and 'traditional America' should tell us what the MSM isn't. 


In this new story over at Skywatch TV they report upon a new video game called 'Far Cry 5' in which the villains are white, Christian 'right wingers' from Montana. As Steve Quayle mentioned in an SQnote he left while linking to that story, "Wanna guess who funded this? Wanna bet the millions of gamers aren't going to be exposed to infrasound programming as well as neuro-linguistic programming?"  You can see the trailer for 'Far Cry 5' in the 3rd video below. 

As we hear in the first video below featuring Mike Cernovich on Infowars, with video game makers just the latest mainstream organization to declare war upon Christians and Christianity, Cernovich warns they're trying to make Christians look like some sort of cult of loony fanatics at a time when the 'true loonies' are the progressive left who're now losing their collective minds.

Exemplified by the horrific display of stupidity recently put on by Kathy Griffin, who somehow thought it would be in good artistic taste to hold up the likeness of the severed head of President Donald Trump, we see in the left's unraveling and their war upon God and Christianity their true nature and as we hear in the final video below from Gary Franchi of the Next News Network, her own stupidity hasn't worked out too well for Griffin. Will it for the msm? 


With Griffin's profoundly stupid display coming soon after President Trump proclaimed "the bloodletting of Christians must end", warning that civilization is at a precipice after the brutal slaying of 28 Coptic Christians in Egypt, we're not surprised that the Los Angeles Times recently responded to Trump's Christian pilgrimage by instructing their readers how to use witchcraft to put a 'binding spell' upon President Trump. Proving to us once again that another msm outlet could care less about America or 'the truth' and are 'in the game' merely as another part of the satanic agenda to 'take down' Christianity and America.  

And why would video game makers cast American Christians as 'the villains' and 'the enemy' unless there was an outright agenda to demonize Christians and Americans? From Infowars:

“Previous Far Cry games have been set in remote locales crawling with fictional villains (and even mutants at one point—how far it’s all come) and were easy to dismiss as pleasantly distant and fully fictional,” PC Gamer notes.

The latest Far Cry follows a growing trend in video games to cast Americans as the enemy, according to The Verge:

“Resident Evil 7 sets its hero against a pseudo-zombified white family in the American bayou, while Outlast 2 draws horror from an American religious cult. Mafia 3 follows Lincoln Clay, a mixed-raced Vietnam vet, who takes revenge on the Italian mob in 1970s Louisiana after the assassination of his father figure, the leader of the black mob. And an episode of Hitman, called “Freedom Fighters,” has the titular killer assassinating targets on a Colorado compound that seemed to take at least some inspiration from the real-world incident in Harney County.”


As we've previously reported on ANP, the 'communist left's' agenda against Christianity and the 'family unit' are all part of the process of destabilizing America and looking at America today, we can see they almost accomplished their goals during the past 8 years of the Obama administration and surely would have if Hillary had stolen the presidency. 

As Mike Adams reported over at News Target back on January 9th, the communist subversion of America was almost complete before President Trump got into office with left-wing media  already helping to achieve 3 out of 4 steps for Soviet-style overthrow of American society and government. From Adams

For weeks, the left-wing media has been absurdly claiming that patriot websites and a Republican President elect are working for the Russians. The truth is exactly the flip side: Democrats have been working with the Russians for decades to subvert American culture, destabilize America’s institutions and overrun the U.S. government with Marxist-communist leftist infiltrators who despise liberty and the Constitution.

For example, CNN’s Chris Cuomo is a blatant communist sympathizer who celebrated the murderous Castro regime by claiming Castro “lifted everyone up.” After Castro’s death, CNN talking heads gushed for days about how glorious Castro was, apparently oblivious to the mass political executions of men, women and children committed by Castro over decades of exploitation and tyranny. The exact words of Cuomo leave no doubt that he worships communist dictators. 


While claims were being made by the left that President Trump was out to 'destroy America', we've witnessed very real attempts being made by the left to 'destroy America'. While claims were being made by the msm and the left that President Donald Trump was 'in the pocket' of the Russians, we see the truth is that Hillary Clinton was 'owned' by the Russians. And while claims were being made by the msm and the left that 'Islam' is a 'religion of peace', we see that the truth is nothing but as more and more Christians and innocents are slaughtered by adherents to that 'religion' every day.

ANP Note: Islam IS NOT a 'religion' but a totalitarian political ideology

With the Christian exodus from the Middle East now the largest such exodus in modern history while the mainstream media continues to lie and mislead the American people in pursuit of their satanic agenda, there's never been a more important time than now to 'fight fire with fire' in pursuit of 'truth' as the war against Christians, America and 'free humanity' rages on. 

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