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October 24, 2020

More Evidence Of A Great Purge Ahead If Joe Biden Steals The Election With Calls For 'An Assault' Upon The Independent Media

- They Want To Shut The Truth Tellers Down As America Is Transformed Into A Totalitarian Nation

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While we've reported a lot about the censorship of Conservatives over the past many years, we get a good look at the direction that 'censorship' will take should Joe Biden be elected President in this new story over at Yahoo News titled "Biden's First War Would Have To Be Against Propaganda".

With Democrats labeling 'propaganda' as anything that paints them in a bad light or anything that exposes the truth, and the 'real propaganda' actually being the drivel peddled by the mainstream media for arguably decades or more now, the Yahoo story paints a very bleak picture for 'independent news' should Biden somehow steal this election, especially with the Washington Post having previously incorrectly labeled the large majority of pro-Trump, pro-America news websites as 'Russian propaganda'.  

And with that 2016 Post story published soon after the election nothing more than them promoting a 'McCarthyite blacklist' of websites which went against the msm/globalist/democrat party line/lies and against Hillary Clinton during that 2016 election, can you even imagine America without websites such as Zero Hedge, The Economic Collapse Blog, SHTFPlan, Steve Quayle, the Organic Prepper, Natural News, Summit News, Bare Naked Islam, American's Freedom Fighters and many others? 

The 'Prop or Not' list which singles out many of those websites and hundreds more is still online at their website (which we won't link to) and saved here at archive, and as we can see by taking a look at their 'list', should Joe Biden somehow manage to take all those websites down, Kamala Harris or whoever takes Biden's place on the presidential ballot in 2024 would be running virtually unopposed, with a complete monopoly on the flow of information, with democrats already 'owning' big tech and the mainstream media. 

So let's first take a look at this nothing-less-than-Orwellian story from Yahoo News before we continue below with a look at the latest attempts by democrats and 'big tech' to steal this election for Joe Biden by undertaking a massive purge of Conservative voices. 

The asymmetry of the two major parties is driven in part by information asymmetries that feed extremism. The decades-long project of Fox News and the conservative movement to destroy shared truth has paved the way. Regular imbibers of Fox News, according to a new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute, occupy a climate more extreme than other Republicans, who tend to have more varied and less dishonest information sources. 

As insidious as Fox is, it appears almost benign compared with other feeders of fanaticism around Trump. Devotion to Trump requires not only defying the facts revealed by journalism, history, science and lived experience. It requires disbelieving the literally dozens of former Trump loyalists who openly dispute MAGA fantasies and see the president as childish, solipsistic, vindictive and uninterested in, or incapable of, doing his job. Meanwhile, Trump’s baseless accusations against others routinely turn to dust. 

Some Trump supporters willfully ignore these realities. Others don’t care or perversely admire his corruption and incompetence. Both mindsets will persist even if Trump is removed from office in January. 

Men like Donald Trump don’t prosper in a healthy political culture. The emergence of a reality-based conservative information sphere — the Bulwark is a new example — is a necessary but insufficient development. The alienation of the MAGA base from realistic national narratives will continue to play out in criminal plots, pizza obsessions and dangerously unhinged right-wing politics that enjoys the imprimatur of leading Republicans. The U.S. won’t return to anything like political health so long as tens of millions live in a dystopian triangle bounded by MAGA, Facebook and Fox. 

Experts call for more aggressive actions by the news media and social media companies to combat disinformation. Both have improved upon their abysmal 2016 performance, but it’s not enough. 

Even amid acute polarization, the most effective alternative to mass disinformation may be the White House. Trump has deployed it to spread countless lies. But his success proves that no media source can compete with the White House in establishing the flow and parameters of information. Even those who recognize the Trump administration’s falsehoods and the damage they have done to government credibility still bend to its gravity. 

There are limits, of course. All sorts of calumny spread through right-wing media when Barack Obama was president. Moreover, there is little evidence that Republican politicians not named Mitt Romney will denounce propaganda — including Russian-sourced disinformation — if they think it provides a partisan advantage. (ANP: There they go with the 'Russian-sourced disinformation' again!)

Yet Obama largely refrained from directly attacking disinformation aimed at undermining his presidency. That may or may not have been a partisan mistake. But beyond partisan self-interest, the cost of his administration’s reticence was high. With a more concerted effort, the presidency has the power to yoke the misinformed more closely to fact, if only by degrees. 

No doubt the most unhinged, such as the Michigan conspirators, would be undeterred by pronouncements from a Biden White House. To the MAGA cohort, a Biden presidency would represent an alternate reality that bears no resemblance to the magic kingdom in which they prefer to reside. 

Still, the assault must be made. Breaking the hold of this collective delusion is a national imperative. If there is one thing America has learned in 2020, it is that defeating a virus — whether biological or informational — requires an honest and engaged president.

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With that 'prop or not list' peddled by the Washington Post following the 2016 election hinting back then where America was headed, as we reported just days ago on ANP in this story titled "Are YOUR Name & Address On 'The List'? Fascist Leftists Putting The Names And Addresses Of President Trump Supporters Onto Online 'Intimidation Map' Never Learned From History", the radical left just love their 'lists', just like Communist China and their 'kill lists' of dissidents there who've gone against the Communist party. 

So with China also recently being named to a United Nations 'human rights panel' to help identify threats to free speech actually BEING as Orwellian as it sounds, the fact that China is using 'big tech' companies such as twitter and facebook to help Joe Biden win the election shows just how much danger America is in should Biden win, with Communist-China clearly 'owning' Joe and his son Hunter.  

First, from the Daily Wire.:

Even as questions persist as to how China handled its own coronavirus pandemic — including whether the Chinese government effectively silenced doctors and nurses who spoke out in the early days of the virus’ spread — the United Nations has reportedly appointed China to serve on a U.N. Human Rights panel designed to help identify threats to the freedom of speech, and governments who are carrying out “enforced disappearances” and “arbitrary detention.” 

International news reports that China’s appointment came Wednesday, just as countries like the United States began to probe deeper into how the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, was allowed to spread so quickly inside mainland China, and whether China’s reported death count — just over 2,500 — from the virus was, indeed, accurate. 

It now seems, according to reports cataloging the return of thousands of cremated remains to families in and around Wuhan, China, the coronavirus epicenter, that more than 40,000 likely died from the virus in the Wuhan area alone. 

The U.N., always on the cutting edge of global matters will allow China to “have a say in selecting at least 17 UN human rights ‘mandate-holders’ over the next year. China will also assist in screening candidates for UN human rights positions.” 

“It’s absurd and immoral for the UN to allow China’s oppressive government a key role in selecting officials who shape international human rights standards and report on violations worldwide,” the executive director of UN Watch, which first reported China’s appointment to the panel, told media in a statement. “Allowing China’s oppressive and inhumane regime to choose the world investigators on freedom of speech, arbitrary detention and enforced disappearances is like making a pyromaniac into the town fire chief.” 

The appointment seems particularly egregious in light of China’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic and reports that the Chinese government, already well known for curbing the freedom of speech of its constituents as well as their access to vital information, silenced doctors who raised the alarm on coronavirus.

And from this Front Page Mag story:

It’s no coincidence that the Democrat nominee is a doddering hack best known for inappropriately touching women and building close relationships between certain American industries and the People’s Republic of China. 

The biggest Big Tech companies are driven by outsized stock prices and a high cash burn rate that can only be fixed by massive growth. And that growth is dependent on China and on American trade policies. 

The real foreign election interference is coming from China. Big Tech companies are just doing the dirty work of the Communist dictatorship. China’s Communist leaders don’t even need to say anything. The message is clear. The only way forward for them is through Joe Biden. 

That’s why Big Tech is far more driven to defeat President Trump and elect Joe Biden and its election interference has become much more blatant than it was in the previous election. 

It’s not just about the politics, it’s also about the money. 

Big Tech companies are selling out our election to China the way they have our jobs. And their election interference is reaching unprecedented heights as they function like a cartel. 

Twitter not only banned a story about Hunter Biden’s China ties, it ruthlessly suspended, blocked, and shut down accounts belonging to government officials and journalists, even as it promoted a counter-story from the Washington Post.

As Natural News had reported in this October 22nd story, Facebook has hired Chinese communists with H-1B visas to help them build “hate speech algorithms" to censor Americans, helping to ensure only 'deep-state-approved' news shows up on the news feeds of Americans across the country. 

And as Jonathan Turley reported in this recent story over at his blog titled "The Rise of The Corporate Censors: How America Is Drifting Toward The Chinese Model Of Media", the total, outright and blatant censorship by 'big tech' and the mainstream media of the Hunter Biden story is nothing less than a dire warning of where America is headed. From his story before we conclude:

Below is my column in The Hill newspaper on the censorship of the Hunter Biden controversy by Facebook and Twitter. The response of the Biden campaign and figures like Rep. Adam Schiff has been to dismiss the story as the likely product of Russian intelligence. Notably however they do not address the underlying emails. 

As many of us have written, there is ample reason to suspect foreign intelligence and the FBI is reportedly investigating that possibility. However, that does not mean that the emails are not authentic. Hillary Clinton was hacked by Russia but the emails were still real. It is possible to investigate both those responsible for the laptop’s disclosure and what has been disclosed on the laptop. The censorship by these companies however has magnified concerns in the controversy, particularly with the disclosure of close connections between some company officials and the Biden campaign.

Chinese citizens watched President Xi Jinping deliver an important speech this week not far from Hong Kong. Well, not the whole speech: Xi apparently is ill, and every time he went into coughing spasms, China’s state media cut away so that he would be shown only in perfect health. 

Xi’s coughs came to mind as Twitter and Facebook prevented Americans from being able to read the New York Post’s explosive allegations of influence-peddling by Hunter Biden through their sites. The articles cited material reportedly recovered from a laptop; it purportedly showed requests for Hunter Biden to use his influence on his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, as well as embarrassing photos of Hunter Biden. 

Many of us have questioned the sketchy details of how the laptop reportedly was left by Hunter Biden with a nearly blind computer repairman and then revealed just weeks before the presidential election. There are ample reasons to question whether this material was the product of a foreign intelligence operation, which the FBI apparently is investigating. 

Yet the funny thing about kompromat — a Russian term for compromising information — is that often it is true. Indeed, it is most damaging and most useful when it is true; otherwise, you deny the allegations and expose the lie. Hunter Biden has yet to deny these were his laptop, his emails, his images. If thousands of emails and images were fabricated, then serious crimes were committed. 

But if the emails and images are genuine, then the Bidens appear to have lied for years as a raw influence-peddling scheme worth millions stretched from China to Ukraine to Russia. Moreover, these countries likely have had the compromising information all along while the Bidens — and the media — were denying reports of illicit activities.

So with more and more leftist outlets censoring what appears to be very true information about the Biden's this close to the election, and now them calling for 'assaults' upon the outlets that publish that information, calling it 'propaganda' or 'conspiracy theories', as even Readers Digest had published in this story titled "12 crazy conspiracy theories that actually turned out to be true", "they say the truth is stranger than fiction. That's no lie"

And as Reclaim The Net had reported in this recent story, with CNN talking head Brian Stelter recently saying 'there should be more big tech censorship' while with Democrats, the mainstream media and 'big tech' walk the Chinese communist party line and censor any information damaging to them, especially a Hunter Biden scandal that should blow Joe Biden's chances of being America's president out of the water, if we think the level of censorship we're witnessing now is bad, should Joe Biden win, we haven't seen anything yet. 

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