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February 25, 2021

As Left Creates Ways To Justify Their Own Rampant Lawlessness, The Gathering Storm To Usher In The End Of America Continues To Grow With Much Worse To Come As Globalists Seek To Completely Shut Down Our Once Free Society

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

We reported in this ANP story on Wednesday that according to former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the 'woke culture' now fully embraced by the political left in America has 'far more in common with radical Islam than many would think', with both political philosophies seeking to shut down free speech while censoring and destroying anyone who disagrees with them and as we'll further explore within this ANP story, it's not a stretch at all to suggest America is being herded towards outright totalitarianism in 2021.

With 'woke culture' also standing in direct opposition to the United States Constitution and specifically the 1st Amendment in America, proof that such 'a culture' won't stand in America without the full-scale dismantling of the Constitution, this important new story over at warns that is exactly the way we're now heading, with authoritarians always taking a series of steps to 'take down freedom' as we're now seeing across America.  

Yet with the radical left authoritarians absolutely needing to fully dismantle both the 1st and 2nd Amendments to have any real opportunity of accomplishing their warped goals, it's no surprise that they're attempting to do both right now, with anti-gun advocates now pushing Joe Biden to 'act on gun control' while anti-free-speech advocates push to turn America and the world into 'woke Hollywood'. From this Alt-Market story titled "How Societies Are Imprisoned: The Whole World Will One Day Be Like Hollywood?" before we continue.: 

What I see in the film industry and in the corporate world in general today is complete and unfettered propaganda. We have moved beyond the phase of subversively hidden manipulations to a new stage in which the propaganda has become blatant and aggressive. Almost every new movie and television series, not to mention most commercials, are rife with leftist distortions. You will be hard pressed to find any content these days that does not push ideas like: 

1) Endless feminist platitudes. 

2) Mentions of patriarchy and “white privilege”. 

3) Ridiculous exaggerations of racism in America (as if nothing has changed since the days of Jim Crow). 

4) Oppression of women, rape culture, etc. as if all the tenets of first and second wave feminism have not already been accomplished. Depicting oppression of women where none actually exists. 

5) Women consistently portrayed as overtly masculine with traits and abilities that defy their biology. 

6) Men consistently portrayed as weak and feminine. 

7) Masculinity, strength, competition and merit portrayed as destructive, “toxic” and outdated. 

8) Common positive feminine traits (nurturing, child rearing, home making) portrayed as obsolete or oppressive.  

9) Forced and unrealistic diversity, which misrepresents the actual statistical racial make-up of the US population and other Western nations. 

10) Saturation of gay and Trans representation – A tiny percentage of the population is made to appear as if it is a vast movement that inhabits every person’s daily experience. 

11) Older generations cast as confused and ignorant, or removed from film and television completely. 

12) Younger people portrayed as wise leaders “cleaning up the messes” of older generations, somehow blessed with extensive knowledge and experience by mere virtue of their youth. 

13) History erased and rewritten to reflect modern leftist ideals.

So with the 'leftist roadmap' not only laid out before us but being stuffed down our throats, as that story also warned, what we're witnessing is nothing less than 'corporate culture' and 'Marxist culture' being melded together until they are one and the same.: 

"They want that environment of oppression and fear to become the standard. They want everyone to be afraid to speak, or to disagree, or to step away from the agenda."

As Susan Duclos had warned in this February 24th story on ANP, with a new 'intimidation campaign' launched by the left and the mainstream media against the independent and Conservative media and so-called 'Conservative speech' in general, we've come to an incredibly dangerous time period in America.

As we'd also reported yesterday in this ANP story, America is definitely NOT immune to the possibility of slipping into authoritarianism, and with even far-left former Clinton advisor Naomi Wolf warning we're on the path towards tyranny, it'll take a completely dumbed down population for the globalists to impose it.  

So let's next take a look at this excellent story by Leo Hohmann that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website today titled "12 mind-control tactics used by globalist establishment elites to change the way Americans think" to see how Americans are being herded into tyranny and completely controlled through what are nothing less than 'mind control tactics' being carried out upon us every day.  

12 Mind-Control Tactics 

1) Remove or discredit leaders that are principled, courageous, and people of conviction and morality. 

2) Entice the brainwashing subjects into questioning and doubting their fundamental worldview values and convictions. 

3) Teach a revisionist history that portrays America’s capitalist free-market system as the source of all oppression and suffering. 

4) Teach moral relativism and situational ethics in order to destroy morality and character. 

5) Teach the importance of group consensus and collectivism, and the danger and consequence of individuality. 

6) Teach feelings and personal subjective experiences over facts, reason, logic and context. 

7) Put the brainwashing subject into a state of fear, anxiety, confusion, and social turbulence in order to diminish the subjects’ ability to think critically using reason, logic and context. The ultimate goal is to force the subject to surrender his or her values, and worldview to those of the change agents and their controlled and crafted group consensus. 

8) Conceal the lies and evil agenda of the propagandist behind masking terms that sound good, but are chosen to shame and manipulate the targeted subjects into willingly embracing their own demise. 

9) Use individuals in trusted institutions and occupations to give credibility to the worldview and values being introduced into the brainwashing subjects. 

10) Set up a system of rewards, honor, recognition and advancement for those who embrace the worldview and values of the brainwashing program. Apply punitive consequences to any worldview and values that are contrary to the chosen worldview and values being inserted into the brainwashing subject. 

11) Use informants, gossips and tattletales to report on noncompliance and groups. 

12) Create an atmosphere and environment of chaos, suffering, hopelessness and danger and then rescue the subjects from this condition so that the persecutor is perceived as being a friend, protector and savior [classic Stockholm syndrome].

So with most of the mind control tactics seen above now being used against and upon Americans, even via government-sponsored and carried out means as 'Project MKUltra', and the left seeking to completely 'cancel out' anything they cannot control, we should expect and prepare for the next 4 years into January of 2025 to bring about the completion of the globalists 'end game'. With nothing less than the total subjugation of the American people a sinister part of their overall plan long ago warned of that we now see coming to fruition. 

As Michael Snyder had reported in this new story over at the Economic Collapse Blog, if we want to see the future of America, all we need to do is take a look at what's happening now in Chicago, Illinois, or almost any other Democrat-run city for that matter. 

With Chicago and many Democrat-run cities having been transformed into rotting, decaying, crime-ridden hell-holes, as Snyder warns, the rest of America will soon follow if Biden and Democrats get their way.

With the globalists/democrats also needing the total moral, financial and physical collapse of America to fully usher in their 'end time agenda', those who aren't prepared for what's to come are potentially putting their families in grave risk. From this Economic Collapse Blog story.: 

Unfortunately, the truth is that our entire society is in the process of melting down all around us, and this process is only going to accelerate during the very difficult years ahead. 

The worse economic conditions become, the more desperate people are going to get, and right now more businesses are shutting down with each passing day. 

As this economic crisis grows, those at the bottom of the economic food chain will increasingly be venturing into wealthy neighborhoods to take our their frustrations. Those with a “Robin Hood mentality” will try to claim that there is “justice” in taking from the rich and giving to the poor, but in reality it will just be a way to justify the rampant lawlessness in our streets. 

The rioting, looting and violence that we have seen so far is just the beginning. Much worse is coming, and it won’t be too long before the entire country looks like the streets in the worst parts of Chicago.

And with the globalists absolutely using this 'coronavirus scamdemic' to help usher in that end game, with 'social distancing', face masks, lockdowns, quarantines and everything else that has come along with this 'outbreak' all part of the moves being made by them nothing less than 'incrementalism', who would have thought just years ago that America would look like it does now?  

In the only video below, Mike Adams takes a look at the 'Joe Biden blowout' and the final looting of America that we're now witnessing as the globalists seek to completely shut down our once-free society, with the eternal wisdom of America's Founding Fathers also the remedy to tyranny

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