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November 2, 2015

Mysterious 'Substance' Falls From The Sky In Texas And Arizona - Exclusive Reader Photos


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Reports are coming in of a mysterious "fiber" like substance  falling from the sky in Texas and Arizona, with one ANP reader submitting photographic evidence, including the image seen above.

Interestingly enough, while the popular claim is that these webs are simply "spider webs," in December of 2014 independent testing was done on this type of substance which showed the presence of  “Aluminum”, “barium” and “strontium”, three substances commonly associated with chemtrails.  (See reports here and here with original article by Intellihub here detailing the test results)

Our reader is planning to send the collected samples from October 2015 of the white substance out for testing as explained in the email  transcript below:

Hey guys I took these pics other night these was falling from sky news in Dallas is reporting it spider webs. I have never seen a spider web float straight down from the sky. I collected a sample an going to send to Mike Adams[Natural News] to see if it really is spider webs. The same night they were floating they were chemtrailing hard.... this stuff was not drifting like if it came out of a tree, it was falling from high up. Maybe it is webs an it was uplifted an fell but everyone around here talking about it. Never saw anything like it before.

[UPDATE 11/3/15] Mike Adam's via Natural News just sent this over to ANP - Chemtrail fibers or something else? Health Ranger publishes microscopy lab photos of mysterious fibers falling out of the sky in North Texas



According to an article from October 31, 2015 over at Intellihub, this was also witnessed in Arizona by a a local FedEx driver named R. Dyved.

“I was doing some research about this exact very article you posted on December 5, 2014. Well, I think this has happened again on Friday. About 11:00 a.m. or there about I saw three large military aircraft fly westbound over Cottonwood. I drive for FedEx and I was then making a delivery. Very unusual. Didn’t think much of it later. Well after around 3:00 p.m. I started noticing web like strands in the air and also all over plants and trees along 89-A from Sedona to Cottonwood. I also later in between these times heard a lone helicopter and spotted it very high up flying west to east. Not sure if this is related, but since it was very high up and made sound it must have been a big one. Your article was almost a mirror incident on what happened today. As well as just about a year later. Strange indeed.”


“So I woke up this morning to take my cats out in the fenced back yard. I believe I found some fibers on our tile. I grabbed some tweezers to collect it and tried to place it in a small baby food jar. Gosh, was it difficult to get off the tweezers and very small crochet hook. Managed. So I can see as any animal, human walking along can get this on them thinking it was a mere spider web. Not easy to get off once it is on something. It felt sort of like plastic and was very strong. […] Very disturbing indeed.”

Recently ANP detailed some effects the chemical compounds found in chemtrails, physical flu-like symptoms, the association with mental degenerative conditions as well as behavioral changes, but another concerning aspect of these reports is the timing of them in conjunction with the recent MSM headline news about military scientists spraying spider webs with Ebola and the Plague.

Cobwebs tend to take on a particular menace at this time of year, but military scientists have been conducting research that turns them into something deadly.

Researchers working for the UK's Ministry of Defence have been spraying spider webs with diseases including Ebola and the Black Death.

Make no mistake, we are not saying these "webs" in Texas and Arizona are sprayed with Ebola or the plague, but the very fact that military scientists are using webs to experiment with Ebola and the Plague, is indicative of plans for a military application at some point.

We have seen much discussion about terrorists planning to weaponize both Ebola and the Plague, so it wouldn't be any great leap in logic to imagine that governments across the globe would be experimenting with the same type of biological weapon utilizing chemtrails in a manner to distribute a biological weapon over a vast area.

The video below was taken on November 1, 2015, in Texas, showing these "webs" falling from the sky.

The next video is from videographer Spiro, discussing the Daily Mail article regarding military scientists spraying webs with Ebola and the Plague.

Below more photos emailed by the ANP reader:



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