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June 30, 2020

Normal Americans Are Fed Up With Feminazis, Antifa, BLM And Rioters  - In Case You Missed It, We Are In The Midst Of Civil War In America

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

I wasn't going to address Antifa again this soon, but a couple of patterns are emerging that need to be highlighted and violent Antifa and/or BLM members are part of that topic.

1.) Antifa "Feminazis" are using their female gender to become overly aggressive believing that no one will knock them right out of their face.

2.) Americans are getting sick and tired of the actions protesters burning cities down, destroying property and terrorizing towns and neighborhoods.

3.) The irresponsible liberal establishment media has blood on their hands and Americans need to hold them accountable.


In my previous piece I ended it with a video, one that needs much more attention because of what it shows.

An elderly black man, defending the Lincoln Emancipation statue, while a younger, masked white female Antifa and/or BLM member got right up into his face, screeching like a banshee, informing him that it was a racist statue.

He asked her politely if she knew who funded the statue. Of course she didn't,, so she just got closer into his face aggressively and howled even louder.

The funding drive for the monument began, according to much-publicized newspaper accounts from the era, with $5 given by former slave Charlotte Scott of Virginia, then residing with the family of her former master in Marietta, Ohio, for the purpose of creating a memorial honoring Lincoln. The Western Sanitary Commission, a St. Louis-based volunteer war-relief agency, joined the effort and raised some $20,000 before announcing a new $50,000 goal.

According to the National Park Service, the monument was paid for solely by former slaves:

The campaign for the Freedmen's Memorial Monument to Abraham Lincoln, as it was to be known, was not the only effort of the time to build a monument to Lincoln; however, as the only one soliciting contributions exclusively from those who had most directly benefited from Lincoln's act of emancipation it had a special appeal ... The funds were collected solely from freed slaves (primarily from African American Union veterans) ...

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His point was made. She had no idea that the statue was funded with the wages of former slaves, to celebrate their freedom.

We also see how disrespectful a younger white Antifa member, one that claims to be on the side of "Black Lives Matter" by virtue of being there protesting a statue she incorrectly believed was racist, is to an elderly black man that is simply utilizing his First Amendment right of freedom of speech.

Obviously Antifa members only respect black people if they agree with them.

Next up, we have a Hispanic woman supportive of law enforcement and tired of seeing all police generalized by the action of some bad cops that the media highlights, while ignoring any good actions on the part of other police officers.

Savanah Hernandez stood on a sidewalk holding a sign saying "Police Lives Matter."

Another white female approaches her demanding she "get the f**k out of here," as if the white Antifa and/or BLM protester has the right to tell anyone else to leave a public sidewalk.

The woman continued verbally assaulting Hernandez, calling her "stupid b*tch," among other harassing comments, demanding she leave, as Hernandez indicated she had as much right to be there as anyone else.

Eventually an older black woman, described as one of the BLM protesters, told the screaming Mimi to stop her antics, but to no avail, as by the end of the video clip the woman physically assaulted Hernandez and attempted to grab her sign.

The two examples above are obviously two different liberal white women, yet their mentality, mindset, and attitude are eerily similar as they both seem to think they have the right to control others, to tell other people what to do and how they should think and act.

They both also think screaming, yelling, acting aggressive and trying to intimidate others is acceptable behavior.

It isn't.

(Yahoo News headline) 


This bullet points covers both #2 and #3 in my list at the top of this article.

These attitudes and actions are part of the beginning of the second civil war in America because normal Americans are truly getting fed up with the actions of these little terrorists.

Case in point: Recently a couple in St. Louis practiced their Second Amendment rights while protecting their property and community. They didn't shoot anyone, but they did hold weapons on a group of protesters that were in front of their houses.

What the MSM and liberals media headlines and stories largely neglected to mention is that the "peaceful" protesters, which is what they called them, broke down the gate of a gated community, ignored the "private street" and property signs as well as the no trespassing signs, before the couple exited their home with their weapons to defend their property against all the trespassers aka "protesters."

Daily Mirror: Chilling moment white couple pull guns on peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters

 ABC News: A couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as a group marched toward the mayor's home to demand her resignation

Associated Press: A video shows an unidentified couple in St. Louis pointing guns at protesters who were marching to demand the mayor's resignation after she read the names and addresses of some residents who supported defunding the police during an online briefing.

Washington Post: St. Louis couple points guns at peaceful crowd of protesters calling for mayor to resign

CBS News: White couple aims guns at St. Louis protesters

Here is an image of what these "peaceful" folks did to enter the private property within.

Once again showing that people, including authorities are fed up with the blatant examples of lawlessness, that incident is being investigated by the police as 'fourth-degree assault by intimidation' - on the part of the protesters who broke into the private property (gated community).

Interestingly, the responses are overwhelmingly positive to the police investigating the protesters, when just a few short weeks ago, the comment thread would have full of liberals yelling about police, and insisting the couple with the weapons be charged with something, despite the fact that legally, they were in the right.

Note: I would suggest, as respectfully as possible, that the couple get some training as to the handling of weapons.

As with anything these days, this has become a political hot potato rather than just a question of right or wrong, as the African-American, St. Louis prosecutor, Kimberly Gardner, who is also a registered Democrat, wants to investigate the couple and also referred to those the broke through the fence, and trespassed on private property  as "peaceful" protestors.

Two Related Articles: 

Detroit Police Department shares dash cam video of protesters surrounding police vehicles

Detroit police SUV ‘plows through’ protesters, flings off ‘largely peaceful’ protesters who had climbed on hood, broken out window


I see many look at what is happening, from the protests turning violent and deadly, burning down towns, destroying minority owned businesses, all in the name of  fighting "racism," while the media cheers them on, encourages them with outright lies, and calls these violent thugs "peaceful protesters," as just political posturing.

It is not. It is the beginning stages of a civil war, and something has shifted in the last couple of weeks, where before, folks just ignored a lot of it and moved on, now they are pushing back against these domestic terrorists, fighting back, protecting themselves, their families and communities.

As to the little feminazis, who use their gender as a shield against truly being treated equally by way of smacking them silly if they attack....... it is time to show them what real "equality" means.

Man or woman lays a hand on you without consent, they deserve to whatever they get.

God bless and stay free everyone.

Description for the video below:

Nearly forgotten amid a daily barrage of headlines about social unrest, the global pandemic and economic ills is the riot that hit downtown Portland on May 30. Under the cover of a Black Lives Matter demonstration, looters broke into retail stores all over downtown Portland.

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