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February 13, 2019

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Dead Or Alive? It Appears A Huge Deep State Cover Up Is Going On - Americans Demand 'Proof Of Life' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on February 1st, Susan Duclos asked in this story on ANP "what is going on?" in reference to US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who has been 'missing from action' for months, causing everybody but the mainstream media to ask "Where is Ruth?"

Just days after Susan's viral story (as if Ginsburg's people have been paying close attention to all of the the internet questions), the Washington Post put out this story reporting that Ginsburg had finally been seen in a rare public appearance, showing up at a Washington DC screening of a production called "Notorious RBG In Song" about her life.

And while the Post reported she sat in the back of the room and her presence was never announced to the audience, only being noted by one journalist who happened to be there and allegedly saw her, her alleged appearance has done nothing to dampen the internet speculation as this TNW story reports, "Justice Ginsburg made a public appearance last week - but the internet still thinks she's dead".

Well, for starters, if most Americans were well enough to show up to watch a play, we'd be considered well enough to go to work and for some employers, skipping work due to illness but going to out to socialize with that same illness would be a fireable offense.

Would the demonrats in collusion with the mainstream media 'spin a tail' to make it seem like RBG is still alive and well and kicking and in good enough shape to go watch a play about her life, giving 'proof of life' to the nation? With the ongoing track record of the Washington Post, CNN and most of the rest of the mainstream media, which sold it's soul to get Hillary Clinton into office, there is absolutely nothing that we can put past them in their attempt to stymie President Trump. 


As the National Review reported days ago, the Notorious Ruth Ginsburg' has a cult-like following of intense fans "nothing short of a pop-culture phenomenon, complete with merchandise, movies, and a recurring Kate McKinnon impression on Saturday Night Live". 

And while many on the left including Stephen Colbert actually offered Ginsburg their ribs and other body parts following her November tumble that broke three ribs, showing just how desperate they are that she remain in office for the next two years to not allow President Trump the opportunity to appoint another Conservative judge to the nations highest court, it's clear that should RBG soon pass on, the meltdown from Democrats will be absolutely legendary. From the National Review story.: 

For many, RBG is simultaneously a fun rock-star celebrity and the final bulwark between us and a future resembling The Handmaid’s Tale. The reputation and the reality of Ruth Bader Ginsburg have often clashed, but they have also transformed each other — in five short years, she has became “notorious,” a radical feminist, and a legendary dissenter.

Justice Ginsburg’s fan following exploded thanks to a combination of timely cases, Supreme Court trends, shifts within progressivism, and of course the Internet. Its most immediate spark was the 2013 case Shelby County v. Holder. In Shelby, the Supreme Court struck down a provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that singled out certain states and counties for extra federal scrutiny. The decision in Shelby was 5–4, split along partisan lines, and responsibility for the dissent fell to Ginsburg, who’d been the Court’s senior-most liberal since John Paul Stevens’s retirement three years earlier. The majority had reasoned that the conditions justifying a then-decades-old standard for federal scrutiny had changed and that the states in question remained under scrutiny for voting-rights violations that they hadn’t committed in decades. Ginsburg characterized this logic as punishing the Voting Rights Act for being successful — like “throwing away your umbrella in a rainstorm because you are not getting wet.”

Ginsburg’s characterization of the ruling caught fire on social media. Countless young people embraced it as a witty rebuke to what they saw as unintelligent, racist conservatism. One such person was Shana Knizhnik, a New York University law student spending the summer at a law firm specializing in advocacy for death-row inmates. On Facebook, a friend had shared Ginsburg’s opinion with the hashtag #notoriousRBG, “as a comment on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s amazing writing style and force in that opinion.” The hashtag caught Knizhnik’s attention. “It immediately clicked with me,” she explained in an interview for the NYU website, “that this must be a thing.”

But while Ginsburg is thoroughly loved by the left who'd be plunged into absolute lunacy should she suddenly no longer be able to function in her roll as Justice or she finally reach 'death's door', the Daily Caller reports in this recent story why judicial term limits should apply in certain cases, especially if a justice is incapacitated enough that they are no longer able to carry out their incredibly important duties to the nation. (Yet they can go see a play about their own life?! Yeah, right!!)


We have embedded the full "Notorious RBG In Song" video at the very bottom of this story for those wish to see it. First, be forewarned, it's absolutely putrid entertainment. We've decided to copy a few of the top comments from the video directly below to get a taste of what's in store for you and what the American people are thinking. Of note, for some reason, the videographer of this video uploaded it to youtube as 'unlisted' so it won't show up in youtube's general listings. 

As we see in all of the top rated comments from the video we've republished below, very few people who've bothered to comment actually believe that RBG is alive with several of them actually comparing this 'play' to a 'eulogy'. Is the 'notorious RBG' dead or alive? Whether dead or alive, as one commenter below mentions, "this is the most cringeworthy video I've ever scrolled through....No words". 

D Morris: Soon as I heard it was Jeff Bezos' blog that had reported Ginsburg as having put in an appearance, I knew it was just more fake news. I think there is a greater chance we will run into one of Bezos's many selfies of his genitalia than we have of seeing Ruth alive again. As for this cringe worth performance, I now understand why the good folks that upped it didn't want us to know who they were.

Lets be Frank: RBG is not in attendance. Funny how there is no photographs of her at this event. Especially since its celebrating her life. One might think this is more of an eulogy.

Quite Frankly:  On second take , this is definitely a memorial service

Jimmy Jam: Where in the World 🌎 is RBG? Asking for 64 million friends

Bud Harton: WaPo and the Hill report that RBG was there but she doesn't show up in the video in a concert in her honor?

SugaryCoyote: The idolization and fetishization of a judge is really something worrisome.

Fluoric: This is plain awful. Imagine paying to attend this. wtf, no seriously wtf?! No RBG either, lying shill wapo is a joke.

Joseph Smith: A capacity of 209 people for this theater. From 11:12 through 14:17, no mention of Ginsburg. Then, coincidentally it cuts off the rest of what he said at 14:18. Then again 1:20:26 concluding remarks, no Ginsburg acknowledment anywhere until she ends with song at 1:21:55. Then 1:25:52 to the end, never an acknowledgement of Ginsburg in the audience at all. We DEMAND proof of life!

dubgrug89: Is it just me or does this seem like a bunch of communists?

Kalle Conscious: Sounds like a funeral to me 

Robert A: This is the most cringeworthy video I've ever scrolled through...No words

Randy Gordon: Not in attendance....WaPo lies again!

miniprepper: If she were in the audience, even in the very back- there would have been some recognition factor by the members of the chorus. That main camera was pretty far back and no one back there seemed too excited.


With most Americans who've been paying attention to US and world events over the last several years agreeing that we need some kind of 'proof of life' of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (such as a real appearance on the US Supreme Court where she should be there doing her job) rather than the word of the lying, fake-news mainstream media, those who are 'gatekeeping' Ginsburg's health will need to do much better than the word of one reporter who allegedly saw her at that play.

And as others have pointed out, they wouldn't put it past them at all to use a Ginsburg body double in an attempt to get the American people to believe that she is indeed alive, if not well, to stop the never-ending rumors about her health.  

And while the mainstream media will still attempt to paint millions of Americans as 'conspiracy theorists' for believing that RBG may no longer be with us at all, this February 4th tweet from President Trump supporter Jacob Wohl contained a picture of the very small crowd at the 'Notorious RBG' screening and reported that Ginsburg was NOT there despite the mainstream media's claim.  

EXCLUSIVE: Photos from the ‘Notorious RBG’ Musical at National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC tonight show that Justice Ginsburg was NOT among the very small crowd, despite WaPo’s claims

In the 1st video below, videographer 'Realist News' takes a look at the still ongoing mystery about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, bringing up an interesting point, the deep state is trying to hold on to RBG as long as is humanly possible while keeping up the illusion that she'll be ready to go back to work any day now. Well, the days keep adding up. And as our videographer 'City Prepper' tells us in the 2nd video, the continued absence of RBG from the Court and any real public appearances prove that something very serious is going on with her health and the deep state is doing everything in their power to cover it up. 

So what do you think about the long-running absence of Ruth Bader Ginsburg? And if you have the courage to watch any more than a few seconds of "Notorious RBG In Song" in the final video below in which the concert starts shortly after the 14 minute mark, please remember that we've warned you. Having said that, cannot wait to read your thoughts in the comment section below....."Duck, Susan, incoming!!!

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