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November 15, 2015

Obama 'Fast Tracks' Potential Terrorists Into America As Police Warn: 'It's Only A Matter Of Time'

Will ISIS Black Friday Terrorist Attacks Upon US Shopping Malls Lead To The 'Grand Finale'?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With Barack Obama now 'speed vetting' potential ISIS terrorists into the US while ISIS claims responsibility for the horrific slaughter in Paris and warns that it's merely the 1st of the storm, we take a look at words spoken by Senator Ted Cruz who warned yesterday that Obama has no intentions of defending this country ahead of warnings from ISIS on social media that Washington DC will be one of their next targets. Meanwhile ISIS also vows there will be blood.

We find it extremely alarming that Mr. Obama will be fast tracking potential terrorists into the US; speed vetting will lead to nightmares as we learn they'll mainly be vetting men of fighting age, 18 to 45. Meanwhile, one of the Paris terrorist suicide bombers was merely a 'child' of 15. We also take a look below at a new ISIS warning that has come out threatening to poison the food and water of their 'enemies' and that Washington DC, Rome and London are now in danger.

This is very concerning.  It would appear most of the “refugees” are economic jihadist males between the age of 18-45 years old. They have recently arrived courtesy of President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the State Department.

New Orleans – […] The first transport of refugees arrived in New Orleans recently and will be resettled in Louisiana and 180 other American communities. (Pictured below: Hillary Clinton's 'rebels' arrive in New Orleans.)


All America needs is ONE of these 'children' to slip by and launch a successful terrorist attack upon America for all hell to break loose here on the civil liberties front and as Susan Duclos showed us yesterday, we know that ISIS terrorists are already in America preparing to unleash their deadly hell here.

On Friday the 13th, hours prior to the deadly attack upon Paris, ANP warned that a major chain of events was likely to unfold very quickly. After the Paris attacks, we already see the globalists attempting to make 'order out of chaos' and as is shared in this Infowars story and the 1st video below, we now have proof that the Paris attack was 'western backed' and likely a huge part of the chain of events that we're watching unfold.

Telling us that the globalists are using ISIS to 'create an exploitable hysteria', this Infowars Special Report also tells us that the Paris massacre was likely only the beginning as at least one national security analyst has claimed that ISIS has begun a 'dangerous new phase' of their terrorism following France.

With ISIS having forecast their future intentions just months ago when they promised that they would bring their terror attacks to America and Obama letting potentially hundreds of terrorists into the country unabated, we have to ask if what we're now watching is the 'calm before the storm' for America?

We also are putting out a major heads up alert to everybody who goes shopping on Black Friday, be cautious, be prepared, be ready, because as even presidential candidate Donald Trump recently commented, there is no target for terrorists as easy as a 'soft target', gun free zones such as many of our shopping malls here in America are. As CNN's Deborah Feyerick recently tweeted, "it's only a matter of time" according to her police source.


Such an attack upon America, especially during the Christmas season, would surely lead to martial law as the attacks did in France with possible disarmament of the American people following, putting Americans in even more danger with terrorists being allowed to flood into the country and the government disarming the American people. In the 2nd video, we learn why the Paris attacks increase the threats to America.

We find it imperative that the government immediately halt all Syrian refugees from coming into the country and immediately begin shipping those out who are already here as has been suggested by several presidential candidates. As France recently learned, closing the borders AFTER terrorist attacks is a little too late. While we know that not all Syrian refugees are ISIS terrorists, America cannot afford to make the same poor mistakes and decisions.

The fact that ISIS also recently vowed to 'repeat 9/11' in America by sending a fleet of suicide bombers and truck loads of explosives into the country as shared in this NY Daily News story and an ISIS warning back in July of a future 'bloody Friday' leads online forums and others to believe the terrorists may already be planning such 'bloody Friday' attacks here on 'black Friday'.

We also take a look at another new warning coming out from ISIS who are imploring their followers to carry out attacks upon others using poisons. Eerily enough, in the 3rd video below we see the official 2013 trailer of Tom Clancy's The Division game. In it, we learn of 'Dark Winter' and a deadly pandemic that spread across the world killing countless millions. Coincidentally, or not, that pandemic began on Black Friday and the means of transferring the pandemic: money.


This is a bizarre video that shows one possible scenario, a 'Black Friday' terrorist attack upon America using our own money to spread death and disease. Possible? Absolutely.

In the next video below from the ArmedForcesUpdate, we take a look at Barack Obama's promise of 'retribution' for the Paris terror attacks and our videographer asks if this means 'boots on the ground'?

We know that terrorists have previously targeted shopping malls such as the Somalian terror group 'al-Shabaab' that released a video calling for attacks upon the Mall of America in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area earlier this year.


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