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July 26, 2016

'This Is So Huge, It Defies My Ability To Communicate How Dangerous It Is' - 'We Only Get So Many Warnings Before Something Goes Terribly Wrong'

'They've Become The Destroyers Of The Western World, Our Values, Our Culture, And Our Way Of Life'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Turkey's PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the term 'moderate' Muslims: “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate islam. Islam is islam and that’s it.”

A new story from Foreign Policy In Focus that Steve Quayle recently linked to on his website warns us that Americans may now be at a greater risk of a nuclear catastrophe than we were during the 'cold war'. In fact, according to former US Defense Secretary William Perry, "most people are blissfully unaware of this danger."

However, being 'blissfully unaware' of danger doesn't make the danger go away. 

Perry further warns us, "it's only by chance that the world has avoided nuclear war - sometimes by nothing more than 'dumb-luck'". However, as we learn in the stories linked within and the videos below, our 'luck' may be 'running out'.

As we told you in a story on ANP back on July 21st, the highest act of treason may have recently been committed against America. We asked then if the recent 'coup' attempt' in Turkey would be what enabled ISIS to get the nuclear weapons they'd use to annihilate us with. We've since learned that the danger hasn't gone away despite power being returned to the Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey where NATO houses upwards of 50 B-61 nuclear weapons, each 10 times more powerful than the one that leveled Hiroshima, Japan. How safe are the nukes in Turkey?

According to Steve Quayle in a recent conversation with him, "this is so huge, it defies my ability to communicate how dangerous it is."


In fact, while much of America's attention is focused on the disastrous start of the DNC in Philadelphia and the 'coronation' of 'queen hillary', we may be watching the 'official' corronation of the next leader of the Islamic caliphate in hitler-wannabe Erdogan who we learned from Shoebat back on May 2nd "wants to establish a 'caliphate muslim league' and a 'muslim one world government'"

According to Hayrettin Karaman, a close advisor and 'chief islamist mufti' of Erdogan, Erdogan will be the 'next caliph of Turkey'. Sadly, as we read in this recent story soon after the failed 'false-flag' coup in Turkey, 'midnight is coming for millions in Turkey, even as we insist that a dying flashlight is the sun.'

If today’s Western leaders possess one general trait, it’s a genius for self-deception. Insisting that Islamist terror has nothing to do with Islam, or that religion has no strategic impact, or that all human beings want freedom and democracy, amounts to declaring that up is down, right is left and night is day.

If we needed any more proof just how dangerous Erdogan and the nation of Turkey have become since the false-flag coup attempt failed (or succeeded if you view the coup as an Erdogan plot), the story linked to by the Drudge Report the other day gives us another look at what's happening in Turkey right now, telling us that erdogan has arrested more than 60 school children for treason. "Law has been suspended in Turkey". The 'dictator' has begun his crack-down. As leader of an islamic caliphate, his work has likely only just begun. He's also getting help from what some might think the most unusual of places. 


Not surprisingly, soon after the 'coup' attempt on Erdogan, Barack Obama released a statement saying that he stands with the radical Erdogan government against the 'moderate secular opposition' attempting the overthrow

On page 261 of Barack Obama's own book "The Audacity Of Hope" he stated that "if the political winds should shift, I will stand with the muslims." He's also stated that "the future should not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam." Back in 2012, Obama called Erdogan one of his top 5 international friends who he has 'the closest personal ties with'. Should we be surprised? 

With Erdogan now carrying out a purge of his political opponents, is Turkey's crackdown a 'blueprint' for Obama here in America? With Erdogan showing his 'true colors', are NATO's nuclear weapons being housed there in danger of falling into the hands of 'Islamic extremists' who want to not only attack us but completely annihilate us?

We should take a hint from Erdogan's own previous statements that the term 'moderate Islam' is 'offensive' to Muslims, and "Islam is Islam." Considering he also equated their 'mosques' as 'barracks' and 'faithful' as 'soldiers' is alarming. Reading the words spoken by one of the leaders of ISIS as seen in the graphic below should be the last warning we need to understand what the entire free world is now up against. 


As we hear in the videos below, Turkey is raping, torturing and killing people they suspect of being involved in the 'coup' against Erdogan with no trial or rule of law at all. If we were looking for a 'real caliphate', here it is. Between arresting school children for treason as heard in the 2nd video below and a brutal crackdown as heard in the final video, are we now witnessing events that could quickly spiral completely out of control and lead to ISIS obtaining nuclear weapons to use against the West?

As our videographer in the 1st video below tells us, that is a very real possibility that we now face - nuclear weapons owned by NATO and the West falling in the hands of radical terrorists who want to annihilate us. Erdogan also recently slammed the European Union while justifying the death penalty to use against his opponents. Keep in mind, without a fair trial and the rule of law.

Erdogan also recently stated that anyone suspected of aiding and abetting Fetullah Gulen, one of those believed by Erdogan to have begun the coup, would be held responsible. Gulen is a former friend of Erdogan's currently living in Pennsylvania in exile and as of the moment, the Obama administration has resisted calls by Erdogan to have him extradited back to Turkey where he undoubtedly would face a kangaroo court and execution. Why does Erdogan hate Gulen so? According to Gulen, Erdogan never cut ties with ISIS and has been proving aid and comfort to them. Would he provide them nuclear weapons as well?
Gulen also attacked Erdogan for his apparent sympathy for ISIS, saying the Turkish premier effectively turned a blind eye to the terror group’s activities until their ‘savagery’ became impossible to ignore.

He said Turkey’s government joined coalition efforts against ISIS only so as 'not to look bad' in front of the international community.

Erdogan has been accused in the past of failing to cut off ISIS supply lines while attacking the Kurdish groups fighting them.

'They never cut their ties with ISIS completely,' he alleged. 'Indeed on some of the pro-Erdogan media stations even recently you can see pro-ISIS propaganda being disseminated.'

Gulen said he did not believe that he had to send a message to Hizmet participants as 'they will continue in a non-violent response mode despite the pressures.'

'Perhaps expressing my criticisms, without my holding back my words, perhaps this is why they blame me,' he added. 


There's clearly a very good reason why the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists recently warned that the coup attempt in Turkey raises grave fears over the Pentagon's nuclear stockpile lingering in Turkey. With Erdogan now flaunting his dictatorship in the world's faces, we see that we may be running out of time to withdraw nukes before they fall into the wrong hands. As their story concludes: 

“I would say that the security situation in Turkey and in the base area no longer meet the safety requirements that the United States should have for storage of nuclear weapons. You only get so many warnings before something goes terribly wrong. It’s time to withdraw the weapons.”

We pray that it's not already too late. 


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