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July 19, 2020

PLANDEMIC SCAM UPDATE – Texas Governor Greg Abbott In The Spotlight Over Unconstitutional Mask Mandate

By R.X. Kendrick for All News Pipeline

Austin, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been outclassed by the better smarter upbeat music from the state leaders of Louisiana and Georgia.

Wanting to please flip-floppers Dr. Fauci, the WHO, the CDC, the HHS and the US Surgeon General, who all initially announced publicly “NO MASKS” were necessary for the general public. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas flip-flopped with them to demand “his” unpopular and 100% ineffective “MASKS EVERYWHERE” mandate.

Choosing this position for the citizens of Texas while the governor of Georgia was suing the mayor of Atlanta for making masks mandatory, and the Attorney General of Louisiana declared such governmental mask-demands unenforceable and “likely unconstitutional.”

What does “Mr.” Abbott care? He doesn’t have time or “take” time to do the research on the subject, to have already seen this expose’ on the mask con.

Talk about the best video ever on this subject, or one of them. Please watch it and share it with all the dumb mask police out there. Not that they have the intelligence to comprehend anything after wearing masks all this time.

Soon-to-be Democrat “Mr.” Abbott continues to not recognize how stupid he looks going along with flip-flopper “double-speak” talkers in a state like Texas. Oh well. That’s the end of your political career here in the Lone Star State.

The virus itself has now been found so microscopically “tiny” that masks CANNOT keep the virus from coming in or getting out. How about that campers? Are you happy now? Knowing your supposed “leader” is forcing you to wear masks that DO NOT WORK just to please his big- time connections with the CDC, the WHO, the HHS and who knows who else.

Bad politics Greg. I hope you lose the next election to a better man. Since other new studiesprove the risk of infection by this virus is inconsequential. Yep. You’re not keeping up with better Republican leaders from other states.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry (R) said Wednesday in a 9-page legal opinion: “The governor’s recent mandate does not appear to serve achieving any type of goal or mission in a manner consistent with STATUTORY AUTHORITY and CONSTITUTIONAL provisions.”

Now look at how the Gateway Pundit article just nails YOU, “Mr.” Abbot, as a future Democrat.

Landry also said that the Governor has no power to make substantive law through an executive order, even in an emergency and asserts that the mask mandate “exposes individuals to unlawful searches and seizures, as well as burdens them with exposing potentially sensitive personal health information and having it exposed to others in a public setting.”

“The mask mandate flatly violates due process, separation of powers, the delegation clause, state public accommodation anti-discrimination laws and it is unenforceable,” Landry wrote. To be clear, the Louisiana (REPUBLICAN) Attorney General’s legal opinion does not change the governor’s mandate.

Democrat governors across the US have issued similar unconstitutional statewide mask mandates.

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Get out of town Greg. Leave the state now!

COVID “cases” are not causing “deaths” at any kind of PANDEMIC rate. Have you looked at the WORLDWIDE conclusive studies that ALL SAY THE SAME THING? All the virus CASES are no more deadly than the common flu or any other virus not “called” a pandemic or pitched from the outset as a pandemic by the mainstream media, Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and the other profiteering con artist scumbags in on the scam.

Let the Texans free of your BULLSH... orders, or more REAL Texans will be praying a massive uprising shows up at your door to deliver a CITIZENS ARREST WARRANT to YOU personally.

Let’s see how long Texans put up with more BULLSH-- from a Democrat Rat-Republican like you.

Get this Greg, you’ve got to appreciate this true story! My hay guy called the other day to talk about the bales of hay he’s picking up for me. He was pissed about everything that’s going on. Then, before I was about to get off the phone he said, “Hey, I forgot to tell you about my friends!” So I said okay, what about your friends?

“Well, they all drove into San Antonio to get tested for COVID but when they got there they had to wait an hour. So they hunkered down and waited for over an hour. Then they finally went and asked how much longer it would be and were told about 3-hours more.

Ha! Forget about it. They all left and went back their own ways to Boerne, New Braunfels and Seguin where they each lived. To a man each one of them received the same exact phone call later that same day from the testing center letting them know, “You tested positive for COVID!”

Say WhaTF ???

None of them were even tested! How in the world did they ALL-3 test POSITIVE?

Wake up “Mr.” Abbott. Stop being part of the con. Shut off all 5G so nobody gets “fake symptoms” that match the virus. Here’s an instructional video with a load of REALITY for you to check in on since you’re so far behind the curve here.

As I’m in the middle of sending this for publication to “All News Pipeline,” my love just said to me, President Trump is going to issue an order to stop masks from being forced on the public? Hmmm…

I hope that’s true.

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