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December 16, 2019

A Ticking Time Bomb Is Sitting Off Of America's West Coast That Scientists Can't Explain: Staggering Number Of 'Mass Animal Death' Events Worldwide The Past 8 Years 

- Is This Earth's Final Warning? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While it's easy to get caught up in the madness of politics in 2019 America, something many believe is far more important is happening right now in the Pacific Ocean and all across the 'Ring of Fire' up, stretching north all the way to the Arctic, much of which Michael Snyder recently reported about in this December 11th story over at The Most Important News titled "Strange Things Are Happening In The Waters Along The West Coast, And The Fish Are Starting To Disappear".

Reporting within his story that fish are dying off now in staggering numbers while the birds that eat those fish are also perishing, the incredibly strange aspect of his story was the discovery by scientists of more than 15,000 holes in the ocean floor off the coast of California, a still 'unexplained mystery', officially. With some scientists claiming some of them could have been caused by 'human waste' dumped overboard ships, they also describe the larger holes as having been 'inactive' for over 50,000 years.

And while 'experts' are trying to downplay the possibility that many of these holes may have been caused by pockets of methane erupting from under the ocean floor, claiming that no gas or fluid venting had been discovered, what's really the possibility that human waste dumped over 'sea vessels' had created those massive holes that have been inactive for over 50,000 years? And as Japan Times had reported back in October of 2016, scientists had already officially found over 500 vents seeping methane off the West coast back then.

“It appears that the entire coast off Washington, Oregon and California is a giant methane seep,” Robert Ballard, who is famed for finding the wreck of the Titanic and has now discovered the 500 new seeps, said in a statement.

“The discoveries double to about 1,000 the number of such vents now known to exist along the continental margins of the USA,” the statement said.

So with something bizarre now happening off the West coast, scientists officially unable to offer an explanation for exactly what that might be and at least 421 known 'mass animal death events' in the year 2019 alone as End Times Prophecy reports in this constantly updated list, we're going to be taking a look within this story at growing reports of methane off of the West Coast and the historical proof that methane has triggered massive tsunami's in the past as well as lots of strange and continuous NASA plane flight's over large parts of the West Coast and the possible ties to the Earth changes now happening. We'll also take a look below at the staggering number of mass animal death events worldwide over the past 8 years in our final section below. 

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While the mysterious holes off of the US West Coast are still unexplained officially, according to scientists in Siberia, the mysterious crater seen in the photograph above was caused by the release of methane gas which had long been trapped beneath the Earth. Called 'the ticking time bomb' by a National Geographic show called "The Day The Oceans Boiled", this 2017 story over at Science Mag reported methane seeps in the Arctic may actually be slowing down so-called 'global warming' yet as we'll explore below, methane pockets can potentially cause huge damage to the planet in unexpected ways. 

With over 50 earthquakes over the past month alone on the big island of Hawaii while a 6.8 quake recently rocked the Philippines being the latest quakes, Steve Quayle has been keeping very close track in his alerts section of these quakes, methane releases and the 'earth changes' and as is mentioned in this specific alert, NASA has also been closely monitoring much of what is going on in California and along and off the West Coast, flying repetitive flights over the San Andreas fault line and molten carbon pools in the Northwest as we had also reported within this August 10th ANP story.  

And in another SQAlert that caught my eye, we're urged to read the 'flashback story' linked as one of the headlines of the day; "The Day The Sea Caught Fire" off of Papau, New Guinea back in 1998, with what was believed to be a methane gas fire in the ocean that triggered a tsunami and as Live Science had reported in this June story titled "Massive Blobs of 'Fire Ice' Lurks Beneath the Ocean. We Know Almost Nothing About Them", such a situation is not out of the ordinary.  

There's a giant trove of frozen methane, or "fire ice," locked beneath our ocean's surface. If released, it could trigger tsunamis, landslides and release huge amounts of carbon into our already-warming atmosphere.

But we have almost no idea how much there is or where to find it. That's in part because frozen methane on our planet takes many more forms than we previously thought, and we are only now beginning to recognize some of them, Ann Cook, an associate professor in the School of Earth Sciences at The Ohio State University said during a presentation yesterday (June 25) here at the Astrobiology Science Conference.

Fire and ice Frozen methane, also known as methane hydrates, is made up of methane gas molecules locked inside frozen water crystals. It looks like ice, forms at low temperatures and high pressures in the ocean and is thought to contain 15% to 40% of Earth's carbon, Cook said.

Because frozen methane stores much of our planet's carbon, it likely plays a big role in the recycling of carbon between our atmosphere and living things. It's also a potential energy source — and a potential biohazard, she said.

If it "melts," the sudden release of methane into the ocean rapidly changes the nearby water pressure, which can lead to dangerous landslides and tsunamis, Cook told Live Science. Methane is also highly flammable when in its free form.


Following the tragedy at the Fukushima nuclear power planet back on March 11th of 2011, we published numerous stories on ANP about a staggering number of 'mass animal death events' in the Pacific Ocean over the following several years, tragic events kept track of painstakingly by the website 'End Times Prophecy'

As we had reported on ANP back on March 5th of 2019, the number of 'mass animal death events' across the planet had reached a staggering 4,200+ 'events' between 2011 and 2018 with many more in 2019 that have followed. Each link below will take you to the corresponding years with links to each 'event' from End Times Prophecy. 

In 2018, there were 388 KNOWN 'mass animal death events' spread across 67 countries.

In 2017, there were 454 KNOWN 'mass animal death events' spread across 82 countries.

In 2016, there were 556 KNOWN 'mass animal death events' spread across 81 countries.

In 2015, there were 828 KNOWN 'mass animal death events' spread across 96 countries.

In 2014, there were 651 KNOWN 'mass animal death events' spread across 76 countries.

In 2013, there were 798 KNOWN 'mass animal death events' spread across 93 countries.

In 2012, there were 465 KNOWN 'mass animal death events' spread across 67 countries.

In 2011, there were hundreds of KNOWN 'mass animal death events' spread across the planet.

The list below with links shows the 'mass animal death events' in 2019 just during the months of October, November and December. Overall, there've been at least 421 such 'events' in 2019. 

11th December 2019 - Hundreds of birds found dead, 'a mystery' on a road in Anglesey, Wales. Link

10th December 2019 - 27,000 chickens to be killed due to avian flu in Suffolk, England. Link

9th December 2019 - 12+ dead dolphins wash up in King Island, Australia. Link

9th December 2019 - 100 dead Murray Cod wash up in a reservoir in New South Wales, Australia. Link

9th December 2019 - 10 dead turtles found in Bengkulu, Indonesia. Link

7th December 2019 - Thousands of dead fish found in a canal in Muzaffarnagar, India. Link

6th December 2019 - Thousands of dead fish wash up on beach in Mersin, Turkey. Link

2nd December 2019 - Masses of dead fish wash up in a marina in Florida, America. Link

30th November 2019 - 3 dead whales found in 2 months in river Thames in London, England. Link

29th November 2019 - 130 dead turtles found in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Link

28th November 2019 - Thousands of dead fish found in a canal in Berra, Italy. Link

23rd November 2019 - 45 dead turtles wash up on a beach in Texas, America. Link

21st November 2019 - 45,000+ pigs dead due to swine fever in Philippines. Link

21st November 2019 - 20,000+ pigs dead due to swine fever in Romania. Link

21st November 2019 - 130,000+ salmon die off in salmon farm in Canada. Link

18th November 2019 - Hundreds of dead sea birds washing up, 'unprecedented' on beaches in Sydney, Australia. Link

17th November 2019 - Massive die off of shell fish along 7km coast, 'worry fishermen' in La Union, El Salvador. Link

15th November 2019 - Massive scallop die off, 'unprecedented' in Peconic Bay, New York, America. Link

15th November 2019 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a lagoon in Velilla de San Antonio, Spain. Link

12th November 2019 - Thousands of migratory birds found dead, 'a mystery' around Sambhar Salt Lake, India. Link

12th November 2019 - Massive die off of scallops, 'a mystery' in the Yellow Sea, China. Link

12th November 2019 - 200 elephants dead due to drought in Zimbabwe. Link

11th November 2019 - Large die off of fish washes up on beach in Cilacap Regency, Indonesia. Link

11th November 2019 - Hundreds of dead fish found, 'a mystery' in via Ripamonti canal, Italy. Link

10th November 2019 - 600 dead rats, plus dead fish and birds found washed up on beach in Westport, New Zealand. Link

8th November 2019 - 4,000 pigs dead due to african swine fever in Sumatra, Indonesia. Link

7th November 2019 - 37 migratory birds found dead in Jodhpur, India. Link

7th November 2019 - Massive die off of sardines in a river in Hoi An, Vietnam. Link

4th November 2019 - Hundreds of dead fish continue to wash up at Marco Island, Florida, America. Link

4th November 2019 - 10 TONS of fish die in a river in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. Link

31st October 2019 - 20 Million Oysters died off this summer in Ehime and Mie prefectures, Japan. Link

31st October 2019 - Dozens of Pelicans found dead on the coast of Safi, Morocco. Link

30th October 2019 - Hundreds of Koala bears dead due to bush fires in Australia. Link

30th October 2019 - 200 TONS of dead fish in the estuaries of Sinaloa, Mexico. Link

28th October 2019 - Hundreds of dead fish appear in a river in Piracanjuba, Brazil. Link

27th October 2019 - 6 dead dolphins found on beaches in Dzilam de Bravo, Mexico. Link

26th October 2019 - Thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in Southern Thailand. Link

25th October 2019 - Mass die off of mussels continues in rivers in Virginia, America. Link

25th October 2019 - 25 dead turtles found this year on a beach in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. Link

22nd October 2019 - Tens of TONS of fish die in fish farms in West Java, Indonesia. Link

21st October 2019 - 55+ elephants dead due to drought in Zimbabwe. Link

21st October 2019 - 45+ dead turtles found floating off the coast of Escuintla, Guatemala. Link

21st October 2019 - 19 dead turtles found along the coast in Korea. Link

20th October 2019 - 3 TONS of dead fish wash up in lagoons in Dhanushkodi, India. Link

19th October 2019 - 35 TONS of fish die in fish farm in Kien Giang, Vietnam. Link

18th October 2019 - 6 turtles found dead on Marco Island, Florida, America. Link

18th October 2019 - 25 dead sea birds found on Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan, America. Link

15th October 2019 - Dozens of dead birds fall from sky in Lombardo Toledano, Mexico. Link

14th October 2019 - Millions of dead mussels wash up on Cheynes Beach, Australia. Link

14th October 2019 - Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in New South Wales, Australia. Link

14th October 2019 - Thousands of dead fish, crabs and shrimps found in Murcia, Spain. Link

14th October 2019 - Massive die off of mussels 'baffle scientists' in various states across America. Link

13th October 2019 - Massive amount of dead fish wash up in a harbour in Muscat, Oman. Link

13th October 2019 - Thousands of dead fish wash up 'due to pollution' in Manila, Philippines. Link

12th October 2019 - 17 whales stranded, 11 dead on Sabu Island, Indonesia. Link

10th October 2019 - 96,000 cattle dead due to drought in Mexico. Link

10th October 2019 - 6 turtles found dead along the coast of Massachusetts, America. Link

9th October 2019 - Hundreds of dead fish found floating off Marco Island, Florida, America. Link

7th October 2019 - 150,000 fish dead in a river in North Carolina, America. Link

5th October 2019 - 60,000+ cattle dead due to drought in Namibia. Link

1st October 2019 - 106,000 cattle dead due to drought in Chile. Link

In the first video below we hear more about Michael Snyder's recent story "Strange Things Are Happening In Waters Along West Coast" while the 2nd video below from the Weather Channel titled "Forecasting The End: Tsunami Caused By Methane" looks at how a massive methane release in the Gulf of Mexico could cause a tsunami, destroying much of the Gulf Coast. In the 3rd video below, our videographer asks if all of the mysterious methane off of the West Coast is foreshadowing that 'the big one' is about to happen. 

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