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April 15, 2020

Signs We Are  Witnessing Some Of The Greatest Crimes Against Humanity Of All Time - Pandemic Or 'Scamdemic'? And What Do The Globalists Have Planned Next? Hold On To Your Hats! 

By R.X. Kendrick for All News Pipeline

The phased-in PANDEMIX of Coronavirus blended with 5G radiation poisoning is one of earth’s greatest criminal acts and crimes against humanity of all time. But guess what? There’s a vaccine for both coronavirus AND radiation poisoning!

NOT! If only there were 'a cure' what great news it would be. But since it’s not true, the real question is… What is true?

In reality the “entrenched-in-corruption” US medical system stands to make billions of dollars providing vaccines to frightened people who believe senseless stupid “propaganda” can make vaccines work for anything from a sore throat to 5G radiation poisoning. Don’t anybody worry. Some ultra-rich know-nothing fake doctor types, fake authority hypes have a vaccine in the making for COVID-19 – COMING SOON to a theater near you!

Why is this not true? Well, it is true this is pure THEATER, but the rest is a huge joke!

Please don’t get discouraged by the devilry behind it all, but if you want to protect against mumps… the measles vaccine is not the answer for you. Likewise, if you want to protect against measles… the mumps vaccine will not do you any good. The reason is, vaccines are only good with “specificity.” In other words, the vaccine and the illness have to match, or the vaccine is completely worthless.

If the “specific vaccine” does not match the “specific virus” it’s a concocted bunch of bull to take it. Bull I call “Baloney Sandwich” or BS for short.

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Follow me for a minute here...

Let’s say you have a strain of virus and your “specific strain” is called “COVID-19.1” and you get a vaccine for another strain called “COVID-19.8.” Uh-oh… Sorry! Hate to tell you but that’s not going to work. You have to get the specificity right. It is not a one-size-fits all vaccine world like the propaganda media wants you to believe. (ANP: Look at the seasonal flu vaccines which never hit correctly all of the time!)

Specificity is essential. Measles are measles. Mumps are mumps. Rubella is rubella. And 5G radiation is not a virus though it looks like a virus in how it manifests in human cells.

What if I had a peanut allergy? Would the measles vaccine help that? Not really. What about that great medicine for malaria BIG PHARMA never sold yet? What about Chloroquine? What if I take that malaria medicine for my peanut allergy? Would that help? Actually, not even a vaccine for COVID-19 would help a peanut allergy.


Unless your strain of COVID-19 is targeted specifically to also deal with your “nut case” problem you could take 10-vaccines and it wouldn’t do any good. BIG PHARMA would make a LOT OF MONEY whether it worked or not, but it wouldn’t help you. The best part of this for the economy is that BIG PHARMA and their mouthpiece Bill Gates can talk you into taking as many useless vaccines as you let them. Which would conceivably make them billions of dollars at your expense. Which could help the economy too? I guess.

But it won’t help you. Specificity. Without the vaccine matching your EXACT virus, taking it won’t do you any more good than having an enema. That is how the science of vaccines works. Specificity is critical. Otherwise it doesn’t work at all. Really. Might as well take 2-aspirin and get off your feet. Or take a shower and read a good book. You get it, do something that will actually help you get over the virus.

Vaccines only work for SPECIFIC identified targets. Measles, Rubella, Mumps, and so on. But NO VACCINE will ever help 5G radiation exposure and poisoning.

You are living in a delusional world that believes a great delusion. The idea that a vaccine could give you a root canal or whiter teeth. Or a vaccine could heal your back pain or ED. Or a vaccine could help your COVID-19.666 even if they gave you the vaccine for COVID-19.667. Specificity. Without getting the right vaccine for the EXACT SPECIFIC virus you have you might as well be taking ecstasy or LSD.

Everyone knows the mainstream media announced there are different variations of this so- called virus. Which are actually different variations of the infectious COVID-19-virus and different variations of the non-infectious 5G radiation symptoms mixed together to get us all confused. You would need a specific vaccine for every single variation of the real virus to work for the varieties of virus there are. That is not “one” single vaccine people. But that is what they’re telling you will do the trick even though it’s not true.

A vaccine that is not EXACTLY SPECIFIC TO YOUR VIRUS will NOT WORK for you. If there are 5- variants of the virus. You would need 5-different vaccines, one for each variation. The creepy people pitching the 1-vaccine will-do-it-all BS don’t care if it’s QUACK science they can’t defend. Hurry up and believe them! Go into quarantine for weeks and weeks. Trust billionaires for your remedy plan, not real doctors. Folks, this is nuts!

But at least the huge worldwide scam outbreak has led us to a clue about the legitimacy of one of the biggest quacks behind this nefarious agenda! Yes, in my search for the truth I realized Bill Gates talks and acts a lot like a bird frog. Of course, bird frogs don’t exist like Billy Goats is not a real doctor or real authority of any subject except making money. No worries, rich Billy-bully is pushing his FORCED / MANDATED single VACCINE ON ALL. It’s quack science by a quack doctor and faux-friend to the world who wants world populations to decrease by at least 10- to 15% just from using his single vaccine… That would have to infect more people than it saved obviously by his own mad math.

The good news is, we now know a bird frog is part duck. With the ridiculous STUPID vaccine “quackery” propaganda being pitched by faux doctor Billy Goats, or whatever his name is.

Now, you might not want to take me up on the next thought I’m about to share. Nobody. Really. Don’t do it. Not you, not the person you copy this link to.

Unless you can’t help but look up what kind of Billy Goat I think Bill Gates really is in real life to all humanity. Because I think the little ole’ faux wizard is a wicked evil man who had advance knowledge of the coronavirus coming from all the wrong places. I think he’s part of a cunning sophisticated pre-planned crime against HUMANITY in the release of this “outbreak” upon the world.

And I think the URBAN dictionary description of “billy goat” fits this man to a “T” perfectly. RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Exactly who he REALLY is and EXACTLY what he REALLY wants to do to you, me and all of us. Like I said, do not look up the URBAN description of “billy goat.” Or you may be sorry you didn’t heed my warning. But it does depict the kind of quack this duck frog is in my eyes. Or bird frog, I mean.

If Bill and Melinda decide to personally test all vaccines to guarantee ALL VACCINES ARE SAFE… then I won’t believe Robert Kennedy, Jr. anymore. Who says vaccines can’t be trusted but often damage people in many ways, even killing some.

Where is 5G still flicked on? In your city, your neighborhood? Because 5G microwave radiation is not a friend to human, plant or animal. The symptoms it creates in humans can be called anything… by those behind the GIGANTIC multi-BILLION-DOLLAR sham-scam COVID-19 “baloney sandwich” BS scheme.

Resist now, or you may be donating your life savings to BIG PHARMA for being smarter than you. Smart enough to fool you into eating their baloney while paying them to vaccinate you for whiter teeth or who knows what? Just take whatever frickin’ vaccine they want to force on you and shut up about it okay? Big Pharma is bigger than you! Billy Goats a real doctor in his own mind - not just a rich know-nothing nobody. Do whatever he says! GOT IT?

Or start looking out for crazies like faux philanthropist mister Gates who wants you dead not alive. You and millions of other dead people with you, so the overall population of the world goes down a LOT. This “pandemix” was a sinister move like nothing before seen on earth. And it shut down the entire planet?

Sounds like Artificial Intelligence must have been used to combine just the right factors to confuse everybody enough to cost the entire world their rights and freedoms for an unspecified period of time. Hopefully ending May 1 st like Donald Trump said he was shooting for to get America back to work again.

Something else could be planned before May 1st if A.I. is really involved in this attack against humanity, I’m sure. It would be the perfect time to do it too. With everybody subjected to the quarantine terms and travel restrictions and most in relatively complete compliance. And everybody beaten down somewhat and still rather confused. A.I. would know that too.

So, what could possibly be coming to scare us all more? So we act out of fear yet again. An asteroid, maybe? Due to arrive right before May 1st on April 29th of this month.

Passing about six-times the distance between the moon and the earth from us but providing the perfect time for the powers-that-be-deceitful, wicked and evil to throw some special effects in the mix with manmade fake “asteroid debris.” Not real random space rocks traveling with the comet, but manmade weaponry designed to appear like space junk entering earth’s atmosphere. At just the right time to panic an already fearful world fooled by the first phase pandemix. Who would be scared witless by the appearance of “comet debris” falling through the skies on cities and people like we’ve seen depicted in movies.

Don’t think so?

Well, think again, because they named the incoming comet ATLAS and there’s a history to that name. Namely the link between the Greek god Atlas and the Judeo-Christian preflood character Lamech, Noah’s father. According to this ancient lore Atlas was modeled after Lamech who died in the flood, then supposedly came back through time to bless his daughter Naamah. Noah’s son Ham’s wife who survived the flood but abandoned Noah’s faith in God in preference for the way of Cain and the worship of the Serpent.

The return of Lamech was not possible in the flesh. But this tale speaks to the rebellious spirit of the preflood world making it through the flood to carry on the worship of the Serpent in the post flood era. The return of Lamech, or the return of a comet named after Lamech called Atlas, appears to allude to Serpent worship, or Lucifer, the devil, Satan being involved.

Don’t let your guard down just yet folks. Phase II of this preplanned A.I. coordinated attack against humanity may be a BIGGER DEAL than the phony virus scare. Like great “theater” with the whole world as the theater once again. Lockdown may have only just begun. It may not be ending May 1st after all with Comet Atlas returning to fly by and send manmade rocketry supposed comet debris raining through the atmosphere that looks and acts like real comet debris. Just like 5G radiation symptoms look and act like a real virus.

Pretty ingenious these mad faux scientists are with their A.I. assisted and empowered plans. Better hold onto your hats if another phase is planned to keep us off balance longer. To pave the way for greater rights and freedoms to be compromised more permanently.

I’m listening to roosters crowing outside right now and it’s just 2:30 in the morning! What the… And they won’t quit. But roosters are supposed to crow before dawn not in the middle of the night! What the hell’s going on with this planet anyway?

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