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December 2, 2015

Danger Ahead Of Coming 'Economic Storm Of The Century' - 'Emergency Preparedness Alert' Comes In For Big Banks - What Do They Know That We Don't Know?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The barely noticed story on CNN Money on Tuesday told us what is part of the biggest news of 2015 and into the new year; the Federal Reserve will be cutting off its lifeline to the 'too big to fail' banks in America that are collapsing. With the Dodd-Frank bill allowing Cypress-style 'bail ins' in America for collapsing banks and many banks teetering on the brink of disaster, we see this move was made on Monday, the same day the RMB was including in the IMF's SDR. Is this all more proof that something huge is about to happen as suggested to us by ANP reader Matt in a recent email?

We'll take a look below at the recent 'pivot' that has taken place with China's RMB and this Federal Reserve decision in the 1st video below featuring Rick Wiles. Gerald Celente joins Alex Jones in the 2nd video to talk about the 'economic storm of the century' that lies ahead for us. We also take a look below videos at 2 new SQAlerts including one from a reader whose clients include 'too big to fail banks' and an emergency preparedness order that recently came in.

With all of the signs we've been watching lately we have to ask, are we about ready to witness the fall of America? One of the events we've been made aware of recently from SRSrocco Report is that we're now witnessing record silver coin demand, another sure warning sign of financial troubles ahead. Zero Hedge tells us US debt has soared an additional $674 billion dollars in November and according to Martin Armstrong, "QE has failed and the central banks are simply trapped." Forbes simply tells us we've reached "A New Economic World Order."


More on the international front we see that Greeks have been told to 'declare cash under the mattress, jewelry and precious stones' in 2016 while almost half of the major financial firms in the UK are concerned about a growing cyber-attack threa. As ANP previously warned, a major cyber-attack upon our banking infrastructure could quickly lead to disaster in America where the large majority of the population would be unable to function without access to banks and electronic banking/EBT services. 

We all know such a scenario, or most any scenario involving the collapse of our financial system, would quickly lead to absolute disaster and utter chaos as millions would instantly become vulnerable with ever decreasing supplies and a broken supply chain. This story from SHTFPlan called "The Yuan Ascends To World Reserve Status: 'Dollar System Being Done Away With" lays it out perfectly for those who might not grasp what this all really means.:

"Today’s news is a historic milestone. The dollar’s days are numbered, and the new global economic order is shifting into place.

As many insiders have expected, China has now officially gained status among the world reserve currencies, taking place alongside the dollar, the euro, the pound and the yen.

The IMF decided to grant this upgrade as a result of financial and monetary benchmarks that Chinese leaders worked towards during the past several years. Its implications run deep.

If America sees the worst case scenario, the dollar collapse will be the most devastating in history, and the results could be even worse than Germany suffered during the Weimar Republic era."

Why should any of this matter to us? If that last sentence doesn't help to awaken you, maybe this will. From a story at Ready Nutrition called "When The Trucks Stop Delivering 'The System' Will Collapse" we get the must-see graphic below videos that will show you just how quickly things will collapse when the trucks stop and the system breaks down.:

Collectively speaking, most Americans take for granted the system in place to deliver essential supplies to their area. “The system,” an underlying infrastructure that keeps goods, services and commerce in America flowing creates a sense of normalcy and order. Food, water, gasoline and medications are just a few of the items restocked weekly in order for our dependent society to maintain a steady flow. What many fail to grasp is just how fragile the system is and just how quickly it can collapse.

The following important alerts comes to us from the website of Steve Quayle.:

Emergency Preparedness-Urgent: CAME IN AT 6:35 PM MOUNTAIN TIME

I work for an organization over 1,000 employees whose clients are banks including some too big to fail. We are quickly assisting in preparing continuity of business plans in case a natural or man made catastrophe occurs. What hardware/software etc. we would need and how quickly to be up and operating onsite or remotely. I find this combination very concerning given current events. An EMP G_d forbid we'll be back to pencil and paper.

Please advise the Hagmann's whose mailboxes have been full recently. Pray for a positive outcome and we get through this.


Every dime in your IRA, 401K, 403B, etc. will be tracked by DEPT.OF LABOR- Nobody will be able to move a penny, even to liquidate it and put it in a individual account, without the DOL tracking it.


In reference to the MK's comments about back up software for the banks... those in the financial services industry have had to do these business continuity plans for years. It's about time they started looking at backup software (if it is possible they are concerned about their depositors, which is highly unlikely).

Coming from the days when there were small, independent brokerage houses all over the country, the best advice I can give is not to hold anything in street name (if you are still in the market) and keep a hard copy paper trail of everything. Computers do nothing but centralize the control over everything. Things were more secure when it was all paper and pencil.

Pretty soon your stockbroker will be nothing more than a teller. All the portfolio management will be done by the last banks standing. The Dept of Labor is busy setting up the protocols for eliminating investment advisers, (the 12(b)(1) fees will be eliminated at the first of the year) so they can eventually confiscate all retirement assets. This isn't going to happen this week, but the wheels have been set in motion for this ultimate goal. Every dime in your IRA, 401K, 403B, etc. will be tracked by the DOL. Nobody will be able to move a penny, even to liquidate it and put it in a individual account, without the DOL tracking it.

If you buy hard assets, make sure you SS# (or other identification) is not attached to it. Keep it safe with your AR-15.

As Hawk says, prepare for everything to go wild weasel (sooner than later).



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