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March 29, 2017

America's 'Achilles Heel' Is Also Our 'Worst Nightmare' - Do You 'Dare To Prepare' For The 'End Of Life As We Know It'?

- 84% Of Americans Can't Go A Day Without Their Cell Phones


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The two new stories the Drudge Report linked to one after another Wednesday morning seen screenshot below provided the impetus to write this story for in 2017, we never really know what may lay ahead for us, especially when we consider all of the 'actors' taking part in the drama now unfolding on the world's stage.

Proving to us the sheer ridiculousness of current global events, the first story from The Sun reports North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has once again threatened war with the US after Senator John McCain called him 'a crazy fat kid'. Almost as if a bad plot line from a really rotten disaster movie, the 2nd story over at The Hill proves to us why all of this is so utterly surreal - the 'crazy fat kid' John McCain was talking about could launch an attack upon America that could 'eliminate' 90% of us, and at almost any given moment!  


While several commenters over at The Hill story helped to prove to us why 90% of America could be wiped out by claiming in their comments that Ambassador Woolsey and Dr. Pry's story was 'fear mongering', those who've been paying attention to the two North Korean satellites flying over the US several times every day realize just how quickly it could end for us here in America, 'life as we know it' wiped out within seconds.

While the unaware will claim "North Korea's nukes can't reach the US" or "he'll need a lot more than one nuke to wipe out 90% of us", the truth of the matter is he'd only need one successful attack upon America to send the entire nation back to the dark ages. Just think how unprepared certain Americans must be if they think a story warning of the dangers of an EMP attack upon America is only attempting to stir fear. 

Likely the same 'type' of person who has stopped just short of having their cellphone surgically attached to their heads, what happens to them IF Ambassador Woolsey's and Dr. Pry's warnings are right on the money? Not only requiring an EMP, a massive cyber attack upon our power grid could quickly end life as most now know it. 


According to Text Request, 84% of Americans can't go a day without their cell phones. If you've wondered who will make up the 90% of America who'll likely 'no longer be with us' within 9 months to a year after an EMP attack, that 84% will point you in the right direction. So completely dependent upon the electrical grid are most Americans, what national security experts call our 'achilles heal' was never adequately addressed during 8 years of Barack Obama despite the EMP Commission's recommendations to harden the grid

As ANP readers know, the dangers America now faces are not currently limited to NKorea. This new Wall Street Journal story reports NATO is concerned over planned Russian drills coming in September while NATO is holding nearby drills, leaving 'heightened risks of a miscalculation'. Tass reports Putin has just beefed up his military to nearly 2 million troops in a new presidential decree.

Despite President Trump coming into office, tensions between the US, NATO and Russia have not subsided as many had hoped with Trump's election. In this recent note Steve Quayle left while linking to this Tass story, he lays it all on the line for us as we watch drill after drill between nuclear armed nations, quite capable of 'leveling the entire playing field':



Some scientific experts believe that Fukushima could be an 'extinction level event' and while the mainstream media will tell us that because they haven't reported upon it yet, Fukushima as a possible ELE is 'fake news', the wildlife that lived in the Pacific Ocean and along the West coast would argue a completely different story if they were still living and able to do so. Since they're unable, the End Times Prophecy Blog and the many heartbreaking pictures taken over the last 6 years tell the story they can't.

For those who may have missed it, in the first video below we hear from Quayle in his Q-CAST within which he talks with us about Fukushima, radiation, weather wars and much more while stressing Holly Deyo's book 'Dare To Prepare'. Imploring to his listeners that he doesn't want any of them to be unprepared, we here at ANP we feel the exact same way. Quayle also shows us this radiation detector which can be used to help us take responsibility for our own health and safety, allowing us to test our own food and our atmosphere for radiation, since we can be pretty sure nobody else is really doing it.

And as Susan Duclos has reported on ANP, 'powder kegs' have been strategically placed all across the country while it appears that communist agitators and totally clueless anarchists are preparing for revolution in America. As Infowars reported today, in film maker Michael Moore's latest psychotic outburst he claims that President Donald Trump will cause 'the extinction of human life on Earth'. 


Simply knowing that KMS 3-2 and KMS-4 still flying over America several times every day is NOT a 'conspiracy theory' and someone who many believe is a 'mad man' is in control of them should be enough reason for the US govt to harden our electrical grid and for us to prepare to survive without electricity. As many experts have warned, should that absolute worst case scenario happen, likely 90% of Americans or more wouldn't last a year.

Think you can't last a day without your cell phone? Try lasting several months to a year without it...along with almost everything else you've come to depend upon in your daily life. And if you're one of those people who've listed a cell phone as a key survival tool, what will you be able to do with it if the entire grid comes crashing down? 

And while year after year Kim Jong Un makes threats against the US, Japan and South Korea and little ever comes of it, simply knowing that a 'crazy fat kid' in NKorea could bring life as we know it to a screeching halt here in America should be reason enough to 'dare to prepare' for such an event while praying that it never happens.

For those who may have missed it, in the 2nd video below producer Gary Heavin joins Skywatch TV to talk about his movie Amerigeddon which takes a look at an America after an EMP, a possibility that we pray never happens here as we're well aware of what will happen afterwards with hundreds of millions of Americans totally unprepared for such an event.

With such an event immediately ensuring the end of 'life as we know it', this 2014 WND story reported an EMP attack via NKorean satellite would be "impossible to stop". And whether via man or nature, experts have warned we're now in a situation of 'not if, but when' an EMP occurs. However, there is one weapon that could instantaneously cause the end of the world as we know it in America – an electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP).

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