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February 28, 2019

Prepping For 2020: As Big Tech Censors, Game Changing Alternatives Start Springing Up Across The Internet


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While Silicon Valley, meaning big tech and social media giants, are preparing for the 2020 election cycle with financial institutions terminating services from conservatives, YouTube banning veterans for speaking the truth, and Facebook hiding code on conservative pages in order to "deboost" their videos, and entities are being deplatformed much like they did to Alex Jones and Infowars,  other game changing tech is now springing up across the internet to battle censorship.

Whenever I am told "I have good news and I have bad news," then asked "which do you want first?" I always choose the bad first so that my news receipt ends with good news and not on a low note, so we'll start with how Silicon Valley is ramping up their attacks against conservatives in an attempt to make it harder for Independent Media to get the news out there,  and for their readers to communicate and share the news the MSM doesn't want audiences to focus on.


As we have documented in the past, Facebook has tweaked their algorithms to the point where Independent Media can barely reach their followers, people that have chosen to follow their accounts and pages to see said news, as well as banning conservatives, locking accounts and generally making it impossible to gain traction on a story unless it is a liberal news outlet and their preferred narrative. 

Project Veritas recently exposed a far more insidious plot by Facebook as a whistleblower came forward to provide them with documentation showing how truly evil some of the Facebook engineers, and Mark ZuckerTurd (I know, I never said I was mature!) truly are.
The engineers discussed proposals to "confuse and demoralize," what they consider to be "trolls" around key election dates, using a variety of methods, including constantly logging users out, putting them in a "Troll Twilight Zone," by drastically limiting their bandwidth on the FB website, and by having their comments "magically fail to upload." In the internal documents they also discuss how to stop conservatives from "Red-pilling normies to convert them to their worldview, classifying that as "troll" behavior, as is "Toxic meme creation."


Conservative livestream events were also targeted with code placed within their pages to "deboost" their event, which limited audience and visibility.

Project Veritas speaks to the whistleblower in the video below, as well as explaining exactly what happens when the "deboost" code is placed on a page. 

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Recommended Reading: George Orwell's 1984

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Good News: Since social media giants and big tech stopped being subtle in their blatant censorship of conservatives, we have seen conservatives declare the need for alternatives that: 1) Respect users privacy, and; 2) Allows free speech.

It is not as easy as it sounds because the people that would have to do it would have to have the know-how, be able to fund the project in a way that made them capable of growing to the point where they could become competitive in the realm of information sharing and reach for Independent Media, and to do it all in time to allow conservatives and Indie Media to make a difference for the 2020 election cycle.

Steven Andrew, a man with experience in Silicon Valley tech leadership, but not the billions of dollars that Google, Facebook and Twitter have, started crowd funding to build and launch a product billed as the "answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty." 

It is called USA Life and it has officially launched. I created an account to support the effort and to check out the product. It is easy to navigate, is set up much like Facebook, offering groups and pages, and methods to connect with others and most importantly for Independent Media, a way to share articles without being throttled, and silenced.

Mr. Andrew has bold goals, not only in creating a Facebook alternative, but is also planning to launch 1776Free, which would be another alternative to Google search. Via the description from their USA Life funding page :"1776Free gives you top results that are hidden by Google and other search engines. You keep your privacy too! And you get more accurate news."

If you haven’t heard, news reports show Google suppresses conservative speech. Google puts a 96% negative spin for news about President Trump, according to a report. We found Google has a bias against anything positive about America. They often give anti-American and anti-Christian results instead of true answers. This is why you need 1776Free.

Like I said, bold ideas.

Better News: As many already know, many liberal websites and liberal news organizations have shut down their comment sections, shutting down any and all debate. As we at ANP can tell you, comment sections are a cornucopia of information, whether it is a discussion about the topic at hand, or a debate with opinions on both sides of an issue.  It is truly one of the best parts of a website.

Liberal news sites like CNN, NPR, Reuters and others, such as NBC News, which dropped their comment section the week of Donald Trump's inauguration, according to the Federalist, do not want any debate on their "spin" of the news, and especially do not want any opposing opinion allowed on their websites, or discussion of their interpretation of the "news." 

So, basically if someone wants to comment on a story that has no comment section, they would have to do so on social media, where the liberals running it can, and do, shut down conservative commentary, or dissenting opinions by blocking, shadow banning or terminating the conservatives' users accounts.

The founder of, which was created as an alternative to Twitter, and which is growing at a phenomenal rate, rising into being in the top 10,000 websites in the U.S., out of tens of millions, and 34,100th website ranked globally, has now offered a way to comment, debate and discuss the articles that CNN and others would rather people not be allowed to comment on.

The new product is called Dissenter. While the comments are not on the individual website, it does allow any person, conservative, liberal, or independent alike, the ability to discuss those articles without the fear of being banned, blocked, or silenced.

Once again, I tried it out, so I could accurately explain the process. Users sign in using their Gab account, and while many do not wish to participate on any social media website, the good news is after creating the Gab account, they never have to use it, or even go back to the Gab website if they do not wish to, they can simply go to Dissenter, and log in using their Gab log in information.

Dissenter then offers you two ways to use the product. One, you can get a browser plugin which will offer an easy way to "Dissent this," or you can bypass that if you do not wish to add on a browser plug in, and just hit the get started button, then you can paste any URL, any article web address in, and it creates a comment section for you to offer your input or commentary.

Dissenter is new, it is still a work in progress, but as many are saying, this is a game changer. No longer can any website prevent users from commenting on their articles, videos, even social media posts by playing the system and getting the liberals running Silicon Valley to simply censor users they disagree with.


Free speech has returned to the Internet, think about the potential of Dissenter alone.

No longer can CNN block people from giving their opinion on an article. No longer can Twitter stop people from expressing their views by simply claiming that because you "offended" some snowflake, you are conducting "hateful conduct." No longer can Facebook prevent people from offering a dissenting view because liberals would target conservatives and mass report them and get their accounts suspended. YouTube purged millions of comments based on their flaggers opinions of "wrong think" is, but they cannot delete any of the Dissenter comments.

With a little less than two years until the 2020 presidential election, these game changing alternatives could very well be the difference between being heard, and being silenced.

Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab and Dissenter walks us through Dissenter in the videos below. (Note- The music only last for a few seconds!) 

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