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November 30, 2017

Is President Trump A 'Conspiracy Theorist' Or Just Another Angry American Who Has Had Enough With Clinton, Obama And Deep State Corruption And Wants Truth?

President Trump Goes To War With The Deep State On Twitter


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While for much of the past decade+, political correctness nearly destroyed America as we slipped ever further into a totalitarian borg-like state, much of the past year has seen it ripped apart and while some ANP trolls have continued to claim that President Donald Trump is just another illuminati globalist, recent events and tweets put out on twitter by our Commander-in-chief show otherwise. 

On Tuesday, President Trump put out the tweet seen screenshot below in which he calls out not only 'crooked Hillary' and her emails which endangered our national security but directly called out the 'deep state' while using the words 'rigged' and 'corrupt' to describe them. Then Wednesday, Trump retweeted several anti-Muslim videos which were tweeted by Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britian First, tweets which have triggered liberal media all across the board while proving once again that blunt truth sometimes hurts.   

Directing his Tuesday tweet to @TuckerCarlson and @seanhannity, will we soon witness new bombshell stories on Fox News into how 'crooked Hillary's' emails put Americans lives in danger while endangering our national security?

While the msm and liberals are breaking down over President Trump's tweets, we have to admit how refreshing it is to finally have a Commander-in-chief with the courage to speak truth loudly after what we've gotten for many years from globalist puppets in America.

Globalist politicians who not only sold out our nation but who've spent many decades destroying our planet and we'll agree with many ANP readers right here and right now in stating, should top dogs like Hillary, Pelosi, Obama and McCain not eventually be held accountable for their crimes and treason, we'll have absolute proof that there is no 'rule of law' in America. If laws only apply to 'the little people', they are null and void in the eyes of God and truth.  


As we see in the top-rated response tweets to President Trump from Mike Cernovich screenshot below, "this is amazing!" Calling it one of the best days in US history in that we finally have a president who is standing up to the traitors within America who've sold out our country for some warped dream of a global, totalitarian state, Cernovich also asks our President to pardon General Mike Flynn should he be convicted of a 'deep state created' crime as Flynn is deeply loved by Trump's 'base' voters.

Will President Trump be able to follow through and take down the traitors to America? While we won't hold our breaths waiting for that to happen, let's take a look at a few other signs of where this may be going. 


  Hillary Clinton recently stated that President Trump is 'obsessed with her' and “when in trouble in the Congress or the Russian investigation, his go-to targets are President Obama and me, and African Americans” while just days ago, she also claimed that President Trump was 'peddling dangerous conspiracy theories'.

According to this new story from Vox, President Trump is still pushing Barack Obama 'birther conspiracy theories' while according to this new story over at The Independent, Trump has been peddling numerous 'debunked' conspiracy theories behind closed doors.

However, we'd LOVE to ask The Independent and Vox, how can a 'conspiracy theory' be debunked when there HAS NEVER BEEN AN OFFICIAL investigation into such things as Obama's place of birth, the 'Clinton Body Count' or numerous other so-called 'conspiracies'? REMEMBER! The first executive order that Barack Obama signed was to permanently seal his records. What is he hiding? 

And remember also that back on August 18th of 2016, Hillary claimed Trump was peddling conspiracy theories about her health, a 'conspiracy theory' confirmed less than a month later when Hillary did her best 'Weekend at Bernies' imitation when she collapsed after attending a 9/11 memorial, just the latest 'frail Hillary stumble' that continue to today. 

Then remember back on June 1st, Hillary spread a 'conspiracy theory' herself when she made explosive claims at a conference in California that President Trump was conspiring with 1,000+ Russian agents to spread fake news about her. With ANP among the many alternative news outlets labeled 'Russian propagandists' by the failed globalist website 'Prop or Not' in a story published at the Washington Post, we have to ask, is EVERYBODY who doesn't go along with Hillary and the 'deep state' a 'Russian propagandist'?

If so, tens of millions of Americans are likely considered 'Russian propagandists' for as we see in the election county-by-county map below, most of the country, except for the whacky liberal cities, voted for President Trump. 


And remember! The term 'conspiracy theories' was first created by the deep state itself back in 1967 to discredit alternative theories about the death of John F. Kennedy, a few of which have recently been confirmed with the long-awaited release of the JFK documents. 

So once again, will President Trump be able to follow through and bring down this entire crooked and deeply corrupt 'house of cards' in America? We'll say we believe that the 'complete success' of his presidency is dependent upon it.

As Susan Duclos is reporting in her story on ANP today, should only 'the little guys' have to pay for their crimes while people like Bill Clinton get away with endless trips to nowhere on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express', everything else that is happening now is part of a huge scam. Should Hillary be able to get away with her numerous crimes against America including Uranium One and many, many more, including the endless 'body count', we'll have absolute proof that 'the rule of law' in America is a huge joke, and its a joke upon 'we the little people', 'deplorables' all across the country.


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