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June 1, 2019

As The Masses Awaken To Deep State Crimes, More And More Information About UFO's Is Leaking Out: Is Full Disclosure Ahead?

- A process has been set in motion and events the elites cannot control may soon begin to unfold 

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Recently UFOs have been back in the news, and the government has admitted that during at least some of the time since Project Blue Book was supposedly ended in 1969, the government has had (and probably still has) an active program devoted to studying the mystery. And a mystery it is, for “UFO” doesn’t stand for “alien spacecraft” or “back-engineered technology.” It means what it says…something unknown, something we can’t even begin to understand, has been flying around in our atmosphere, and apparently under our oceans and other bodies of water, and in space at least as far out as the Moon. Add to that what appear to be ancient ruins on our Moon and on Mars and the mystery deepens. Are they, in fact, alien spacecraft, or made by governments or organizations here on Earth? Are they manifestations of the paranormal, angelic or demonic visitations? Are they all of the above, and more? We simply don’t know.

But years ago I had a series of life-altering experiences that forced me to realize that the government, all along, had yet another secret UFO program, one dealing in part with the “abduction” phenomenon, which our Deep State would-be masters claim does not even exist. I have no real proof for the story I am about to relate; each reader must judge what to believe, although I would point out that if the facts I am about to reveal are true and accurate, they are not susceptible to any conventional explanation, but are yet more evidence that UFOs are real, as are “abductions,” and the Deep State is involved in it all and obsessed by it. In fact, at the cost of having my life virtually ruined, I believe that I stumbled upon clues to the ultimate secrets of the NWO (New World Order) elite who control our shadow government or Deep State, as well as others. Read on, with an open mind. 

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All my life I have had strange experiences, difficult to explain as dreams or hallucinations, but I only recall one experience resembling in many (though not all) ways accounts by “abductees.” I was, at age 11 in 1955, attending a school-sponsored summer camp at Garner State Park in the Texas hill country. One night I went to sleep as usual in my summer sleeping bag on my cot at the front of a tent. Then, with no transition, no sense of how I came to be there, I found myself standing barefoot in the moonless night, some distance from camp, my sleeping bag slung over my shoulder, unnaturally calm and unafraid. And I was not alone.

More or less surrounding me, so far as I could see, were several individuals, either human or humanoid in appearance, possibly slender, perhaps taller than me, and maybe dressed in dark clothing. I remember, in fact, very little, but I remember it without the aid of hypnosis. I recall no spoken words, but had a strong sense of being interrogated or tested in some manner, and perhaps instructed in some very subtle way. I would caution anyone having such an experience not to believe anything the entities tell you, for it is always possible that they are demonic. But I had no fear and no sense of menace, and, the next thing I knew, I was walking back to camp, again with no sense of transition. I looked over my shoulder and saw no one, and I do not recall a craft or being inside any cave or structure…just the strange entities and the starry night.

I made my way back to my tent but was blocked by a patch of spiny-seeded burrs. I threw my sleeping bag over them, walked on it, put it on my cot, crawled in, and, incredibly, went right to sleep. In the morning I had to remove the dirt and burrs adhering to the sleeping bag, proving at least to my satisfaction, that I had been physically out there. I told one boy at camp about the experience, but I didn’t know him back at home, and I’m sure he forgot it right away. I never told my parents or anyone else. The experience is difficult to explain in any conventional way, but, had it not been for later events, all forming a pattern, I would be very skeptical of my own memory.

Fast forward to fall, 1963. I returned to New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, where I was an undergraduate and a USAF ROTC cadet, to find that our little ROTC detachment had a new member, a senior instructor and second in command, USAF Major Francis Cunnion (now deceased). On his AF blues he wore “jump wings,” an Army paratrooper badge, and he explained that he had once been a member of a special USAF unit whose members, he said, were trained to parachute onto the site if any Soviet aircraft should happen to crash in North America, in order to gather intelligence, capture surviving crew, etc.

But, some years ago, author and researcher Kevin Randle, using FOIA documents (copies included in his book), established that this unit was actually tasked with investigating crashed UFOs, and was part of a larger project that at one time was called “Project Moon Dust.” The unit, never numbering more than about 130 officers and men, was apparently created around 1953, which was about when Cunnion, following his Korean War deployment, joined it. To recap, I had an experience resembling a UFO abduction, essentially told no one, and then a former member of a secret UFO team was appointed to a position of authority over me. Note that I had been at NMSU for a while, and then Cunnion was transferred in. The odds against this being a coincidence are astronomical…and we’re just getting started. Of course, I suspected nothing.

In the fall of 1964 I was sent for a pre-conditioning physical at Holloman AFB, New Mexico. After all these many decades I remember the drive there, my conversation with the driver and another cadet, entering the front gate of the base, and then…nothing. I hasten to add that this proves nothing, given the elapsed time, but it has always disturbed me, given the larger context in my case, and the rather sinister rumors that have long swirled around Holloman, stories of UFO landings and people being taken aboard, etc. Could I have been drugged, hypnotized, and interrogated? Could I have even been handed over to “aliens”? Probably not, but the overall pattern is still disturbing.

In 1965 I was commissioned as an officer in the USAF, and, ironically, as a NORAD Intelligence Officer, I was also our base’s UFO investigator. This was considered an extra duty, as UFO investigation, originally carried out under AFR 200-2, an intelligence regulation, was now under AFR 80-17, research and development. I was involved in several fairly interesting cases, but none were as interesting (or, ultimately, as revealing) as the things that began to happen to me.

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For a number of reasons I decided in late 1968 to leave the USAF the next year and seek civilian employment. This was probably the worst mistake I have ever made, but I will never know what might have been. I sent a letter to the Defense Intelligence Agency, applying for work as an analyst. They never even replied…yet at this time they hired another young officer on our base, a fine man, but with a lower security clearance than my own and no intelligence experience. This was strange enough, but then, learning that a CIA recruiter was in town actively interviewing potential new hires, I interviewed with him. Of course, he said he could promise nothing, but assured me that they had multiple positions to fill and I was very highly qualified. It seemed like a done deal…but then I received a terse telegram from CIA HQ in Langley, Virginia, stating that they would not hire me, and not bothering to give a reason. Then, incredibly, the recruiter called me, wanting to know why he hadn’t heard from me. I told him of the telegram…the people at CIA HQ hadn’t even told their own recruiter.

Clearly they had some kind of file on me or had my name on an “enemies list,” but why? I was a little unknown guy, and a loyal American (unlike communist John Brennan, whom they hired a few years later). I connected this with my strange treatment by the DIA and realized to my horror that my life was being ruined and that the US government considered me an enemy, but I had no idea why. I tried to put all this behind me and get on with my life, but wound up wasting several years in graduate school and then getting a civil service job as a Social Security Claims Representative. In 1974 or 1975 I transferred in to the Sacramento, CA office, and, a few months later a management type named Roland Clements transferred in over me, as Cunnion had done many years before. Clements was a rather odd individual; an avid reader of science fiction, he belonged to the weird “Est” cult, and was regarded as management’s hatchet man.

One day he summoned me and the union rep to a meeting, where he accused me of illegally altering forms after our clients had signed them, without having them initial the changes to show their approval. I was threatened with firing and with prison. But when I looked at the copies “proving” my “crimes” I saw that yes, each one had been illegally altered, but, in every case, the handwriting of the alterations was neither mine nor the client’s. In other words, some other employee, possibly even Clements himself or someone acting on his orders, had made the changes, and I was being set up. And the handwriting difference was so obvious that the union rep also spotted it right away, so Clements had to have known.

This was shocking enough, but a few weeks later a fellow employee told me that Clements had bragged to him of having been a paratrooper…in a USAF intelligence unit tasked with securing the sites if any Soviet aircraft should happen to crash in North America. In other words, Clements had been a member of the same tiny organization that Cunnion had belonged to, a unit so secret and so small that hardly anyone has even heard of it. Clements even admitted to me that he had belonged to the unit. I realized that this was far beyond coincidence, and that my rejection by the DIA and CIA was part of it. But why?

Only then did I realize that members or former members of a unit that investigated UFOs would be perfect for keeping an eye on abductees, and that my experience at age 11 did resemble a UFO abduction. But how had they known about me? I eventually realized that, since abductions tend to recur in certain families or bloodlines, they didn’t have to know about my specific experience. All they had to do was track the families and spy on their members and exclude them from certain jobs (like CIA analyst). I should mention that researchers have found that people with red hair and green or hazel eyes (me when I was young) are more likely to be abducted. And in certain traditional cultures, red-haired people are considered to be sacred to the gods, and then there are all those stories from all over the world of an ancient race of red-haired people. All of this means something…but what?


The abuse and harassment by management continued for several horrible years more, and, although unable to railroad me into prison, they fired me on my forty third birthday in 1986. Then, at a Sacramento MUFON meeting, our speaker was a woman named Melinda Leslie, whom I had never heard of and who had never heard of me. Yet she told a story eerily similar to mine. She had been abducted by UFO entities, whatever they are and whatever that means, had told no one, but then had actually been abducted by members of the US military, who made no attempt to hide their identity, and who, incredibly, seemed to know all about her UFO abductions. The military people subjected her to tests and examinations similar to the ones reported by the victims of “alien” abduction. Since then, a number of women have come forward with similar stories. I didn’t copy them, for I was telling a few people of my experiences before any of them, and they didn’t copy my story, because I received no publicity and they had never heard of me. And if I was going to invent a hoax, trust me: I would come up with a better story than this.

But if the US government knows about UFOs and abductions, and knew about the abductions before most people had ever heard of such things, and is capable of (and obsessed with) tracking the bloodlines of potential abductees, the worst paranoid nightmares of us “conspiracy theorists” fall short of reality…which is far stranger. I should also point out that no one is likely to parachute onto a crashed ghost or demon (the very idea is absurd); a crash retrieval unit is for actual, “nuts and bolts” craft, which apparently exist and are, indeed, involved in abductions. No other explanation fits the pattern.

Abductees have claimed that the entities seem obsessed with sex and reproduction, and, given that and the evidence that certain families or bloodlines have been targeted, some have suggested that the “aliens” are trying to control human evolution. Note that some researchers have always suspected that the NWO elite may belong to certain related families. I used to scoff at those researchers who have suggested that the entities are interbreeding with us, since it would seem virtually impossible that beings from a distant world would have chromosomes that could match up with ours. But, since then, I have researched and written about the evidence for natural panspermia and the evidence for intelligent design, and I am not so sure. Perhaps God, controlling evolution, has created humanoids on many worlds, humanoids who in a sense are related and can interbreed. The more we learn, the stranger the universe becomes.

It’s interesting to note that, at the same time a large and growing minority of the citizens are becoming fully aware of the Deep State and its crimes and the NWO elite who control it all, more and more information about UFOs is leaking out, and the subject is becoming almost mainstream. A process has been set in motion, and events the elites cannot control may soon begin to happen. We live in interesting times. 

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