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April 15, 2021

Proof That This Is A Mad, Mad World We Live In, As We Document A Whole Lot Of Crazy - A Race War Isn't Coming, It Is Here: These People Will Not Be Happy Until All Of America Is Burning

Armed thugs harass patrons at Dallas restaurant

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

A number of stories and videos I found today offers undeniable proof that the world we now live in is quite mad.

From social justice warrior freakouts to armed BLM thugs verbally attacking people just trying to eat out, to random, white social media users lecturing folks on how to "call out" their "racist relatives" after months of not being able to attend family gatherings. 

That and much more, seen first thing in the morning, truly could make one want to go back to sleep and hope it was all a nightmare.

We'll go through a few things that point to utter insanity the likes of which makes me very happy we live on top of a mountain and do not have to deal with strangers unless we want to.

It is my opinion that these stories need to be highlighted, the craziness shown and held up as proof of how bad things are getting as everyone appears to be at war with each other and those battles are being deliberately instigated to cause chaos in America.

Lets go through some of these stories that show things are getting worse, not better, in the U.S.

Prior riots shown they mean it when threatening to burn it down


First I saw a video of armed BLM protesters being allowed to verbally attack restaurant patrons in Dallas while chanting "Who burn sh*t down, we burn sh*t down," and "Silence is violence."

While Texas is run by a conservative Governor, the Dallas Mayor, Eric Johnson, is a Democrat, further proving that these BLM thugs, harassing strangers and threatening to burn stuff down, only choose cities where they know the leaders won't do a things protect their citizens from these thugs.

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The Governor, Gregg Abbott, needs to step in, get a handle on that type of illegal action, and start having people arrested when they break the law, rather than accommodating their violent and threatening natures.

Truly, how is it that this type of behavior happens so frequently that it is treated as "normal" by some in this once-great country?

The media down plays it while attempting to justify it. The liberals/Democrats support and encourage these actions and promote more of the same. 

Via RT

Another video showed them in front of the Statler Hotel, chanting “Black Lives Matter.” One of the protesters, wearing a red shirt with the NGAN (Next Generation Action Network) logo, carried a long rifle.

Moving along to the same type of thuggery in a different state.

Next up we noted a protest at the Brooklyn Center police station, where the protesters/rioters were yelling "Get the white people to the front," so they could be used as human shields.

White allies, which could mean Antifa, or social justice warrior liberals helping to throw gasoline on the fire of the racial war we are in the midst of.

Eventually on Tuesday, Brooklyn Center police deployed riot control munitions and declared an unlawful assembly.

Related: Over 60 arrested during second night of riots in Minnesota, after black man was shot by police.


Then I saw a crazed  social justice warrior woman on Tiktok in a curse-laden rant about the the fact that Derek Chauvin is even permitted a trial in the death of George Floyd, before going nuts over people not wearing masks.

The video can be seen on Twitter and fair warning, she likes her F-bombs.

Wow....just wow.

In the next video we see a female social justice warrior upset with her grandfather for watching what she deemed a 'sexist video" the night before.  After basically blowing her and her holier-than-thou "I want to tell you why it is sexist" rant off, she decides she wants to punish her grandpa, by moving his car and refusing to park it back in the garage.

How narcissistic is to live in someone elses house (she mentions at the end she has to move), ordering them to turnoff something they are watching so she can lecture them on why it is "sexist," and then having a temper tantrum because Grandpa wanted no part of her antics.

I would have kicked her butt out of the house too!!


There is a never-ending supply of crazy going on and it is getting worse, as thugs are allowed to take over the streets of liberal towns and cities, liberals are already lecturing on how to destroy family gatherings with members they haven't seen in almost a year or more, all in the name of racism!

Social justice warriors deliberately instigating more racial strife, and the media, which not only downplays the race war happening now, but does everything in their power to make it worse.

These people will not be happy until the entire nation is burning.

Officer Tatum below highlights the blatant racism of white liberals complaining about...racism! His reactions are epic.

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