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February 8, 2016

Newly Built Then Closed Walmart's Hug The Railroad Tracks - COMEX Drill Across America February 12th Prepares For EMP - 'Solid Curtain - Citadel Shield 2016' Going On Through February 12th As Well!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die 

Walmart Express store #3834 in Palmer, Texas officially closed its' doors to the public on January 28th of 2016, one of more than 150 Wal Mart stores across the country that were being suddenly shut down as 2016 began as one of the worst economic years in history. We're told that these Walmart closures are leaving gaping voids in small communities across America and we learn some small towns might be 'snuffed out for good'.

When we learned about all of these Walmart closings, one of the 1st things that stood out to us was the fact that the large majority of the shut down stores were in states that have traditionally been considered 'conservative' states, many of them in so-called 'Jade Helm' states including 29 in Texas. Many of them in small towns such as Palmer, Texas, population 2023.

After reading an email yesterday from a very concerned ANP reader who decided to do a lot of research into these closed down Walmart stores themselves, we decided to look into it ourselves and after doing so, we have to ask what the real reason is for all of these sudden store closings, especially considering what this ANP reader found out and we verified.

While Wal Mart Express store #3834 was only in existence for a very short period of time, quite similar to many of the other 'newly built' Wal Mart stores being shut down, our reader determined that a huge number of these 'new' stores are very, very close to railroad tracks and railroad crossings. In fact, may of them actually back up to or are right beside the tracks! As the final video below explores, were these shut down Walmart stores intended to become 'processing centers' or somehow tied to future 'FEMA Camps'? Why were so many newly built and newly closed Walmart's constructed SO close to railroad tracks as seen below?


After looking at all of these Walmart's seen in the Google Maps screenshots throughout this story we have to ask, with the economy in freefall while law-abiding Americans are being labeled possible terrorists and law enforcement is being ordered to scrub the records of Muslims with terror ties who have been allowed into America, should we be at all concerned? Is there a reason that all of these stores were built so close to railroad tracks, to be shut down soon after? Of course, the fact that so many of these closed down stores are so close to railroad tracks could just be a coincidence. 

The videos at the bottom of this story look at what's really going on in America though as we learn in the 1st video from Elite NWO Agenda that big banks are preparing for massive financial chaos and training for emergency scenarios. We see in the next two videos that this emergency preparation is also being done by the DOD and law enforcement as the 2nd video shares of a massive Department of Defense communications exercise (COMEX) that will be taking place on February 12th and will simulate an EMP attack or other situation where the phone/internet are unavailable for 'normal communications'. In the 3rd video, we learn about 'Solid Curtain - Citadel Shield 2016' in which active shooter drills will be going on at military bases across America. In the final video, ETprepper took a look at all of these closed Wal Marts and ask if there is a FEMA camp/martial law connection. 

Gentry, Arkansas, 2013 population of 3351, opens a Walmart at 905 S. Gentry Blvd, only to close it a short time later. Coincidentally, or not, railroad tracks run directly behind the property as seen in the next screenshot below. 


The story of Walmart #1250 located in Gray Court, South Carolina, with a whopping population of 787 is a bit concerning as seen in the screenshots below. While the 1st screenshot shows the newly built Wal Mart store directly across the streets from railroad tracks, the 2nd image prove that this Walmart was built after December of 2012 as the 2nd image clearly shows empty space with engineering marks on the ground in front of where the future store will go in the 2nd picture. Why would a town of  only 787 need a brand new Walmart store, only to have it shut down within a short period of time after it was built? Once again, this 1st picture also shows just how close this store was built to the tracks.


Why would Walmart invest the kind of money they did into a store that would soon be closed down? As the next screenshot below from Google maps streetview shows, this Walmart store (seen above) was simply a vacant lot back in December of 2012. Why would they build it just to close it down? Why'd they build it so close to the tracks? 


Stroud, Oklahoma, 2013 population of 2,710, opens a brand new Walmart, directly across the street from the tracks. It gets shut down soon after, closing its doors to the public on January 28th, 2016. Why was this store built in the 1st place to be shut down soon after? Why so close to the tracks? This Google maps shot below doesn't even show it yet. 


Pikeville, North Carolina, 2013 population of 691, builds a brand new Walmart, once again, directly across from railroad tracks. Is anyone else beginning to notice a pattern here? Is the fact that so many of these stores were newly built, only to be shut down soon thereafter, a sign of the way the economy is heading or something much more? 


Midway, North Carolina, 2013 population of 4,715, once again, new Walmart store #3121 closed on January 28th, 2016, after being open for only a very short time. Coincidentally, or not, it was also built across from the tracks. 


Columbus, Kansas, 2013 population 3,223, Walmart #4360 closes its doors on January 28th, 2016. This was another newly built store within 1/4 of a mile of railroad tracks. Simply another coincidence? 


Waskom, Texas, 2013 population of 2,160, Walmart #4320 was newly built only to be shut down a short time later. As the screenshot below shows, this Walmart was built within 1/4 mile of the railroad tracks. 


Edgewood, Texas, 2013 population of 1,439, builds new Walmart which practically backs to the railroad tracks. Walmart shuts down a short time later. Not even visible in latest image from Google maps


The Walmart stores shown in this story are only the tip of the iceberg. Out of the more than 150 stores that were recently shut down by Walmart, many of them newly built, a very large portion of those stores have railroad tracks within 1 mile. An even larger portion have tracks within 5 miles of them and the large majority of stores have tracks somewhere within a 15 to 20 minute drive away from their locations.

Of course, all of these stores shutting down could only be due to the downturn in the US and global economies and if nothing else, the fact that they were shutdown so soon after they were built and opened tells us a completely different story, yet another story that the mainstream media and Washington DC continue to ignore.  


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